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Unordinary is a book written by William H. Doe, John's father.[1] It becomes a principal focus of unOrdinary after many high-tiers read the book and became superheroes.[1]


Unordinary is the story of a man with a powerful ability born in a world of cripples. The man only used his power for others, helping the weak, saving lives and spreading wealth. He ultimately dies but no-one was sad because he brought charity, allowing the world to become peaceful.[2]

Controversy Edit


Unordinary has been branded by the Authorities as controversial and highly illegal contraband due to the society-challenging ideas it presents: That high-tiers should use their abilities to help others, that even low-tiers have something valuable to offer, and that people from both ends of the ability spectrum should be able to co-exist as equals rather than master and servant. Its very mention can lead to government intervention.[3]

Many high-tiers who read Unordinary have been inspired by the book's message to turn to vigilantism.

History Edit

Long before the events of unORDINARY, a cripple by the name William H. Doe had thought of a theoretical scenario where everyone but himself were cripples. William had said that if he were that powerful, he would rebuild the society where everyone, regardless of tiers would be equals.[4]

Two years before the events of unORDINARY, William's ideas would take form of a book, Unordinary. The book was dedicated to the author's son, John.


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