The Vigilante 2 Arc is the fifteenth story arc in unORDINARY. It begins on Chapter 115 and ends Chapter 118.

This arc started on October 31, 2018 and concluded on November 21, 2018, making it the last complete arc of 2018.


A spiritual successor to the first Vigilante Arc, the Vigilante 2 Arc focuses on X-Rei's second mission, capturing Alana and finding the culprit responsible for the ability-enhancing drugs. However, the mission has an unexpected turn when Volcan appears.

Summary of Events


  • X-Rei manages to capture and subdue Alana in Lewes.[1]
  • Volcan makes her debut.[1]
  • Volcan is revealed to be the one responsible for the ability-enhancing drugs.[2]
  • Volcan kills Alana in front of X-Rei.[2]
  • X-Rei battles Volcan.[2]
  • Blyke distracts Volcan by using his Energy Beams to snipe her.[3]
  • Isen intervenes in the battle and escapes with an injured X-Rei.[3]
  • Remi is taken to Elaine for Healing.[4]
  • Isen leaves the vigilante business after arguing with Remi.[4]

Characters Introduced

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

Abilities Introduced

Abilities introduced in this arc in the order of introduction


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