Missiles is an ability that allows its user to shoot long-range projectiles from their hands.

Description Edit

UnOrdinary Missiles

A pair of Missiles.

Like the name suggests, users of this ability create torpedo-shaped energy missiles in the user's signature colour from their hands when the ability is activated. Unlike other Projectile Generation abilities, these missiles can curve towards the intended target, rather than just move in a straight line. These projectiles make small explosions tinted in the user's signature colour on impact.[1]

Usage Edit

  • Explosive Missile (John only): By combining Missiles with the ability Explosion, John has displayed the ability to shoot a projectile that erupts into a violent explosion on impact.[2]
  • Missile Punch (John only): By combining Missiles with the ability Hunter, John can punch an opponent with a missile generated in-hand and then launch said missile to send foes flying.[2]

Strengths and Limitations Edit

While the missiles generated by this ability seem to be quite dangerous and powerful, they are not much harder to dodge than other Projectile Generation abilities, despite their ability to move in non-linear paths. Like all known Projectile Generation abilities, Missiles can only be generated from the hands.

Gallery Edit


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