The Project Partners Arc is the sixth story arc of unORDINARY and consists of the chapters from Chapter 36 to Chapter 39.

Unlike previous arcs, this arc predominantly takes place in the past when John first transferred.

It began on 16th February 2017 and ended on 9th March 2017.


The Project Partners Arc takes place during Seraphina's flashbacks. It details the tumultuous beginning of her relationship with John and reveals how it eventually grew into a beautiful friendship they have today.

List of Chapters

UnOrdinary Ch36
Chapter 36
16th February, 2017
After finishing the extra work given by her mother, Seraphina reminisces about an incident from a year ago, when she and John were forced to work on a Literature project together. Needless to say, they were less than thrilled.

UnOrdinary Ch37
Chapter 37
23rd February, 2017
Still one year ago, Seraphina is furious at John for not doing his work properly and causing them to get only a B- for the first out of three presentations for their project.

UnOrdinary Ch38
Chapter 38
2nd March, 2017
Even after a week of preparation for the next portion of the project, Seraphina still doesn't get the perfect score. Later, in the hall, she sees John being beaten up by the other students for defending her.

UnOrdinary Ch39
Chapter 39
9th March, 2017
When in the next and final presentation, the duo finally succeed in attaining an A, John invites Seraphina to Woaba Boba for drinks.

Characters Introduced

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction



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