Not bad for a first-year. Keep working at it and you can be a high-ranker too.

- Kassandra


The chapter starts off with first-year Wellston student, Rei moving into the dorms of his school and meeting his roommate, Kuyo. Kuyo accepts Rei's offer to help him move his belongings in (though is puzzled by it). Despite just meeting, Kuyo and Rei began to casually talk about their ability levels during an exploration of town. Kuyo revealed that he was already an elite-tier with an impressive level of 3.5. Though Rei was surprised by his roommate's level, Kuyo commented that Rei, a mid-tier with a level of 3.2, was not that far off.

The following day, Kuyo and Rei discuss their first day of school. Kuyo begins to share the news of how he was called to see the headmistress when a low-tier student accidentally bumps into Rei and drops her papers. As she's bent down gathering them up, Rei starts to ask if she's okay. Kuyo pulls him back, insisting the leave her to clean up the mess she made. Kuyo gripes about how troublesome low-tiers are always dragging guys like them down with the trouble they cause. Kuyo advises Rei not to waste time on them, who replies with his belief that they don't do it on purpose. Kuyo is taken aback by this remark, but decides to just continue with their earlier discussion. He reveals that the headmistress wanted him to get acquainted with the Royals and learn from them, to Rei's amazement. Kuyo adds that he's on his way to meet them right now, and invites Rei to come along. As a mid-tier, Rei is nervous, but Kuyo assures that he'll be fine as long so long as he sticks close with him.

While the Royals were chattering amongst themselves, one of them recognized Kuyo walking towards them with his roommate and immediately introduced him to Wellston's strongest student at the time, Kassandra. Once Kuyo introduced himself to Kassandra, she took interest in Rei as well. Embarassed by the sudden attention, Rei managed to introduce himself to Kassandra. Due to the fact that the two students were roommates, Kassandra knew that both Rei and Kuyo were of simlar ranking, though Rei admitted that he was the weaker of the two. Kassandra complemented that Rei was "not bad" for a first year and encouraged him that if he kept working at it, he too could become a royal. Stunned by Kassandra's words, Rei thought to himself, "Could I really become one of them?"

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