Suggest polls for the Wikia Main page, Character, Abilities etc'

Main Page

  • Would you support an unOrdinary anime? (DEFINITELY NOT, It's a bad idea, No, I wouldn't care, Yes, HELL YES, *pulls out wallet*)

Chapters and Arcs

  • Allow public to vote on name for next story arc?


  • Which vigilante's identity will be revealed next? (Shatterstack, ArkRAYgeous, Genie, Hurricane etc')


  • Which kind of ability is your favourite? (Physical Enhancement, Mental, Medical, Quantum Manipulation, Projectile Generation)
  • Who do you think has a stronger ability? (John, Seraphina)


  • Whose house will we see first? (Arlo, John, Blyke, Isen, Remi)
Thanks for the suggestions Wiktionary28


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