Nadia is an interrogator sent by the Authorities to question Seraphina.

Appearance Edit

Nadia is a professional-looking woman with spring green shoulder-length hair and yellow eyes. In her most recent appearance, she wore a blue blazer over an unbuttoned white shirt and blue suit trousers. She also wears pale pink lipstick. Her eyes glow golden when using her ability.

Her speech and thought bubbles are spring green, much like her hair.

Personality Edit

Nadia has a strict, professional approach to things and is willing to ask personal questions to get the answers to her questions. However, she is also polite, respectfully changing her questioning of Seraphina at Headmaster Vaughn's behest.

Plot Edit

Nadia was present with the headmaster after the latter had called Seraphina to his office. After her arrival and their introduction to each other, Nadia began interrogating Seraphina by asking questions and verifying with her ability. With Seraphina answering the questions adequately, Nadia ceased her interrogation with relief before politely asking Seraphina to leave as she had things to talk to the headmaster about.[1]

She appears again with Keon to interrogate Seraphina again. She mentioned that she had read about Keon's work in New Boston and questioned how he had fixed the boy.[2]

Powers & Abilities Edit

Nadia's powers have not been explicitly stated, but Seraphina noted that it was unlikely to be Mind Reading as Nadia couldn't tell what she was thinking and by process of elimination, she probably has some kind of Lie Detection ability. It is also logical assume that she is a skilled interrogator as she works for the authorities.

References Edit

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