The Suspension Arc is the fifth story arc of unORDINARY and consists of the chapters from Chapter 29 to Chapter 35.

It began on 15th December 2016 and ended on 2nd February 2017.

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Premise Edit

The Suspension Arc takes place directly after the previous arc and deals with John's life during Seraphina's month-long suspension.

Summary of EventsEdit

  • Arlo, watching John from a window with Holden, begins his plan to wear away John by using the other students to bully him. [1]
  • While reading his report card, John runs into Gavin[1]
  • John escapes from Gavin by distracting him with his papers but is eventually caught and beaten up.[1]
  • In the infirmary, Doctor Darren cheerfully heals John, as he has won a bet with Keene over how long it would take John to get attacked once news of Seraphina's suspension spread. [1]
  • John gets a text from Seraphina stating she just got off the plane. [1]
  • John commends Doctor Darren on his healing tonics, to which he responds that they are so good because he keeps having to use them on John. [2]
  • In the hallway, John is cornered by TannerWenqi, and Illena, who threaten to use him for "target practice". [2]
  • However, John stalls long enough for Doctor Darren to arrive and save him. [2]
  • Seraphina arrives at home and is greeted by a stinging slap from her mother for becoming more reckless. [2]
  • Seraphina's mother leaves on a business trip. [2]
  • John and Seraphina hang out, chat, do homework, and play games over the computer. [3]
  • Seeing that John is not too badly affected by Seraphina's suspension yet, Arlo decides to destroy John's phone. [3]
  • Two bullies punch John into a wall, badly injuring him. [4]
  • When he arrives in the infirmary, Doctor Darren berates John for not avoiding fights, much to his chagrin. [4]
  • John realizes his phone was broken by the two bullies from earlier and becomes determined to have revenge on them. [4]
  • Doctor Darren holds John back, preventing him from causing more damage. [4]
  • Another bully pushes John down in the hallway and Remi tries to help him pick up his belongings. [5]
  • Hallucinating, John thinks Remi is Claire and slaps her. [5]
  • Blyke blasts an Energy Beam centimeters away from John's head in retaliation. [5]
  • Trying and failing to explain himself to Blyke and Remi, John becomes disillusioned with the ideology of Unordinary and decides that none of his classmates are worth anything. [5]
  • Later, chatting with John over the computer, Seraphina calms him down over the loss of his phone and they chat and play games. [5]
  • Seraphina's servant tells Seraphina's mother about how her daughter's behavior has drastically changed. [6]
  • Seraphina is berated by her furious mother, who takes away her phone, turns off her wi-fi, and forces her to follow a strict and rigorous studying regime. [6]
  • John is surprised that Seraphina has still not come online and instead plays Angry Pigs. [6]
  • John rebuffs Hower's Heat Palm and breaks his nose with an elbow to the face. [6]
  • John finds Arlo on the school roof. [6]
  • While waiting for John, Arlo watches Isen and Blyke, bullies and victims, and other students walking, talking, and fighting together, and comments on the social hierarchy in a monologue. [7]
  • Brushing off Arlo's threats and comment that the roof is reserved for Royals, John sits down to eat his lunch. [7]
  • John tells Arlo that he should be grateful only one person does not follow Arlo's rule, speaking from experience from his time as King of New Bostin High School, and leaves after finishing his food. [7]
  • John and Arlo went to Woaba Boba. They argued a lot about the menu: Arlo wanted coffee but John suggested the mango boba drink.
  • John and Arlo meet with each other at the roof again. John deals with Arlo he’ll have to wait at the front of the school gate after school.
  • Arlo brings him to the Turf War place after a long subway ride.
  • Meili and Ventus lock John down to follow Arlo’s orders. Arlo further provokes John's emotions by taunting him.
  • John renders Meili and Ventus unconscious by attacking them.
  • Arlo and John fight. In the end, John wins by using Arlo’s barrier.
  • Elaine quickly comes to Arlo by his phone call. She becomes curious who did this to them.
  • Seraphina comes back to John’s home after running away from her house. She becomes shocked when John appears shattered and broken, all confidence gone.

Characters IntroducedEdit

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction Characters first seen in this arc but not named are in italics

 Abilities Introduced Edit

Abilities introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

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