Zeke is a fourth-year student of Wellston Private High School [1]and is the fourth strongest resident of Wellston's boys' dormitories.[2]


Zeke is a tall, pale-skinned teenager with bismark colour hair and green eyes. He is seen wearing the full Wellston uniform without the vest with loose tie during school hours. His speech and thought bubbles are the periwinkle gray colour.

When using his abilities, his eyes glow an emerald green hue. When in defense mode, his skin becomes dark greyish-blue.


Zeke, like most Wellston Students, enjoys asserting his authority over weaker students. He is extremely arrogant, has a great deal of hubris, and displays narcissistic behaviors. Due to his status as one of the strongest males in the dorms, he arrogantly demands that he be called King and be bowed to. Zeke is also the type of person who would take every opportunity to elevate himself and arrogantly calls himself the "Godslayer" after beating up a crippled Seraphina. Oddly enough, Terrence still describes him as charismatic. [3]

Unlike most elite tiers, but similar to other students at Wellston, Zeke "kisses up" to those stronger than him, chiefly Arlo and Seraphina before her ability-loss, and John once he becomes King. Similarly, when overpowered by an opponent he thought was weaker, he quickly changes his tone. Possibly Zeke's single positive trait is that he knows when he is beaten and is able to admit it. This doesn't however hide his cockiness before or during battle. He thought he could defeat Blyke, but was humiliated by him. He mocked John in battle, despite knowing full well that he was outclassed.

The students ranked higher than Zeke are not fond of him or his lackeys. His tendency to give himself titles annoys them to no end. Their opinions of him hit an all-time low following his Godslayer stunt, to the point where only Remi is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt before others talk her out of it.[4][5]

Powers & Abilities

Phase Shift: Zeke's ability, Phase Shift, allows him to shift his stats between two distinct "forms." In his "Offensive Form," Zeke sacrifices defense and recovery for higher attack and speed. The ability also grants him a "Defensive Form," which alters his skin tone into his signature blue color and grants him increased defense and recovery, not unlike Stone Skin. When entering his defensive form, Zeke sacrifices Power and Speed for Defense and Recovery. According to a recent Q&A with Uru-chan, Phase Shift has multiple forms that have yet to be shown in the webtoon.

Zeke is the second strongest elite-tier in the school (behind Isen), making him the fifth strongest male in Wellston and the eighth strongest student in the school's hierarchy.


  • (To John) "Welcome to the boys' dorm, Johnny boy!"
  • (After beating up Seraphina) "The mighty Seraphina has fallen. You may now call me the Godslayer."

Notes & Triva

  • According to fans, Zeke bears a strong resemblance to James, a Team Rocket member from the Pokemon franchise.
  • In a lot of his representations, he is seen with a very disturbing smile or smirk.
  • Zeke's height is 6'1", as confirmed by Uru-chan.[1]
  • Zeke's stats are measured individually, not combined, according to Uru-chan. [1]


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