It was about a man who lived amongst a world of cripples.

- John Doe


John muses about a book his father wrote. The book featured a man who lived among a world of cripples, and only used his ability for others. He helped the weak, saved lives, and spread wealth. He ends up dying in the end, however, the death of this man was not sad as he had brought charity when he lived.

At Wellston Private High School, the famous triple chocolate cake is served in the cafe, and John has a good feeling when he rushes to the cafe. However, John watches in dismay as two powerful high-tier students, Remi and Arlo, fight over the last slice, arguing over Remi's point that she "called it," and the two begin to clash.

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Notes & Trivia

UnOrdinary First Draft
  • This episode marks the first appearance of John, Remi, and Arlo.
  • This episode was not in the original Challenge League version of unORDINARY.
  • In the first draft of unORDINARY, Uru-chan planned for Seraphina to battle Arlo instead of Remi.


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