The True Colours Arc is the seventh story arc of unORDINARY. It consists of the chapters from Chapter 40 to Chapter 47.

It began on 23rd March 2017 and ended on 25th May 2017.

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The True Colours Arc centers around John coping with losing all communication with Seraphina and being a victim of constant bullying by other students. Subsequently, he begins to reveal the black behind his facade of white: his true colors.

List of Chapters

UnOrdinary Ch40
Chapter 40
23rd March, 2017
Getting used as a punching bag at school every day would be bad enough for anyone, but after a year of abuse, John's tolerance finally reaches its limit…

UnOrdinary Ch41
Chapter 41
30th March, 2017
Headmaster Vaughn's concerns about EMBER and the threat they pose to Wellston Private High School only grow with every passing day. Meanwhile, John is no longer playing nice and his fellow students are about to learn what that really means for them.

UnOrdinary Ch42
Chapter 42
6th April, 2017
A cornered John is ready to face four bullies, but a flashback of his time in his previous school stops him.

UnOrdinary Ch43
Chapter 43
13th April, 2017
When John changes his mind about attacking the bullies at the last moment, he is badly beat up until an unexpected party intervenes.

UnOrdinary Ch44
Chapter 44
20th April, 2017
In the Infirmary, John sleeps restlessly as nightmares of his fall from glory in the past come back to torment him into a blind rage.

UnOrdinary Ch45
Chapter 45
27th April, 2017
Discovering John's secret, Arlo promises Isen the front page article of the school newspaper, but only if the latter manages to fully uncover John's mysterious past before Seraphina's suspension ends.

UnOrdinary Ch46
Chapter 46
11th May, 2017
As Arlo's investigation of John's past and his plan to expose the supposed "school cripple" escalates, he comes head-to-head with Isen when the latter tries to end their plans, fearful of what John might do if he is exposed.

UnOrdinary Ch47
Chapter 47
18th May, 2017
John takes Arlo to Woaba Boba to repay him for giving him a binder and the two talk about who they look up to. Meanwhile, Seraphina is becoming more and more frustrated with her oppressive home life.

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