This is the Second Season of unORDINARY and covers all events from Chapter 156 to the current chapter. It is currently ongoing.

List of Chapters

List of Season 2 Chapters
  Episode # Release Date Summary
John Face.png
Chapter 156 27th November, 2019 With the Wellston Royals publically dethroned, the entire school begins into a period of disarray and uncertainty.
Ch 157.png
Chapter 157 4th December, 2019 Arlo and Isen visit the injured Remi and Blyke and discuss their recent defeat at the hands of John.
Chapter 158.png
Chapter 158 11th December, 2019 Seraphina deals with the horrible truth about her best friend, and John discovers that his facade is jeopardy.
Fake Joker.png
Chapter 159 18th December, 2019 Faker Jokers begin to rear their ugly heads and spread chaos across the school.
Nightmare Joker.png
Chapter 160 25th December, 2019 Knowing that his roommate can no longer be trusted, Blyke moves in with Isen and finds himself having nightmares about his recent defeat. Merry Christmas!
Ch 161.png
Chapter 161 1st January, 2020 Seraphina finds herself pitted against a Joker and John begins to see a bit of himself in said Joker.
Ch 162.png
Chapter 162 8th January, 2020 The Joker is defeated by the combined efforts of John and Seraphina, but Seraphina finds no time to celebrate knowing that John had lied to her.
Ch 163.png
Chapter 163 15th January, 2020 With the Fake Jokers on the rise, Remi attempts to curb the rising violence. Unfortunately, news of the Fake Jokers reach the press, and Isen must keep the information from reaching public ears.
Fake Joker Warning.png
Chapter 164 22nd January, 2020 Arlo reflects on how far Wellston has fallen and feels helpless to fix it. However, he is not the only one who is lost...
Ch 165.png
Chapter 165 29nd January, 2020 Arlo tells Seraphina the truth behind John. Meanwhile, Cecile finds herself in the same siutation as Arlo as John commands her to protect Seraphina.
Ch 166.png
Chapter 166 7th February, 2020 Blyke, Remi, and Isen try to quell the Joker attacks as best as they could. Meanwhile, Cecile notices Seraphina conversing with someone she should be conversing with.
Ch 167.png
Chapter 167 13th February, 2020 As Blyke prepares for his work as a vigilante, John receives word of Seraphina conversing with Arlo, souring his mood. Despite Cecile's adivce to tell the truth, John opts to keep Seraphina and only grows more frusturated as she ignores his calls.
Chapter 168 20th February, 2020 Isen comtemplates the weight of his responsbilities as the Head of Press while Blyke begins his first night as a vigilante.
Ch 169.png
Chapter 169 27th February, 2020 Blyke vows to get stronger as he battles the many goons of Lance.
Ch 170.png
Chapter 170 5th March, 2020 Blyke's first mission as a solo vigilante proves successful.
Ch 171.png
Chapter 171 12th March, 2020 Seraphina discovers John's turbulent past as a god-tier.
Ch 172.png
Chapter 172 19th March, 2020 With Evie beaten by a Joker imposter, Seraphina decides to confront John about his actions as the Joker.
Ch 173.png
Chapter 173 26th March, 2020 No longer able to rely on his lies as a cripple, John reveals his true colors to Seraphina, jeopardizing their friendship for good.
Unordinary Ch 174.png
Chapter 174 2nd April, 2020 Realizing that Arlo and Seraphina are acquainted once more, John cuts his ties with Seraphina. Despite this, Seraphina takes John's advice and decides to personally investigate a lead regarding her ability loss.
Ch 175.png
Chapter 175 9th April, 2020 Seraphina and Arlo ask Isen for any info on Terrence. Seraphina then tasks Isen to research a girl named Claire.
Ch 176.png
Chapter 176 16th April, 2020 Remi, Isen, and Blyke continue their efforts to stop the rising number of Jokers but need to find a way to influence the disillusioned mid-tiers. Isen ponders if he should keep John's secret safe and ultimately decides there is no point in helping the original Joker.
Chapter 177 23rd April, 2020 nwilling to let Wellston fall further into chaos, Isen takes matters into his own hands despite the risk. Seraphina and Arlo find out some new truths regarding Terrence and EMBER.
Ch 178.png
Chapter 178 29th April, 2020 Arlo comtemplates why John, Remi, and Seraphina distrust the Authorities, despite them being the leaders of their society. The next morning, Evie aids a failed Joker and forms an acquaintanceship with Remi. Meanwhile, John discovers that his secret is out via a newspaper written by the Head of Press himself.
Ch 179.png
Chapter 179 7th May, 2020 Rumors of the Joker's true identity begin to spread, and Kalum discovers that the cripple may be more powerful than he seems. Seraphina decides to find answers by talking to one of John's old friends.
Unordinary Ch 180.png
Chapter 180 14th May, 2020 Seraphina uses the contact info Isen procured to contact Claire. After some difficulty in stating the purpose of her call, Seraphina manages to convince Claire to share her history with John via video chat.
Unordinary Ch 181.png
Chapter 181 21st May, 2020 Claire recalls how she, John, and Adrion spent most of Middle School being bullied by stronger students. John's frustrations seemed to be at an end when Claire had a vision of him with using an ability. Despite everyone believing him to have been a cripple his whole life, John did manage to finally activate his own ability.
Unordinary Ch 182.png
Chapter 182 28th May, 2020 John spends his summer break training his ability enough to give the would-be bullies of New Bostin High School a taste of their own medicine. Claire mentions that this is the period where John's power began to go to his head.
Chapter 183.jpg
Chapter 183 3rd June, 2020 After numerous failed attempts to overthrow Zirian, John would finally overthrow New Bostin High School's King and take the throne for himself. Unfortunately, John's Kingship would only hasten his corruption and eventual downfall.
Unordinary Ch 184.png
Chapter 184 10th June, 2020 As King of New Bostin, John's obsession for his rank and power as well as his cruel beatdowns continue to push him away from his friendship Claire. Knowing that she was responsible for creating such a cruel monster, Claire takes matter into her own hands by convincing Zirian to side with her against John.
Unordinary Ch 185.png
Chapter 185 17th June, 2020 Claire recalls the infamous beatdown that got John expelled. Despite wanting to settle the dispute peacefully, John's stubborness combined with the students underestimating John's power led to a violent skirmish, leading Adrion to call the Authorities.
Safe House
Unordinary Ch 186.png
Chapter 186 24th June, 2020 Remi and Blyke decide to start a new club, the "Safe House," where students can gather without fear of being attacked by rampaging students.
Unordinary Ch 187.png
Chapter 187 1st July, 2020 Zeke attempts to publically prove that John is not the Joker, but is in for a nasty surprise when he realizes he is proven wrong.
Unordinary Ch 188.png
Chapter 188 8th July, 2020 By putting Zeke in his place, John shows the student body the extent of his mercilessness and declares himself the new King of Wellston.
Unordinary Ch 189.png
Chapter 189 15th July, 2020 Arlo, Seraphina, and Isen discuss recent events regarding Volcan, kidnapping, ability drugs, and Terrence. However, they are interrupted by a very angry John.
Unordinary Ch 190.png
Chapter 190 22nd July, 2020 John reinstates Cecile as the Head of Press, firing Isen in the process. However, Arlo warns John to choose his allies carefully and reveals that Cecile authorized the pubication of Juni's article.
Unordinary Ch 191.png
Chapter 191 29th July, 2020 Remi, Arlo, Blyke, Isen, and Seraphina prepare the Safe House.
Unordinary Ch 192.png
Chapter 192 5th August, 2020 John hears of Safe House and brings it up with Remi at the meeting to appoint the Jack. He's against any organization consisting of Arlo, his subordinates, and the estranged Seraphina. Remi nonetheless decides to continue preparing the club, challenging John to come up with a better solution to problems he's always pointing out.
Unordinary Ch 193.png
Chapter 193 12th August, 2020 John's first orders as King are sabotage the efforts of Safe House. This complicates Seraphina's plan to use the club as a means of observing Terrence.
Unordinary Ch 194.png
Chapter 194 19th August, 2020 After hearing that Safe House fliers were being taken down, Seraphina offers to help Blyke put up more.
Unordinary Ch 195.png
Chapter 195 26th August, 2020 When Zeke realizes he'll have to take down Blyke in order to fulfill John's orders, he confidently goes at him full force. Only then does he realize that the former Jack is more than a match for him.
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