Rein is a student and the Queen of Agwin High School.

Appearance Edit

Rein is a teenage girl with long grey hair, pale brown eyes and a noticeable bust; her eyes glow red when she utilises her powers. In her most recent appearance she wore a blue blouse top and jeans.

Her speech and thought bubbles are light grey in colour.

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Personality Edit

Rein is confident in her abilities but gets noticeably exasperated when something goes wrong as shown when she was fighting against Arlo.

Plot Edit

Turf War Edit

Rein first appeared when Wellston challenged Agwin to a Turf War. Being their new Queen, she quickly defeated Wellston's Jack, Blyke, after the latter had defeated Gou. However, she more than met her match against Wellston's King, Arlo, who nonchalantly overwhelmed and subdued her. Arlo then began strangling Rein, much to everyone's horror. Despite Broven calling her out, Arlo did not stop until Seraphina intervened.

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Boob Envy Edit

While Rein is fighting Arlo, Seraphina looks at her breasts enviously.[1]

Powers and Abilites Edit

  • Rein's stats
  • Rein using her Arachnid legs

Arachnid: Rein's ability allows her to sprout gigantic spider-like legs from her back which she can then use for offense or defense.[2][3] Being the Queen of Agwin High School, Rein is considered to be one of the most capable combatants at Agwin and ever since she joined the roster, Agwin has never lost save for the battle against Wellston. The maximum number of legs she can sprout is unknown but she has been shown to utilise at least eight, which is likely the maximum, as her power is called Arachnid.

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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Rein's ability Arachnid is obviously named after the real life class of animals arachnids, most particularly spiders.
    • The fact that the most legs Rein has spawned is 8 also strengthens the naming.
  • Rein's name allude to "reine" which means "queen" in french.


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