Secrets is the twelfth story arc of unORDINARY. It begins on Chapter 77 and ended on Chapter 92, making it the longest story arc to date.

It began on 1st February 2018 and ended in 17th May 2018.

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Premise Edit

Seraphina returns to school after her suspension ends, now without her powers and the eyes of the school on her. Meanwhile, in the wake of the attack on Seraphina at John's home, John is forcibly moved into the Wellston dormitory. As John and Sera attempt to get things back to normal, people all around them threaten to uncover the secrets they are each hiding, while the authorities are not willing to let Seraphina go yet...

Summary of Events Edit

  • The recently de-powered Seraphina suspension ends and she returns to Wellston, becoming the center of attention.
  • John moves into the Wellston boys' dormitory against his will; his roommate is later revealed to be Blyke.
  • Remi is trying to raise awareness about EMBER's actions, much to Blyke and Isen's dismay.
  • Arlo and Remi get into a fight with Melody and her boyfriend from Agwin High School.
  • Seraphina steps in to stop a bullying incident and gets chewed out by Arlo for nearly revealing her powerlessness in the process.
  • Seraphina checks her phone and sees many incoming calls from Fyora in her call log, and one outgoing call to Arlo on the day of her attempted kidnapping.
  • Cecile finds out that it was John who injured Arlo, Meili, and Ventus, with evidence to prove it from Terrence.
  • Cecile grants Juni permission to investigate Seraphina's strange behaviour after witnessing her encounter with Brea.
  • Zeke and Mardin "welcome" John to the boys' dormitory.
  • Isen and Blyke carries John back to the dormitory.
  • John is suspicious of Isen's acts of kindness; Blyke is incensed by his roommate's ingratitude.
  • Cecile coerces Isen to reveal everything he learned about John.
  • Fyora manages to contact Seraphina and warns her that the authorities were looking to question her on Unordinary.
  • Juni risks throwing a rock at Seraphina, managing to make her bleed in front of witnesses; she walks up to her and falsely apologizes.
  • Seraphina encounters John in the infirmary, who urges her to be more careful after learning how she was hurt.
  • Seraphina questions why John used her phone to call Arlo on the day of the incident.
  • John gives Seraphina a half-true account of the events that occurred during her absence that suggests he lost his fight with Arlo, Meili, and Ventus, which she believes.
  • Seraphina confronts Arlo about this account of events, swearing she would make him pay if he crossed the line again.
  • Arlo complies to a demand from John to meet him on the roof to talk about Seraphina's forehead injury.
  • Arlo is angry that John didn't tell Seraphina what really happened; John is unapologetic.
  • John orders Arlo to make sure absolutely nothing happens to Seraphina; Arlo refuses to be a figurehead, and tells John to handle the responsibility himself.
  • Keon and Nadia arrive at Wellston to ask Seraphina a series of questions regarding the events of her suspension.
  • During her interrogation in Headmaster Vaughn's office, Seraphina reveals her recent powerlessness, reluctantly reveals her close friendship with John, and is surprised when her insistence of disagreeing with Unordinary's ideology is deemed to be a lie.
  • Keon speaks with Vaughn about the next course of action; the Headmaster complies with Keon's request to schedule a re-adjustment program for Seraphina, but does not allow him to remove her from campus until the program begins.
  • Vaughn asks Keon how the EMBER investigation is proceeding; as it is not his department leading the case, Keon can only answer that everything is being done to handle EMBER.
  • Keon expresses surprise that the same John he dealt with in New Bostin was admitted to Wellston; Vaughn states that his request to question John would not be granted without a warrant.
  • While Seraphina is reflecting on her disastrous interrogation, she notices Illena and Wenqi are slowing losing their fear of her in light of the rumors regarding her ability.
  • Juni sneaks up behind Seraphina and pushes her down a staircase, taking a picture of her after she hits the bottom.
  • Badly injured, Seraphina begins limping to the infirmary as students watch; Remi encounters her and helps her along.
  • John overhears students talking about Seraphina's injuries and heads to the infirmary at once.
  • Remi tells Seraphina that Royals at Wellston were being injured, and that she's the only one who seems to fear it's all connected.
  • Seraphina confides her ability loss to Remi, who worries that it might be permanent.
  • Remi wonders if the same methods used to attack Seraphina were used by EMBER to kill superheroes.
  • John meets up with Seraphina in the infirmary, and learns that the girl who did this to her was the same one who threw a rock at her forehead.
  • Seraphina tells John about how she failed the interview and implicated John as a close friend; John learns one of the interrogators was Keon, a man he's faced before.
  • John tells Seraphina not to be too hard on herself about her recent lapse of judgement, and that he's not worried about dealing with the authorities or Keon.

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