Meili is a student of Wellston Private High School and is Ventus's partner.


Meili has shoulder-length burgundy hair and lilac eyes, which glow with purple light when her ability is activated. Her speech bubbles are pale red.

When activated, her ability turns her hands bright red and her fingers into long claws.


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From what little is seen of Meili, she, like every other student of Wellston despises John due to his low status. Like Ventus, Meili is also loyal to Arlo and has carried out various orders from the King without question.[1][2]



Meili, along with Ventus were tasked by Arlo to break John's phone.[1]


While Arlo was on his way to run some "errands" with John, Ventus and Meili were already at Wellston's Turf Wars Battlefield. Discreetly, Arlo told the duo to "Lock him down", and Meili scratched John with her claws before Ventus knocked him off of his feet.[3] While Arlo revealed that he orchestrated everything Meili merely watched until tasked by Arlo to attack him again. Out of anger, John activated his ability surprising (and slightly cutting) Ventus and Meili which shocked them.[4]

UnOrdinary Ch55 8

Meili and Ventus perform a combo attack.

Both Ventus and Meili were the first to experience John's true ability and were easily overpowered by the "cripple". Despite the duo working together to take him down, John was able to successfully pin Ventus down and send Meili up into the air. Ventus begged John to let him save Meili, but John refused and Meili was sent hurtling towards the ground leaving her fate unknown.[2]

Elaine was tasked to heal both Ventus and Meili implying that both of them survived John's rampage. The wounds that the duo sported looked as if they were fighting mirror images of each other, according to Elaine.[5]

Arc 16Edit

Both Ventus and Meili have recovered from their wounds from their encounter with John. Ventus, Meili, Elaine, and Isen were then assigned to discreetly find the whereabouts of Seraphina. Meili was assigned to the Wallick Hall of Wellston to find any information regarding the missing Ace. Sadly, her search proved fruitless, and she reported back to Arlo empty-handed.[6]

Meili would continue her search outside the school and overheard that Isen was defeated by a student with multiple abilities. She immediately identified the culprit and found Isen, beaten, bloodied, and unconscious. She then texted Arlo, reporting to him that John was on the loose.[7]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Meili using her Demon Claw.
  • Meili's stats.

Demon Claw: Meili is capable of transforming her hands into monstrous razor-sharp claws that can easily cut, stab, and wound opponents.

Ability Demon Claw


  • Ventus: Meili is often seen partnered up with Ventus and appears to be a close friend of his. This is further shown by Ventus's attempts to save Meili as well as his pleas to let him save her.[2] Elaine has also said that "Even at Wellston, only a few could take out this duo."[5]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • In Chinese, one of the meanings of Meili is beautiful.


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