Monster is the ninth story arc in unORDINARY. It begins on Chapter 51 and ends on Chapter 58

It began on 15th June 2017 and ended on 10th August 2017

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Premise Edit

As Arlo finally confronts John on the Battlefield, John's greatest secret is revealed and a battle between two Kings begins.

Summary of Events Edit

  • Seraphina returns to Wellston after standing up to her mother.[1]
  • Remi, Blyke, and Isen deal with the aftermath of the events in Trio Trouble being published in the school newspaper.[2]
  • John tags along with Arlo after school. They have a long subway ride.[3]
  • Arlo brings John to the Battlefield and betrays him to Ventus and Meili.[3]
  • Ventus and Meili locks him down.[3]
  • Arlo reveals his part in orchestrating Seraphina's suspension and the incessant bullying that followed.[4]
  • John unleashes his ability.[4]
  • John grievously wounds Ventus and Meili.[5]
  • John fights and defeats Arlo.[6]
  • Elaine arrives at the Battlefield to heal Ventus, Meili, and Arlo. She gets curious who did this to them.[7]
  • Seraphina meets John at his house. She gets shocked when John’s first words were “Just don’... don’t look at me now”.[7]
  • Elaine arrives at John's house to heal him and finds out the truth about John. [8]
  • Elaine started healing John.[8]
  • Elaine figured out it was John who injured Arlo, Meili and Ventus.[8]

Characters Introduced Edit

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

Abilities Introduced Edit

Abilities introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

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