The Turf War Arc is the third story arc of unORDINARY and consists of the chapters from Chapter 13 to Chapter 17.

It began on 11th August 2016 and ended on 15th September 2016.

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Premise Edit

The Turf War Arc happens directly after the previous arc, with Seraphina being asked by Arlo, King of Wellston, to help their school's team compete against Agwin High School in a combat event called Turf Wars.

Summary of Events Edit

  • When Seraphina arrives back at her dormitory, she and her roommate Elaine argue over her hanging out with John, who is of a lower social standing than Seraphina. [1]
  • Arlo comes to Seraphina's dormitory and asks her to substitute as Queen for Remi in an upcoming match of Turf Wars. [1]
  • When they arrive, they meet the Turf Wars team of Agwin High School: Broven, the King, Gou, the Jack, an unnamed healer, and their new Queen, Rein. [2]
  • They decide to fight in individual 1-on-1 battles. [2]
  • In the first battle, Blyke against Gou, Blyke overwhelms Gou by using his Energy Beams to propel himself at high speeds. [2]
  • Broven calls off the battle, sparing Gou from taking a direct close-range Energy Beam. [2]
  • Rein declares she will be the next challenger. [2]
  • Unveiling her ability, Arachnid, Rein easily overpowers Blyke. [3]
  • She nearly beats him to unconsciousness, but is stopped by Seraphina. [3]
  • Arlo volunteers himself as the next combatant, preventing Seraphina from doing so. [3]
  • With his ability, Barrier, Arlo wears Rein down slowly, then traps her and begins to strangle her. [4]
  • Seeing this, Gou tries to rescue her, but is knocked unconscious by the barrier's damage-reflective properties. [4]
  • Seraphina commands Arlo to stop. [4]
  • Angry that Seraphina thinks she can resume control after having left Turf Wars a semester ago, Arlo unwisely ignores her. [5]
  • Using her Time Manipulation, Seraphina breaks Arlo's barrier and undoes the damage it causes her by rewinding the time around her arm. [5]
  • Angrily, Arlo shoves Rein to the ground, then shouts at Seraphina. [5]
  • Broven mocks them for fighting among themselves. [5]
  • Seraphina threatens to be the next combatant unless Agwin gives Wellston the victory. [5]
  • On the train back to Wellston, Elaine tells Arlo that Seraphina changed after meeting John a semester ago. [5]

Characters IntroducedEdit

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