From now on I'm doing things my own way!

- Rei


Ever since his roommate Kuyo began hanging out with the Wellston Royals, Rei began to see firsthand how Kuyo treated lower-ranking students. After one of the lower-ranked students "did a dirty," Kuyo bullied the student mercilessly, warning said student to never mess with them again. However, Rei attempted to stop the bullying, but Kuyo saw Rei as weak for letting students off all of the time. This clash of ideologies led the two roommates to drift apart.

Ever since Kuyo began to hang out with the Royals, Rei noticed that his roommate was a bullying jerk; he fully understood Kuyo's drive to get stronger, but he failed to see how bullying other students would help at all. Not knowing what to think, Rei calls his mother via laptop. After some technical difficulties, Rei began to talk with his mother, but was interrupted by his yougner sister, Remi. Remi excitedly told her older brother how she made new friends in her current fifth grade class, and Rei asked if Remi knew their levels. Rei's question did not go unnoticed by their mother, and after sending Remi off for some privacy, she began to ask why Rei was suddenly concered over others' power levels. Rei revealed to his mother that it was all Wellston students talked about, but his mother told him to ignore it before going on about her high school years.

Sometime after his call with his mother, Rei was called by two higher-ranking students to help them hold down a low-ranking student, but instead of doing what he was told, Rei stopped the bullying and told the two high-rankers to let the student go. The next day, after getting his hands on some Triple Chocolate Cake, Rei had his slice of caked knocked out of his hands by one of the students from yesterday. Kuyo was the one that told the student to knock the cake out of Rei's hands and told his roommate that he was a traitor. However, Rei vowed to Kuyo that he would do things his own way.

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  • Rei's mother debuts in this chapter, and it is revealed that she has Lightning just like her children.


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