Tanner is a student of Wellston and a leader of a small group of bullies consisting of himself, Illena, Wenqi, and Rouker.


Tanner has wavy pale cobalt-blue hair and lime-green eyes. He is seen wearing a Wellston school uniform without a vest.

His eyes and hands glow lime-green when using his ability.


UnOrdinary Bullies

Tanner is a typical bully who takes pleasure in beating people weaker than himself with the help of his "little group". He is also arrogant as seen when he says that he is the one who calls the shots.[1] As one of the Wellston's strongest mid-tiers, Tanner has been known to use his position to bully weaker students and even force them to complete his assignments.[2]



Tanner, Illena, and Wenqi threatened to use John for "target practice" after school but was chased away by Doctor Darren. However, before he left, Tanner spitefully called John a leech.[3]

True Colours

Tanner, Illena, Wenqi, and Rouker cornered John once again. and tried to intimidate him. When Tanner tried to punch John's face, the latter caught his arm, pinned him down, and broke it.[1] Later, while John was trying to fend off his attackers, Tanner healed his arm and delivered a surprise punch to John's face, making him stagger and get knocked down by Illena. Just as Tanner's group was about to beat up John, Arlo interrupted them and humiliated Tanner.[4]


In Tanner's latest appearance, he was seen skipping class along with Rouker and needed to talk with Illena and Wenqi. He was then tackled by a masked attacker and was punched in the face numerous times until Rouker intervened by shooting Missiles. Though wounded, Tanner noticed that his attacker was injured and began to gloat. With his Regeneration, Tanner easily undid the wounds the attacker inflicted, but to his horror, the attacker began to regenerate as well. Tanner was even more horrified once the attacker fired a Missile at Rouker, knocking his partner unconscious. However, Tanner charged towards the attacker, only to have his attack blocked, his stomach kneed, and his face punched. He would soon lose consciousness once his attacker fired a missile at point-blank range.[5]

Tanner was mentioned to be one of the school's "strong mid-tiers" who gang up on weaker students and boss them around.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Regeneration: Tanner has substantial healing abilities, similar to Elaine. He was shown completely healing his arm after it was broken by John, which shows that his healing factor is potent enough to regenerate broken bones. Furthermore, Tanner's Regeneration appears to be fast-acting, allowing him to re-enter a battle in a matter of seconds.


  • (To John) "Someone like you... Will never be more than a leech who feeds off others."


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