Responsibility is the nineteenth story arc in unORDINARY. It is also the second story arc in Season 2. It began with Chapter 168 and ended with Chapter 179.


Faced with the ever-growing chaos brought on by Fake Jokers, the elite of Wellston Private High School must be more proactive in their duties. While Remi tries to rally support by pointing this unfortunate fact out, Blyke begins taking drastic measures so he may get become a stronger, more capable leader himself. The original Joker continues to deny any responsibility in these disastrous times, continuing to believe himself blameless for the situation. There may exist no friend or foe who can make him own up to the disaster he's caused.

List of Chapters

Chapter 168
20th February, 2020
Isen comtemplates the weight of his responsbilities as the Head of Press while Blyke begins his first night as a vigilante.

Ch 169
Chapter 169
27th February, 2020
Blyke vows to get stronger as he battles the many goons of Lance.

Ch 170
Chapter 170
5th March, 2020
Blyke's first mission as a solo vigilante proves successful.

Ch 171
Chapter 171
12th March, 2020
Seraphina discovers John's turbulent past as a god-tier.

Ch 172
Chapter 172
19th March, 2020
With Evie beaten by a Joker imposter, Seraphina decides to confront John about his actions as the Joker.

Ch 173
Chapter 173
26th March, 2020
No longer able to rely on his lies as a cripple, John reveals his true colors to Seraphina, jeopardizing their friendship for good.

Ch 174
Chapter 174
2nd April, 2020
Realizing that Arlo and Seraphina are acquainted once more, John cuts his ties with Seraphina. Despite this, Seraphina takes John's advice and decides to personally investigate a lead regarding her ability loss.

Ch 175
Chapter 175
9th April, 2020
Seraphina and Arlo ask Isen for any info on Terrence. Seraphina then tasks Isen to research a girl named Claire.

Ch 176
Chapter 176
16th April, 2020
Remi, Isen, and Blyke continue their efforts to stop the rising number of Jokers but need to find a way to influence the disillusioned mid-tiers. Isen ponders if he should keep John's secret safe and ultimately decides there is no point in helping the original Joker.

Chapter 177
23rd April, 2020
Unwilling to let Wellston fall further into chaos, Isen takes matters into his own hands despite the risk. Seraphina and Arlo find out some new truths regarding Terrence and EMBER.

Unordinary Ch 178
Chapter 178
29th April, 2020
Arlo comtemplates why John, Remi, and Seraphina distrust the Authorities, despite them being the leaders of their society. The next morning, Evie aids a failed Joker and forms an acquaintanceship with Remi. Meanwhile, John discovers that his secret is out via a newspaper written by the Head of Press himself.
Ch 179
Chapter 179
7th May, 2020
Rumors of the Joker's true identity begin to spread, and Kalum discovers that the cripple may be more powerful than he seems. Seraphina decides to find answers by talking to one of John's old friends.


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