unORDINARY has a complex plot with many backstories and flashbacks that tell another story running parallel to the main storyline. These sub-arcs are usually told in the form of flashbacks and memories and have been collected here in chronological order for reader convenience.

King of New Bostin Edit

UnOrdinary John

The King of New Bostin sub-arc is about John Doe's mysterious past at New Bostin High School.

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First Day Edit

UnOrdinary Elaine push john after knowing he has no ability

The First Day sub-arc takes place on John's first day of school at Wellston and deals with what happened then. It precedes the Perfection sub-arc.

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Perfection Edit

UnOrdinary Ch19

The Perfection sub-arc is about Seraphina's life in Wellston High School before meeting John. It leads to the Project Partners main story arc.

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