This is a list of minor characters in unORDINARY. Characters on this page have had at least one speech bubble of dialogue, or at least had very limited appearances. Every character in this page has minimal impact to the overall plot.

Wellston Private High School

John's Trigonometry Teacher

John's Trigonometry Teacher[1] is the first staff member of Wellston Private High School seen in the series and teaches John, Remi, and Mardin's trigonometry class. They are seen in Wellston Private High School

The trigonometry teacher has neck-length brown hair, orange eyes, and wears rectangular spectacles. The teacher is known for intimidation and gave a death glare to John when he wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of class. They also threw a piece of chalk at Mardin hard enough to give him a bleeding nose.


UnOrdinary Ch27 4.png

The Wellston Librarian is a formidable woman who wears her hair in a magenta bun. She wears a blue blouse and skirt. It seems that she is used to Blyke and Isen and has thrown them out of the library for being too noisy before. [2]

English Literature Teacher

The English Literature Teacher is a teacher who appeared in the Project Partners arc. She assigned literary analysis presentations to various students.[3] Is responsible for John and Seraphina being partners.


Brea is a mid-tier student of Wellston. She has green eyes and sweet-orange hair in twin ponytails. In her debut, Brea was seen alongside Misa, badmouthing Seraphina and bullying John. Once Seraphina smashed Misa's face against a wall, Brea ran away in fear. In her latest appearance, Brea is seen bullying Evie in a hallway when Seraphina stopped her.[4] After she was stopped by the Ace, the humiliated Brea attempted to attack Seraphina, but was intervened by Arlo. [5] She is a mid-tier with the ability Arcane Shot.


Skrev is a mid-tier student of Wellston Private High School and is a male student with sky-blue hair and yellow eyes. He, along with Crail were seen chasing John and the powerless Seraphina in hopes to overthrow the former Ace. He and Crail were both stopped by Blyke before any damage could be done. He is a mid-tier with the ability Strong Kick.[6]


Heinz is a mid-tier student of Wellston Private High School and is a male student with red hair and red eyes. He was first seen in Chapter 112, using his ability to rush into the cafeteria and cutting in line. His actions led him to fight against Yuline shortly afterwards. His ability is Catch Up, and both his name and ability are a pun to Heinz Ketchup.


Yuline is a mid-tier student of Wellston Private High School and is a female student with blue hair and lime-green eyes. She was first seen in Chapter 112, furious with Heinz cutting in line and mostly likely battled him. Her ability is Clobber and likely grants her the capability to beat others up with great strength. Her name is a pun based on 'You line' as shown when she clobbers Heinz for cutting queue.

Gossip Trio

The Gossip Trio, first appearing in Chapter 139, consists of a tall boy with sandy-blonde spikey hair, a shorter boy with blue hair, and a girl with green hair and pigtails. Ever since an anonymous student donned a mask and began taking down the school's top ranked students, they began to discuss the startling developments with each other. The boys witnessed Blyke's ill-fated fight with said powerhouse, and relayed the events to their female friend. They were worried that this student, dubbed Joker by other students, may be someone they offended in the past, suggesting they weren't considerate towards others. The girl was worried, and asked if they were sure it wasn't just Arlo under the mask. She was reminded that the ability Joker used in the fight wasn't Barrier. The trio noticed Arlo himself was listening in on their conversation, and the blue-haired boy apologized for the girl's stupid question.

Joker eventually crushed all the Royals single-handedly, and news of other students impersonating him soon spread. The Gossip Trio met once again to discuss this frightening turn of events. None of them wanted to fight any of the Jokers, for fear of being up against the real one. They talked of how it had become too frightening to even roam the school halls alone, and agreed to move around together. Remi overheard their discussion and approached them. She asked if they had any ideas on how the top-ranked students could improve the situation, to their astonishment.[7]


Clio is a mid-tier student of Wellston Private High School and is a female student with sky-blue hair and red eyes. She was first seen in Chapter 140, beating up Roland until Evie tackled her. After defeating Evie, she moved on to Seraphina before being defeated by the combined efforts of Evie and Seraphina. Her ability, Dizzy Punch allows her to inflict others with dizziness by punching them.


Kiara is a mid-tier student of Wellston Private High School and is a female student with dark teal hair and amber eyes. In Chapter 160, Kiara appears as one of the false Jokers roaming around the school and actively targeted Seraphina. She would be defeated and unmasked in Chapter 162. Her ability, Barrage allows her to pressure opponents with a flurry of punches.


Kalum is a mid-tier student of Wellston Private High School and is one of the schools' bullies. In Chapter 179, after hearing rumors that the Joker's identity is none other than the "cripple" John, Kalum did not believe the rumors and attempted to bully John. However, Kalum was in for a horrible shock once he was on the receiving end of the Joker's ability. Backed into a corner, Kalum attempted to apologize to John, but was knocked out by his own ability. Like all Joker victims before him, Kalum was beaten long after he was unconscious and left in one of Wellston's hallways. Kalum's ability, Phantom Push, is a ranged ability that shoots palm-shaped projectiles to push opponents away.


Julien was one of many bullies who answered to Zeke. He is a mid-tier with red eyes and a single bang in his puce hair. Julien first appeared in Chapter 186 following Zeke through a crowded hallway of students wondering whether the article that claimed that John was Joker was fiction. Zeke was certain that John was nothing more than a cripple, and he decided to bring along Juilen and Mardin to help in his scheme to prove it to the school. The smug trio confronted John in the courtyard, and excited everyone present with the prospect of John's humiliating defeat. Zeke's confidence plummeted when John mentioned something about a lunch bag, though the significance of John's words was likely lost on Julien. Regardless, Zeke's posse activated their abilities and rushed in to attack John, which was the point when their day took a nosedive. John dodged Zeke's punch and ran straight to Mardin. Julien watched in horror as his cohort was held up by the throat, slammed headfirst into the ground, and sent crashing into a wall with a kick. Their scheme to prove Isen's article was a lie proved the exact opposite.[8] No sooner had the crowd dispersed in panic did John turn his attention to Julien. The terrified bully turned tail, shouting that he had never actually done anything to him. He ran to the ringleader of their group, ignoring orders to stay away. Julien demanded that Zeke get them out of this mess before John killed them all. A swift boot to the head from John illustrated that there was no escape. Julien was sent flying headfirst into another wall and knocked out cold. Thus, he was unable to witness John painfully force Zeke to swallow his pride before formally declaring himself King of Wellston.[9]

Kovoro Mall


Levani is a minor character who was seen shopping at the Kovoro Mall. After having her ability gauged by the Ability Gauge Vendor, she was furious to hear that her level was lower than what she had thought. Out of anger, Levani demanded a refund from the vendor, but John intervened, making Levani even more furious. Though she attempted to use her Grenadier ability on John, Payton stopped her and forced the vendor to give her money back.[10] Levani is an elite-tier with the abilty Grenadier, which allows her to condense destructive balls of energy and throw them at foes.


Payton is a security guard at the Kovoro Mall with light-citron hair with his sides and celeste eyes. In his first appearance in Chapter 9, Payton was seen stopping Levani from using her Grenadier ability on the Ability Gauge Vendor but forced the vendor to give Levani her refund.[10] In his latest appearance in Chapter 49, Payton and fellow security guard Merin mistook Blyke, Isen, and Remi for setting off a smoke bomb and had the trio arrested; however, he released them once he realzed that the three arrestees were students of Wellston.[11] Payton is an elite-tier with the ability Superhuman.


Merin is a security guard at the Kovoro Mall with blue hair and forest-green eyes. In her first appearance in Chapter 49, Merin was one of the backup guards tasked to apprehend Remi, Isen, and Blyke. She was able to catch up to Remi and tackled her, but got herself electrocuted and was seemingly knocked unconscious as a result. However, Merin recovered quickly and was able to arrest Remi. She also received a "Employee of the Month" award for "going above and beyond the call of duty, and tackling a lightning bolt."[11] Her ability, Charge, increases her ability to tackle foes.

Green-Haired Couple

Two green-haired people who were lining up to have their abilities gauged at Kovoro Mall by the Ability Gauge Vendor. They left after Levani started causing a commotion.[10]

Invisible Assailant

The Invisible Assailant was someone (or something) who followed John and Seraphina to the bus stop opposite the park outside Kovoro Mall after their shopping trip. John somehow discovered them and Seraphina used her ability to deliver a roundhouse kick to them.[12]

It is unknown if they are affiliated with Terrence, as they share the same ability.

When Remi, Isen, and Blyke discovered the transmitter chip in the Ability Gauge Vendor's "prize" and confronted him about it, the Invisible Assailant dropped a smoke bomb and helped him escape. When they tried to drive away on a motorcycle, Remi electrocuted them with her Lightning. Unfortunately, she was distracted by Merin and the duo managed to escape anyway.[11]

Agwin High School

Agwin Healer

UnOrdinary Agwin healer.png

The Agwin Healer is the Healer for Agwin High School and is seen wearing a blue jacket, white shirt, and light blue shorts. The Healer has fair skin and brown hair and is an excellent healer as shown when they healed Gou with great competency.


Melody, also known as Mels, is a mid-tier student of Agwin High School with hot-pink hair and dull-blue eyes. In her first and only appearance, she overheard Remi talking to Arlo about vigilantes. Thanks to her hatred of superheroes, she poured her beverage on Remi's head, but regretted it after realizing that she had come face-to-face with Wellston's King and Queen. Her ability is Impact.[13]

Vigilantes and Superheroes


Radiance was a vigilante killed by EMBER, presumably in the months before the beginning of unOrdinary. Their ability, level, appearance, and gender are unknown. Their ability may have something to do with light or radiation.


Equinox was a vigilante killed by EMBER, presumably in the months before the beginning of unOrdinary. Their ability, level, appearance, and gender are unknown. Their ability might be related to astronomy, the sun or time.


ARKRayGeous was a popular and powerful high-tier vigilante who was recently killed by EMBER in South Wellston. [14] His exact level and ability is unknown. His ability could possibly have something to do with rays.


Shatterstack was a well-known superhero who was found dead in Wellston by the police after being killed by EMBER.[15] His level and ability are unknown. Headmaster Vaughn and Keene discussed his murder when they saw it on the news.


Genie is one of the superheroes that were on the death pool flyer. Their ability, level, appearance, and gender are unknown.


Hurricane was one of the superheroes that was on the death pool flyer. Their ability, level, appearance, and gender are unknown. However, it can be presumed that they have an ability related to speed or weather. They were revealed to be dead in Chapter 60.

Mistress Emerald

Mistress Emerald is one of the superheroes that were on the death pool flyer. Her ability, level, and appearance are unknown. It is likely that she has an ability related to emeralds. She was revealed to be dead in Chapter 103.


Galaxy-Gal was one of the superheroes that was on the death pool flyer. Her ability, level, and appearance are unknown. Her ability may have something to do with outer space. She was revealed to be dead in Chapter 60.


Venom is one of the superheroes that was on the death pool flyer. Their ability, level, appearance, and gender are unknown. It can be presumed that their ability has something to do with venom. They had the fewest number of bets on them dying.



Zander is a member of the Authorities who came Seraphina's house for questioning Seraphina with his partner Keon.

Citizens of Branish


Bimel is a resident of Branish and one of Waldo's underlings. His ability is Rock Arm, which allows him to turn his arms into hardened stone. He was defeated by the vigilante X-Rei.


Keesh is a resident of Branish and one of Waldo's underlings. Her ability, Hair Growth, allows her to control her hair as extra appendages and make it grow longer for added range. She was defeated by the vigilante X-Rei.


Weim is a resident of Branish and one of Waldo's underlings. His ability, Phantom Fist, allows him to punch objects from a great distance without needing to make physical contact. He was ultimately defeated by the vigilante X-Rei.


Lydia is Quinton's wife and one of the many innocent hostages held by Waldo. She, and the other hostages distrust X-Rei.

Citizens of Newside



Amora is a resident of Newside who was being harassed by the criminal Lance. After refusing to listen to Lance's demands, Amora witnessed Blyke attack and defeat Lance and his cronies. Despite Blyke's good intentions, Amora believed Blyke had an ulterior motive for helping her out. According to dialogue from Lance and Blyke, it is implied that Amora has connections with Newside's administration in some way.[16]


Bryce is a resident of Newside and one of Lance's underlings. His ability, Quick Strike, allows him to attack more rapidly than the average person. He was ultimately defeated by Blyke.


Emerson is a resident of Newside and one of Lance's underlings. Her ability, Hand Blade, allows her to transform her hand into a long, sharp blade. She was ultimately defeated by Blyke.


Keith is a resident of Newside and one of Lance's underlings. His ability, Heavy-hitter, allows him to deal powerful blows to injure foes. He was ultimately defeated by Blyke.


Rex is a resident of Newside and one of Lance's underlings. His ability, Ground Pound, allows him to perform a powerful slamming attack on the ground. He was ultimately defeated by Blyke.

Citizens of Grasshill

Brennet's Family

Brennet's family lives in Grasshill, a district that's been repeatedly attacked by Lennon. Brennet's father banded together with other residents to fight against him, while Brennet and his mother remained at home where it's safe. But despite being told not to go out on the the streets at night by his mother, Brennet wished to see his father fight the bad guy. So he set out, but he only ran into a person wearing warm clothes and a mask. After an awkward conversation on the stranger's odd appearance, the masked individual accidentally showed a photo of what he looked like without his mask. Despite this rocky start, Brennet trusted this stranger, and asked if he could help find his dad. Before they could get any further, Brennet's mother found them, and scolded her son for disobeying and going out. Brennet whined about wanting to see his dad in action, but his mother dragged him home anyway. The masked stranger asked if they were talking about Lennon, but Brennet's mother shooed him away and called him a "creep".

That night, the Grashill Protectors eventually faced off against Lennon again, and Brennet's father openly vowed to fight him to the bitter end. That end seemed inevitable, as Lennon easily beat down the group with his superior strength. Brennet's father would have been the first casualty of the evening if it were not for the masked stranger's timely intervention. Thanks to the vigilante, the group was able to retreat, and Brennet's father was carried away to safety by one of his comrades.[17]

Grasshill Protectors

The Grasshill Protectors, a group which Brennet's father was a part of, were formed in order to fight back against the Lennon. After the criminal wreaked havoc on Grasshill, its residents joined together in order to repel him. The odds were against them, for even when they managed to overpower Lennon, they were sniped at by his backup. Over the course of these battles, their numbers dwindled. One night, only seven protectors were left to fend off Lennon's latest advance. They fought bravely, but their attacks were useless against Lennon's disks. They were struck down one by one, and when they could no longer fight, Lennon got ready to kill them. Thanks to a masked Blyke intervening on their behalf, the protectors were able to gather gather their wounded to run and fight another day. In gratitude, their leader managed to warn the vigilante about Lennon's backup before they left.[17]


Raddix is a mid-tier who, together with Lennon, came into possession of Ability-Enhancing Drugs. They both enhanced themselves with the drug, and Raddix was boosted to the level of elite-tier. Together with their newfound power source they terrorized the town of Grasshill.

Raddix possesses a long range projectile ability called Archer that he used to snipe at anyone who gets in the way of Lennon's crimes. Raddix possesses incredible aim, and can hit an erratically moving target from long distances. His ability debuted one chapter prior to his first physical appearance. He used it to injure Blyke when he proved to be quite the hassle for Lennon to deal with alone.[18]

When a second vigilante joined the fray against Lennon, Raddix tried to take him out as well. "Ponytail" managed to dodge his shot, and sent Blyke to the rooftops to deal with him. Upon Blyke's arrival to his vantage point, Raddix fired another shot which grazed his enemy's face. Though the injury was minor, Blyke was totally paralyzed with fear. Raddix took this window of opportunity to try and escape. He could tell that the kid might be too powerful for him to beat alone. He would be proven right when Blyke came to his senses and caught up with him, shooting out both of his legs. Though cornered, Raddix refused to surrender, and tried to fire a parting shot. Blyke dodged it and fired back, hitting Raddix in the shoulder before kicking him unconscious.[19]

Though he operated in Grasshill, it is unknown if he was actually a resident there.



UnOrdinary Newscaster.png

The Newscaster [20] is a red-haired woman with red eyes and brown skin who is seen on television, reporting attacks by EMBER. Her first appearance was in Chapter 6, talking about the murder of X-Static in Lovun.

Anti-Superhero Lady

A lady with indigo hair and lime green speech bubbles who was in Woaba Boba with John and Seraphina in Chapter 6. She called X-Static useless after hearing of his death, much to John's chagrin.[20]


UnOrdinary Aria.png

Aria is a waitress who works at Woaba Boba.[21]

StarLight Waiter

The Waiter who served Darren and Leilah during their date at StarLight Restaurant had bright blonde hair and blue eyes. When he brought their orders, he was taken in by Leilah's beauty and friendliness. Darren, on the other hand, scared him badly with a jealous glare. He left rather quickly, but was still able to courteously wish them a 'bon apetite'.[22]

Rei and Remi's Mother

Rei and Remi's Mother is an elite-tier user of Lightning. When she was in high school, she was often antagonized by this girl who spread nasty rumours about her. (Apparently, this had something to do with levels and the hierarchy, as most things do in unORDINARY.) These experiences molded her into a woman who advocated standing up for yourself in the face of peer pressure. She raised her children to adopt these values.

Some time after Rei enrolled into Wellston Private High School and moved into its dorms, he tried to have a video chat with her. She had trouble on her end, as being a Lightning user did not translate into tech-savviness. Remi joined in on the call, but Rei's unexpected query of levels alarmed their mother. After asking Remi for a private moment with Rei, she confronted him with his sudden interest in levels. Rei explained that it was all anyone cared about at school, but she told him to ignore it. She went on to lecture her son and talk about the bully from her school days, a story the exasperated Rei had heard a hundred times before.



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