Volcan is a mysterious woman responsible for handing out ability-amplifying drugs. She is thought to be connected to EMBER, though this is not proven.


Volcan is a tall woman with blonde hair and golden eyes. She applies heavy brown eyeshadow. She wears a buckled black trench coat, a wide-brimmed black hat over her top-bunned hair, knee-high black heeled boots, a mask up to her nose and diamond earrings.[1]


Volcan's demeanor is very curt and final, she has no hesitation of outright attacking and removing people she no longer has a need for. She shows to be strongly against Superheroes and their ideals. She is a brutally straightforward and focused person, uninterested in toying around and gets to the point. She appears also to be vicious and merciless, perhaps manipulative as well, as she only puts up with people "of use" to her.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Unordinary Fire Claws

A closeup of Volcan's hand after activating her ability.

Fire Claws: Although not stated, her combat prowess shows that she is most likely a high tier with the ability of Fiery Claws, capable of both slashing and burning opponents. She is extremely fast, strong, and shown to be very intelligent, being able to anticipate moves and overpower Remi, a High-tier.


  • It is heavily implied that Volcan is responsible for Rei's death [3], as his wounds were consistent with the same injuries that both Remi suffered, and the fatal wound that Alana suffered when she was stabbed through the chest. This is further supported by her ability, which is capable of both slashing and burning.
    • Moreover, if Volcan is indeed responsible for Rei's death, it means Volcan is somehow connected to EMBER. However, this is purely speculation.
    • It is largely theorized and suspected, that Volcan is John's mother, due to her eye color matching the eye color John has when he activates his ability, strong Anti-hero beliefs, as well as her ruthless and brutal nature resembling John in many ways, possibly being the source, however, this has yet to be confirmed.
    • It is also theorized more recently that Volcan may be Arlo's aunt, since in Arlo's memory in Chapter 178 his aunt, presumably a high-tier like Arlo and Volcan, was shown to have the same hair color as Volcan, as well as speech bubble color. Arlo's aunt is implied to have worked for the authorities, instilling a strong faith and trust in them in Arlo at a young age, and it has been theorized in the past that EMBER and the authorities are connected.


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