Stone Skin is a physical enhancement ability that increases physical attributes of its user.

Description Edit

Befitting its name, Stone Skin allows its user to make their skin as hard as stone. However, Stone Skin also grants increased strength and speed in addition to improved defense.

While the ability is active, the user's skin is a dark, gunmetal grey in colour.

Usage Edit

  • Enhanced Defense: Thanks to the hardened, stone-like skin the ability grants, users of Stone Skin are much more durable and can take hits that would normally make one flinch.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength: Stone Skin users also gain a strength boost while the ability is active and can break opponent's bones with punches.[1]
  • Enhanced Speed: Unexpectedly, Stone Skin also grants a speed boost to its users.[1]

Strengths and Limitations Edit

Contrary to its name, Stone Skin is more than just transforming a user's skin into stone; it is an overall boost to the user's physical capabilities. This makes Stone Skin a highly versatile ability as it allows its user to hit harder and run faster than they normally could.

That being said, Stone Skin users can easily be stopped by those of higher levels, and the ability grants no other special properties save for the aforementioned physical boosts.

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