UnOrdinary Triple Chocolate Cake

The true antagonist of unORDINARY, responsible for countless battles and ticking off the doctor.

The Triple Chocolate Cake is a hard-to-obtain cake found at Wellston Private High School given only once a month.

Description Edit

The Triple Chocolate Cake is a three-layered chocolate cake that can only be found at Wellston. A limited number of slices of this delicious cake are served once a month.[1] Naturally, this delicious cake has been a source of conflicts among students at Wellston.

History Edit

First Day Edit



On his first day at Wellston, John was able to get his hands on a slice and refused to hand it over when Seraphina demanded him to give it. Seraphina then used her ability to intimidate John into handing over the cake, but John dropped it instead of giving it to her causing her to break down in the middle of the cafeteria..[2]

Plot Edit

  • The cake in Arlo's hand during his clash with Remi
  • The cake on the floor after John dropped it
  • Remi, eating the cake in class.

Beginning Edit

The Triple Chocolate Cake was being served when John talks about how he had a good feeling that he would finally get a slice. In the café, Remi called dibs on the last slice, but Arlo swiped it before Remi had a chance to eat it. The cake slice was seen in Arlo's hand during his clash with Remi.[1]

Apparently Remi won as she was seen eating it.[3]

Vigilante Edit

Remi had supposedly given up on her obsession with EMBER, but continued to shun Blyke's company to work on other stuff. This left Blyke so frustrated that he couldn't even eat the legendary slice of cake he managed to get. After Isen walked over and proposed a solution to the Remi problem, he asked if Blyke still intended to eat it.[4]

Notes & Trivia Edit


Not shown: countless injured bodies that valiantly tried to get a slice of cake.

  • The Triple Chocolate Cake is often featured on uru-chan's Twitter when it is her characters' birthdays.

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