The Vigilante Arc is the thirteenth story arc of unORDINARY. It begins on Chapter 93 and ends on Chapter 99.

It began on 17th May 2018 and ended in 12th July 2018.

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Remi decides on becoming a vigilante in order for her to track down EMBER. Blyke and Isen help her in her quest of becoming a vigilante while helping the people in Brandish City from a modified Mid-tier, Waldo.

Remi, along with Blyke and Isen

List of Chapters

UnOrdinary Ch 92
Chapter 92
17th May, 2018
Seraphina confides to a worried Remi about the circumstances surrounding her ability-loss. Soon afterwards she tells John about her interrogation and her trip down the stairs, news which alarms and angers him. She apologizes for bringing his name up with her interrogaters, but John assures her he'll be able to deal with them.

UnOrdinary Ch 93
Chapter 93
24th May, 2018
With Seraphina's account bringing new possibilities regarding EMBER to mind, Remi declines an invitation to hang out with Blyke. Isen suggests to his frustrated friend that they visit her dorm to find out why she's avoiding them. This trip reveals to them the real reason Remi has an axe to grind with EMBER.

UnOrdinary Ch 94
Chapter 94
31st May, 2018
Along with Isen's prior research on EMBER, Remi shares new and potentially relevant information regarding attacks that left Seraphina and Arlo in bad shape. (Isen keeps the true details of the latter's injuries to himself). Convinced that The Authorities had no intention of looking into EMBER's murder of superheroes, Remi decides she'll find out more if she becomes a superhero herself. Isen has no interest in becoming one of EMBER's victims, but Blyke points out that Remi will become one if she goes it alone.

UnOrdinary Ch 95
Chapter 95
7th June, 2018
After Remi puts some personal touches on the homemade superhero costume Blyke worked on, the trio set about looking for trouble they can get into. Isen finds a possible start involving Waldo, a mid-tier causing trouble in the Branish District. After a hearty prank on a sleeping Blyke, Remi instructs her friends to get ready to help her on her first rescue tonight.

UnOrdinary Ch 96
Chapter 96
14th June, 2018
After gearing up, Remi moves through the empty streets while Isen and Blyke remain on standby atop a roof, communicating via an earpiece. It's discovered that the locals are staying holed up in their homes, and are wary of Remi. An incident goes underway when a man forces his way into one of the homes demanding some kind of residential fee. Remi, christening herself X-Rei, dispatches him, and urges the would-be victim to explain the situation in Bramish. She learns that Waldo returned to Bramish after being fired from his job, much stronger than he was when he left. Since The Authorities never help low-tier districts, Waldo easily took over. While the trio is learning all of this, the home is soon targeted by reinforcements.

UnOrdinary Ch 97
Chapter 97
28th June, 2018
X-Rei is forced to fight the thugs when it becomes clear they have no interest helping any superhero find Waldo. With her skills and powerful ability, Remi makes quick work of the gang. A brief moment of tension arises when the original intruder holds the low-tier resident hostage, but Blyke takes care of him with his Energy Beam. X-Rei interrogates Quinton, the last conscious member of the gang, who explains in a panic that Waldo holds control over him and others by keeping hostages in an unknown place. X-Rei becomes all the more determined to end Waldo's reign of terror.

UnOrdinary Ch 98
Chapter 98
5th July, 2018
Quinton guides X-Rei to Waldo's high-rise lair, and they encounter the man in his throne room. They are immediately attacked by a powerful Shockwave stronger than any mid-tier could generate. The high-tier X-Rei easily goes toe-to-toe with the tyrant, so he pulls out his trump card: his hostages. X-Rei calls her support team to save the hostages from being blown up while she tries to keep herself and Quinton alive. As soon as their safety is ensured, X-Rei is free to swiftly take down the criminal kingpin, who appears to bear some injection wounds...

Unordinary Ch 99
Chapter 99
12th July, 2018
With Waldo dispatched and bound, X-Rei and Quinton make their way to where the hostages are holed up. Quinton asks why she risked her life for some nobody like him, but she reprimanded him with a reminder that their are people who care about his well-being, including his now-free wife. After reaching the hostage and freeing them, X-Rei announces that Waldo would no longer trouble their district. When they learn she's a high-tier, they become wary of what her true motives are. They ask if she's looking for some compensation, which bewilders her. Quinton tells everyone that they should all go home and rest after their ordeal. He explains that their nervousness is a result of not being used to getting attention from a high-tier, but they're truly grateful for her help. Having listened in to all of this, Blyke decides the gap between the tiers could stand to shrink, and tries to make peace with his roommate, with little success.

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