Rei was a graduate of Wellston Private High School and the former King of Wellston before Arlo.[1] As a vigilante, he went by the moniker X-Static.[2]


Rei appeared to be a muscular late teen with emerald hair and golden eyes. He was seen wearing a Wellston school uniform with and without the vest when he was alive.


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UnOrdinary Rei 2

Lightning Mcqueen the First

Unlike many high-tiers of his time, Rei was one of the few people in unORDINARY to hold all tiers in equal regard. Encouraging and amicable, Rei was known for giving the lower tiers hope that they can compete in life. This mentality may have led him to become a vigilante.


Unordinary kings

Lightning Mcqueen the First during his graduation with Asslo.

UnOrdinary X-Static

Rei was the King of Wellston until he graduated four years before the events of unORDINARY. Unlike his successor and many others in society, Rei held all tiers in equal regard.

At some point in his life, Rei was influenced by W. H. Doe's Unordinary[3] and became a well-known vigilante, X-Static.[4] Unfortunately, he was one of EMBER's recent victims.[1]



It was reported that X-Static's corpse was found in Lovun, in the intersection of Rokel and Acres Street. The vigilante had been stabbed and burned multiple times and had also been branded with the EMBER logo.[4]


Later it was revealed that X-Static was Remi's brother.[5]

True ColoursEdit

Arlo reveals to John that he admired Rei while he was still alive.[6]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Rei's Ability Stats
  • Lighting Mcqueen the First vs. Asslo.

Lightning: As a high-tier and a former King of Wellston, Rei was considered to be one of the strongest students of his time. Just like his younger sister, Remi, Rei's Lightning, to generate electricity.[1] It is highly likely that he also possessed the ability to detect electrical circuitry and run at high speeds with his ability active. Rei was also powerful enough to pierce Arlo's Barrier while he was alive, as a testament of his strength.

Relationships Edit

  • Remi: Remi was Rei's younger sister. Judging by her reaction after coming across to the deathpool flyer at school, Remi was close with her brother. Rei's death caused Remi to become more quiet and passive.[2]
  • Arlo: While Arlo disagreed with Rei's methods of running the school, Arlo actually admired his predecessor.[6]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Arlo's statement about liking to look down on people) "Well, aren't you just charming?"

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Rei was the fourth vigilante to be killed by EMBER.
  • When Rei was first introduced in Chapter 41, many fans have theorized that Rei was X-Static. This was confirmed in Chapter 45
  • Despite having the same ability, Rei had a higher ability level than Remi. It is possible that his mastery over Lightning was higher than Remi's.
  • Remi's Vigilante name, X-Rei is a combination between Rei's real name and his vigilante name.


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