Narisa is the mother of Leilah and Seraphina.


Narisa is a middle-aged woman with magenta hair and green eyes. She is normally seen wearing large earrings and has her hair done in a bun. Her speech bubbles are the same magenta colour as her hair.

When using her ability, her eyes glow a bright green hue.


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Narisa is a very strict woman and has high expectations of her daughters. Anyone who does not meet her expectations is deemed a failure in her book.



After Seraphina arrived home, Narisa slapped her daughter before reprimanding her for her reckless behaviour. As she left for work, she told Seraphina to get rid of her extensions and that she and Seraphina's father would discuss her punishment when they returned.[1]

Coming home from the business trip, Seraphina's Maid informed her of Seraphina's change in behaviour since coming home. She confronted her daughter and confiscated her phone, scolding her for her errant behaviour and warned her that she would become like her sister if she didn't change. Informing her daughter that her Wi-Fi had been turned off, she finished her scolding by saying that Seraphina needed to correct herself.[2]

True Colours

While Narisa was inspecting some documents, Seraphina barged in, prompting her to ask why she was out of her room. They argued a while, but Seraphina's rebellious attitude angered Narisa enough to slap her daughter using Time Manipulation, only to be stopped and forced to listen to Seraphina's demands. Narisa was left frozen until Seraphina was out of the room.[3]

Powers & Abilities

  • Narisa, the second displayed user of Time Manipulation|

Time Manipulation: Narisa has the same ability as her daughter Seraphina, Time Manipulation. So far, all she has shown is that she is able to freeze time around people, making them unable to move. She is also slightly weaker and slower than Seraphina.[3]


  • Seraphina: It is implied that Seraphina was her pride during her days as a high-tier straight-A student. Now, her relationship with her daughter is currently strained at best due to Seraphina's change in behaviour.
  • Leilah: Leilah is her older daughter, whom she considers a failure.[1][2] Their relationship is in shambles, as Leilah ran away from home due to her parents' treatment.


  • (To Seraphina after scolding her) "You're becoming more and more reckless. At this rate, you're going to end up a failure just like your sister."[1]

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