Chelsey Han, better known as Uru-chan is the author of unORDINARY . In addition to unORDINARY, she is also responsible for writing OFR Ice (which is currently on hiatus).


Uru-chan's avatar is a fair-skinned teenage girl with brown hair, amber eyes, and most notably, a Pikachu onesie. While the avatar is mostly used by Uru-chan as a profile picture for social media, it appears in the Bonus Episodes in chibi form and with fully white eyes.

According to a twitter post, her avatar also runs on h8r tears and can achieve a super form dubbed "The Super Magical Saiyan Girl" if shown enough support.


Uru-chan is a Chinese American woman. During her public appearance at the Chicago Comic and Enterainment Expo, Uru-chan appears in her iconic Pikachu onesie


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Seraphina was seen reading OFR Ice, another one of Uru-chan's manhwas.[1]


Uru-chan makes her first appearance in unORDINARY in Chapter 142. She can be seen at the StarLight Restaurant, where Darren had his date with Leilah.[2][3]

Bonus Episodes


Uru-chan introduces three of the main characters of unORDINARY: Seraphina, who is super cool, John, the only person in the entire school who wears the school vest, and Arlo (not Asslo), one of the series' antagonists.[4]

App Store

Uru-chan asks Seraphina to show her (and the readers) how to find new games, to which Seraphina directs her to the app store on her phone and searches for "Pigs".[4]


Uru-chan hands John a huge list: the petition for him to stop gelling his hair. However, he outright refuses.[4]

Levels and Tiers

In a classroom somewhere, Uru-chan stands in front of a blackboard and begins her first lesson on the world of unORDINARY: Levels and Tiers.

First, she talks about ability level and reveals how it is determined: a person's innate inherited ability potential multiplied by their mastery of the ability, divided by ten. To illustrate, she compares Krolik's Lazor and Blyke's Energy Beam.

Then she shows the long sought-after tier chart, which divides people into one of four tiers (and one sub-tier) based on their ability level. Three (low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier) were already known, but two new ones (elite-tier and god-tier) are also introduced.

Finally, she asks her "class" if they have any questions, but John was asleep, Seraphina was on her phone, Blyke, Remi, and Isen were playing cards; only Elaine and Arlo appeared to be listening. Arlo then asks her where the next episode is and she tells the reader to keep scrolling down.[5]

Uru-chan's thoughts on the UnOrdinary Wiki

Uru-chan has praised the UnOrdinary Wiki for being "super awesome and 98% accurate" on Twitter on February 13, 2017.[6]

Uru-chan's Social Media Links

Notes & Trivia

Recognized by the great Stan Lee himself!

  • As a joke, Uru-chan posted her "official stats" on Twitter and on the second bonus episode.[5] The stats reveal that:
    • Uru-chan's ability is "Troll."
    • Uru-chan is a low-tier.
  • On September 12,2016 Uru-chan did a face reveal on Instagram. She appears to have had a face mask on her.
  • It appears that her avatar resembles Umaru-chan from the anime/manga Himouto! Umaru-chan. Both of them wears a hoodie and possibly the name Uru is Umaru without the letters "M" and "A".
  • Uru-chan, as well as Seraphina, make a cameo on the late Stan Lee's Webtoon, Backchannel.


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