Rouker is a student of Wellston and a member of Tanner's bully group.


Rouker has emerald hair with yellow eyes. When his ability is activated, his eyes will glow bright yellow.



True Colours

Rouker, along with Tanner, Illena, and Wenqi cornered John knowing that Seraphina's suspension would prevent her from protecting the defenseless cripple. After seeing John taking out Tanner, however, Rouker attacked John along with Illena and Wenqi.[1] While the two girls took John head on, Rouker bombarded John with his missiles from a distance and only stopped once John had enough. Once Arlo arrived however, Rouker was stunned by the arrival similarly to the others and witnessed the King force Tanner into submission.[2]

Arc 16

In his latest appearance, Rouker was seen skipping class along with Tanner. Rouker was concerned about the effect this would have on his grades, considering he didn't have a powerful ability to fall back on. His friend told him to relax, pointing out that Illena and Wenqi did it all the time. The conversation shifted to the girls' whereabouts, when all of a sudden, Tanner was tackled from behind by a masked student. Rouker was left stunned as the attacker kept punching the pinned Tanner in the face. Tanner demanded that Rouker do something, so he shot a pair of Missiles. The masked student dodged, but at least Tanner was free. Tanner confidently showed off his Regeneration ability, certain he could outlast the injured masked student in any fight. To their shock, the mystery student's wounds also began to heal. Rouker prepared to fire off another set of Missiles, but their opponent was quicker on the draw. With a single Missile of his own, the masked student knocked out Rouker with a shot to the torso. [3]

Powers & Abilites

  • Rouker's stats.
  • Missiles.
  • Two missiles hitting a wall.

Missiles: Rouker's Missiles grants him the ability to shoot long-ranged, explosive projectiles out of his hands.


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