The Turf War Arc is the third story arc of unORDINARY and consists of the chapters from Chapter 13 to Chapter 17.

It began on 11th August 2016 and ended on 15th September 2016.


Seraphina is called to participate in the Turf Wars and battle other students from rival schools.

List of Chapters

UnOrdinary Ch13
Chapter 13
11th August, 2016
Arlo, the King of Wellston, tries to convince Seraphina to substitute for powerful lightning manipulator Remi as Queen for a match of Turf Wars.

UnOrdinary Ch14
Chapter 14
18th August, 2016
The Jacks of Wellston and Agwin, Blyke and Gou, battle against each other as the match of Turf Wars between the two schools begins.

UnOrdinary Ch15
Chapter 15
1st September, 2016
Rein, Queen of Agwin, takes over for her defeated Jack in the second round of Turf Wars.

UnOrdinary Ch16
Chapter 16
8th September, 2016
The Queen of Agwin might have been more than a match for the Jack of Wellston, but how will she fare against their arrogant, powerful King?

UnOrdinary Ch17
Chapter 17
15th September, 2016
When Arlo takes his fight against Rein one step too far, Seraphina steps in to deliver some long-deserved justice.

Characters Introduced

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

Abilities Introduced

Abilities introduced in this arc in the order of introduction


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