Strength is an ability that grants its user an enhancement of physical power. It is presumably weaker than Super Strength.

Usage Edit

Users of this ability gain an increased boost of physical strength, allowing them to lift, throw, and strike with greater force. A punch or kick boosted by this ability is strong enough to make someone cough up blood or break their bones when it connects.

While the ability is active, the user's limbs, and eyes glow in their signature colour.[1]

Strengths and Limitations Edit

They key advantage of Strength lies in the raw physical power it grants users. Opponents who attempt to block strikes from users of this ability will only wind up badly injured without the aid of a defensive ability powerful enough to match it.

Without objects to throw, users are limited to close range combat, allowing opponents with greater technical skill to evade attacks and counter. Opponents with ranged abilities can stay out of users' reach entirely. Since it grants no defensive stat boosts, opponents are able to injure the users even without the use of abilities. The greatest advantage provided by Strength can also lead to the user's undoing, should an opponent use an ability to reflect the increased damage right back to the user.

Gallery Edit


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