List of Season 1 Chapters
  Episode # Release Date Summary
Beginning Arc
UnOrdinary Prologue
Prologue24th May, 2016Two years ago, John Doe's father wrote a very special book. A book that set off a chain of events and changed the world into something... unOrdinary.
UnOrdinary Ch1
Chapter 124th May, 2016John Doe, a student of the prestigious Wellston Private High School, faces the average challenges of someone in his position: homework, tests, boring classes... and being killed by his classmates.
UnOrdinary Ch2
Chapter 224th May, 2016Even a trip to the bathroom can be dangerous for John, especially when he steps in to protect someone from Gavin, a dangerous bully.
UnOrdinary Ch3
Chapter 331st May, 2016Even though he doesn't have an ability, no one should ever underestimate John's tactical thinking and wit... Something Gavin learns too late.
UnOrdinary Ch4
Chapter 47th June, 2016Doctor Darren is not happy to see John back in the school infirmary. He is even less happy to see John's best friend, Seraphina, who has come to keep him company.
UnOrdinary Ch5
Chapter 514th June, 2016John has better things to do than wait in the infirmary all day, so he takes the chance to escape with Seraphina when the doctor is distracted.
UnOrdinary Ch6
Chapter 621st June, 2016John and Seraphina go to Woaba Boba and watch the news about recent attacks by EMBER, a dangerous criminal syndicate targeting superheroes.
UnOrdinary Ch7
Chapter 728th June, 2016John's first day at Wellston High takes a dramatic downwards turn after his classmates discover he has no ability.
Kovoro Mall Arc
UnOrdinary Ch8
Chapter 85th July, 2016Seraphina convinces John to accompany her on a shopping trip to Kovoro Mall.
UnOrdinary Ch9
Chapter 912th July, 2016John and Seraphina are caught in a stand-off with the dangerous Levani while shopping at Kovoro Mall.
UnOrdinary Ch10
Chapter 1019th July, 2016After a busy day of shopping, John and Seraphina are ready to head back home; however, an invisible assailant waylays them en-route to the bus stop.
UnOrdinary Ch11
Chapter 1126th July, 2016When John convinces Seraphina to stay over at his house due to the attack, she finds his copy of a very special book and realises that John is more than he claims to be.
UnOrdinary Ch12
Chapter 124th August, 2016John's past comes back to hunt him in a series of vivid nightmares.
Turf War Arc
UnOrdinary Ch13
Chapter 1311th August, 2016Arlo, the King of Wellston, tries to convince Seraphina to substitute for powerful lightning manipulator Remi as Queen for a match of Turf Wars.
UnOrdinary Ch14
Chapter 1418th August, 2016Jacks of Wellston and Agwin, Blyke and Gou, battle against each other as the match of Turf Wars between the two schools begins.
UnOrdinary Ch15
Chapter 151st September, 2016Rein, Queen of Agwin, takes over for her defeated Jack in the second round of Turf Wars.
UnOrdinary Ch16
Chapter 168th September, 2016The Queen of Agwin might have been more than a match for the Jack of Wellston, but how will she fare against their arrogant, powerful King?
UnOrdinary Ch17
Chapter 1715th September, 2016When Arlo takes his fight against Rein one step too far, Seraphina steps in to deliver some long-deserved justice.
Investigation Arc
UnOrdinary Ch18
Chapter 1822nd September, 2016The aftermath of the Turf Wars match sends ripples of shock through all of Wellston; except for John, who is busy cramming from a history test...
UnOrdinary Ch19
Chapter 1929th September, 2016Seraphina thinks about her past in Wellston, before she met John, and when everything she did had to be perfect...
UnOrdinary Ch20
Chapter 206th October, 2016Seraphina's first confrontation with John was anything like the peaceful and friendly relationship they have today... After all, what's a Queen who can't control her subjects?
UnOrdinary Ch21
Chapter 2113th October, 2016W. H. Doe makes his first appearance ever! - as an icon on John's phone and an ubiquitous presence over his book and all those that read it.
UnOrdinary Ch22
Chapter 2220th October, 2016Elaine discovers a dark secret about her exalted roommate that drives her to call Arlo for help.
UnOrdinary Ch23
Chapter 2327th October, 2016Remi is finally back in school and Blyke brings her up to date on what conspired during her eventful absence. Meanwhile, John and Arlo have a chance encounter in the hallway.
UnOrdinary Ch24
Chapter 243rd November, 2016John loses his temper when he sees a "Death Pool" for murdered vigilantes and attacks Krolik when he tries to destroy a weaker student's school project.
UnOrdinary Ch25
Chapter 2517th November, 2016Remi pays Seraphina a quick visit and Isen tries to figure out more about the enigma of John's behaviour.
UnOrdinary Ch26
Chapter 2624th November, 2016Isen accosts John in the hallway and interviews him about his life.
UnOrdinary Ch27
Chapter 271st December, 2016Isen finds another elusive piece of the puzzle of John's past.
UnOrdinary Ch28
Chapter 288th December, 2016Seraphina faces expulsion and serious punishment when her illegal activity is reported to Headmaster Vaughn and she has to survive an interrogation with formidable and intimidating government official Nadia.
Suspension Arc
UnOrdinary Ch29
Chapter 2915th December, 2016An old enemy is back for John... and this time, he won't be fooled as easily.
UnOrdinary Ch30
Chapter 3022nd December, 2016With word of Seraphina's month-long suspension rapidly spreading through the school, will John be able to survive?
UnOrdinary Ch31
Chapter 315th January, 2017Seraphina and John chat over the phone and play video games together.
UnOrdinary Ch32
Chapter 3212th January, 2017Another attack by two students lands John in the infirmary and breaks his phone, but he isn't going to take it so readily this time...
UnOrdinary Chapter 33
Chapter 3319th January, 2017A misunderstanding with Remi and Blyke further worsens John's precarious situation in Wellston.
UnOrdinary Chapter 34-35
Chapter 3426th January, 2017Seraphina's Mother takes away her Internet privileges and handphone, stranding John without emotional support.
UnOrdinary Ch35
Chapter 352nd February, 2017John and Arlo have a brief, but intense confrontation on the roof about the unjust social hierarchy of their world.
Project Partners Arc
UnOrdinary Ch36
Chapter 3616th February, 2017After finishing the extra work given by her mother, Seraphina reminisces about an incident from a year ago, when she and John were forced to work on a Literature project together.
UnOrdinary Ch37
Chapter 3723rd February, 2017Still one year ago, Seraphina is furious at John for not doing his work properly and causing them to get only a B- for the first out of three presentations for their project.
UnOrdinary Ch38
Chapter 382nd March, 2017Even after a week of preparation for the next portion of the project, Seraphina still doesn't get the perfect score. Later in the hall, she sees John stand up for her...
UnOrdinary Ch39
Chapter 399th March, 2017When in the next and final presentation, the duo finally succeed in attaining an A, and an unlikely friendship forms between cripple and god-tier.
True Colours Arc
UnOrdinary Ch40
Chapter 4023rd March, 2017Getting used as a punching bag at school every day would be bad enough for anyone, but after a year of abuse, John's tolerance finally reaches its limit...
UnOrdinary Ch41
Chapter 4130th March, 2017Headmaster Vaughn's concerns about EMBER and the threat they pose to Wellston Private High School only grow with every passing day. Meanwhile, John is no longer playing nice and his fellow students are about to learn what that really means for them.
UnOrdinary Ch42
Chapter 426th April, 2017A cornered John is ready to face four bullies, but a flashback of his time in his previous school stops him.
UnOrdinary Ch43
Chapter 4313th April, 2017When John changes his mind about attacking the bullies at the last moment, he is badly beat up until an unexpected party intervenes.
UnOrdinary Ch44
Chapter 4420th April, 2017In the Infirmary, John sleeps restlessly as nightmares of his fall from glory in the past come back to torment him into a blind rage.
UnOrdinary Ch45
Chapter 4527th April, 2017Discovering John's secret, Arlo promises Isen the front page article of the school newspaper, but only if the latter manages to fully uncover John's mysterious past before Seraphina's suspension ends.
UnOrdinary Ch46
Chapter 4611th May, 2017As Arlo's investigation of John's past and his plan to expose the supposed "school cripple" escalates, he comes head-to-head with Isen when the latter tries to end their plans, fearful of what John might do if he is exposed.
UnOrdinary Ch47
Chapter 4718th May, 2017John takes Arlo to Woaba Boba to repay him for giving him a binder and the two talk about who they look up to. Meanwhile, Seraphina is becoming more and more frustrated with her oppressive home life.
Trio Trouble Arc
UnOrdinary Ch 48
Chapter 4825th May, 2017Remi, Blyke, and Isen go on a fun-filled outing to Kovoro Mall and meet someone who hasn't been seen in some time...
UnOrdinary Ch 49
Chapter 491st June, 2017Remi, Blyke, and Isen try to catch the Ability Gauge Vendor and his accomplice.
UnOrdinary Ch 50
Chapter 508th June, 2017Remi, Blyke, and Isen talk about EMBER and the authorities.
Monster Arc
UnOrdinary Ch 51
Chapter 5115th June, 2017Seraphina finally stands up against her mother.
UnOrdinary Ch 52
Chapter 5222nd June, 2017Blyke, Isen and Remi are summoned by the headmaster for the disaster at Kovoro Mall over the weekend.
UnOrdinary Ch 53
Chapter 5329th June, 2017John finds history repeating itself when Arlo brings him to the Battlefield.
UnOrdinary Ch 54
Chapter 546th July, 2017Under the stress of several horrifying revelations, John reveals his ability and attacks Arlo, Meili, and Ventus.
UnOrdinary Ch 55
Chapter 5513th July, 2017John unleashes the full strength of his terrifying ability on Meili and Ventus.
UnOrdinary Ch 56
Chapter 5620th July, 2017After John beats Ventus and Meili, Arlo is left to face off against the enraged "cripple" all by himself.
UnOrdinary Ch 57
Chapter 5727th July, 2017As Arlo struggles to deal with the aftermath of his fight with John and calls in Elaine to help Ventus and Meili, John himself finally reunites with Seraphina.
UnOrdinary Ch 58
Chapter 5810th August, 2017Seraphina calls Elaine to help her deal with John's injuries while she tries to figure out what secrets he is hiding from her.
Aftermath Arc
UnOrdinary Ch 59
Chapter 5917th August, 2017As a new day at Wellston begins, the staff and students alike are rushing to find the answers to the ever-growing issues and mysteries that plague the school.
UnOrdinary Ch 60
Chapter 6024th August, 2017Remi confronts the embittered Cecile in the press room to find out more about the anonymous writer who spread misinformation about her and must come to terms with the tension in the social hierarchy of Wellston as well as learn more about her brother's reign as King.
UnOrdinary Ch 61
Chapter 6131st August, 2017Isen tries to keep John calm for the remainder of Seraphina's suspension. In the park, Arlo and Remi meet up to discuss everything that has happened over the past few days, including whoever has been following them.
UnOrdinary Ch 62
Chapter 627th September, 2017Isen watches the tension between Arlo and John grow with fear and excitement. Meanwhile, W.H. Doe finally arrives in Wellston to pay his son a visit, but risks revealing John's secret to Seraphina.
UnOrdinary Ch 63
Chapter 6314th September, 2017John explains why he is "playing cripple" to his father.
UnOrdinary Ch 64
Chapter 6421st September, 2017John, William H. Doe and Seraphina play poker and Seraphina learns something important about life.
UnOrdinary Ch 65
Chapter 6528th September, 2017John leaves for school, Arlo pays a visit to Cecile, and William tells Seraphina about the inspiration for his creation.
UnOrdinary Ch 66
Chapter 665th October, 2017William bids farewell to his son and Seraphina. Meanwhile, the authorities arrive at Seraphina's home...
Rage Arc
UnOrdinary Ch 67
Chapter 6712th October, 2017Elaine tells Arlo that she knows John is the one who injured him and is afraid of him too, but someone listening in on them without their knowledge.
UnOrdinary Ch 68
Chapter 6819th October, 2017A group of people attack and corner Seraphina with a mysterious drug.
UnOrdinary Ch 69
Chapter 6926th October, 2017Despite losing control of her ability, Seraphina manages to overcome her attackers and escape.
UnOrdinary Ch 70
Chapter 702nd November, 2017John finds Seraphina unconscious and calls Arlo to bring Elaine to his place.
UnOrdinary Ch 71
Chapter 719th November, 2017At Arlo's urging, John heals Seraphina himself and Elaine and Arlo talk about the "new John" in private.
UnOrdinary Ch 72
Chapter 7216th November, 2017John, Arlo, and Elaine engage in a showdown with the assailants breaking into the house.
UnOrdinary Ch 73
Chapter 7323rd November, 2017John incapacitates the attacker and saves Seraphina.
UnOrdinary Ch 74
Chapter 7430th November, 2017When the attackers manage to break their Barriers and escape, John and Arlo turn on each other, but Elaine calms them down.
UnOrdinary Ch 75
Chapter 757th December, 2017Seraphina freaks out when she discovers she can't use her ability anymore, but John reassures her that everything will be fine.
UnOrdinary Ch 76
Chapter 7614th December, 2017John and Seraphina meet with Doctor Darren while Arlo and Elaine pay a visit to Headmaster Vaughn.
Secrets Arc
UnOrdinary Ch 77
Chapter 771st February, 2018Seraphina returns to School and John confront Headmaster about the notice of transferring him onto campus.
UnOrdinary Ch 78
Chapter 788th February, 2018Arlo asks Blyke what he doing with fliers and Keene helped John to moved into Dorm.
UnOrdinary Ch 79
Chapter 7915th February, 2018Remi and Arlo discuss EMBER and Superheroes, and two Agwin students confront them.
UnOrdinary Ch 80
Chapter 8022nd February, 2018Blyke and John complain about each other to Isen and Sera respectively.
UnOrdinary Ch 81
Chapter 811st March, 2018Sera helps out a low-tier, nearly blowing her cover. Arlo saves her, then lectures her on her foolishness.
UnOrdinary Ch 82
Chapter 828th March, 2018Cecile learns of John 's secret, and gets frustrated with Arlo 's article reviewing.
UnOrdinary Ch 83
Chapter 8315th March, 2018Zeke 'welcomes' John to the school dorms.
UnOrdinary Ch 84
Chapter 8422nd March, 2018Blyke and Isen help an injured John , only to be rebuked.
UnOrdinary Ch 85
Chapter 8529th March, 2018Cecile interrogates Isen about John .
UnOrdinary Ch 86
Chapter 865th April, 2018Blyke breaks up an argument in front of his room. Sera is injured by Juni .
UnOrdinary Ch 87
Chapter 8712th April, 2018John and Sera have a talk in the infirmary.
UnOrdinary Ch 88
Chapter 8819th April, 2018John admits a part of the truth to Sera . Arlo ponders the identity of EMBER .
UnOrdinary Ch 89
Chapter 8926th April, 2018John confronts Arlo on Sera's headshot. Arlo tells him that he doesn't owe him anything.
UnOrdinary Ch 90
Chapter 903rd May, 2018Seraphina is interrogated by Keon, and almost all information is now extracted.
UnOrdinary Ch 91
Chapter 9110th May, 2018Keon plans to speak with John . Seraphina is pushed down the stairs by Juni .
UnOrdinary Ch 92
Chapter 9217th May, 2018Remi helps Seraphina to the infirmary. John visits her shortly after.
Vigilante Arc
UnOrdinary Ch 93
Chapter 9324th May, 2018Blyke and Isen discover that Remi is still working on EMBER alone, and that she is doing it out of revenge for her brother .
UnOrdinary Ch 94
Chapter 9431st May, 2018Remi decides to be a Superhero to draw out EMBER . Blyke and Isen agree to help.
UnOrdinary Ch 95
Chapter 957th May, 2018Remi , Blyke and Isen make preparations for being a Superhero.
UnOrdinary Ch 96
Chapter 9614th June, 2018Remi learns more about Waldo , and generally the low-tiers ' situation and the authorities' neglect.
UnOrdinary Ch 97
Chapter 9728th June, 2018Remi fends off the angry townspeople who want her to leave.
UnOrdinary Ch 98
Chapter 985th July, 2018Remi battles and defeats Waldo .
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.09.04 PM
Chapter 9912th July, 2018To their surprise, the townspeople seem to be frightened of Remi despite her saving them. Blyke contemplates the unfair treatment of low-tiers.
Change Arc
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.09.45 PM
Chapter 10019th July, 2018Seraphina's ability loss is leaked to the school, despite Arlo's orders for Cecile not to.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.11.44 PM
Chapter 101 26th July, 2018Seraphina, along with John, is attacked immediately after the news is out.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.16.08 PM
Chapter 102 2nd August, 2018Blyke stops the fight. Seraphina realizes what it is like to be without an ability, and John explains why.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.21.49 PM
Chapter 1039th August, 2018Arlo chats with Elaine on Seraphina 's ability loss, EMBER, and Remi 's injury.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.25.33 PM
Chapter 10416th August, 2018John's flashback of his readjustment course with Keon .
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.29.16 PM
Chapter 10529th August, 2018Continuation of the flashback.
Chapter 10630th August, 2018Arlo comes across Zeke beating up John and Seraphina , and steps in to stop the fight.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.59.19 PM
Chapter 1076th September, 2018Seraphina breaks down under the disappointment of her ability loss. John plots revenge against Zeke.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.02.23 PM
Chapter 10813th September, 2018John, in disguise, beats up Zeke severely.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.12.49 PM
Chapter 10920th September, 2018Arlo fires Cecile from the school newspaper for leaking Seraphina 's ability loss.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.16.32 PM
Chapter 11027th September, 2018Remi, Blyke and Isen plan their next target. John agrees to teach Sera how to defend herself.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.21.36 PM
Chapter 1114th October, 2018John and Sera are chased from the school roof. John spots Juni, who had allegedly pushed Sera down the stairs.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.29.49 PM
Chapter 11211th October, 2018John, again in disguise, beats up Juni severely.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.34.29 PM
Chapter 11318th October, 2018Holden tells Arlo that he has to step in and stabilise the mysterious man situation. All night, Seraphina does reps with Elaine
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.23.38 PM
Chapter 11425th October, 2018Seraphina drags John along for shopping.
Vigilante 2 Arc
Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 9.52.56 AM
Chapter 1152nd November, 2018Remi, as X-Rei, investigates the origin of this ability-enhancing drug.
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.42.44 AM
Chapter 1169th November, 2018Remi battles Volcan.
Chapter 117
Chapter 117 16th November, 2018 Blyke and Isen barely manage to rescue Remi from Volcan.
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 6.36.28 PM
Chapter 118 23rd November, 2018 Isen quits the Superhero business, and Blyke also disagrees with Remi's handling method. Elaine contacts Arlo.
Capture Arc
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 6.39.39 PM
Chapter 119 6th December, 2018 Sera discusses EMBER with Remi, then John. Sera saves a student from Hower's bullying.
Chapter 120 13th Dcember, 2018 Sera defeats Hower. Arlo confronts Remi about her Superhero deeds.
Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 11.53.41 AM
Chapter 121 20th December, 2018 Blyke attempts to befriend John once more. John senses something off about Sera's recent texts. It turns out that Sera had been kidnapped by Wellston students.
Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 4.35.04 PM
Chapter 122 27th December, 2019 Illena and the other students continue to abuse Seraphina. When asked why, they say they are sick of being treated inferiorly and wanted to get even with her.
Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 4.33.54 PM
Chapter 123 3rd January, 2019 John tries commanding Arlo to find Seraphina after she mysteriously disappeared the night before, but Arlo tells him off.
Chapter 124 9th Janurary, 2019 Arlo tells Meili, Elaine, and Ventus to ask others about Seraphina’s whereabouts, while Isen is already scouting for her.
Chapter 125 16th January, 2019 John beats up students. Arlo's team scouts for information.
Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 9.24.25 PM
Chapter 126 24th January, 2019 John beats up Isen.
Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 2.39.25 PM
Chapter 127 31st January, 2019 The search for Seraphina continues.
Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 7.47.02 AM
Chapter 128 7 February, 2019 Arlo confronts Hower . Cecile offers to help John.
Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 7.52.05 AM
Chapter 129 14 February, 2019 Arlo and Elaine find Seraphina.
Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 7.54.53 AM
Chapter 130 20 February, 2019 John beats up everyone responsible for Seraphina 's abduction.
Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.12.56 AM
Chapter 131 27 February, 2019 In the infirmary, friends visit the injured Seraphina and Isen.
Joker Arc
Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.16.26 AM
Chapter 132 6 March, 2019 Arlo has a word with John.
Unordinary chpt 133
Chapter 133 27 March, 2019 Remi and Blyke investigate the masked student.
Unordinary chpt 134
Chapter 134 4 April, 2019 Seraphina establishes a friendship with Evie.
Unordinary chpt 135
Chapter 135 11 April, 2019 John is interviewed by Keon and Nadia, which causes flashbacks of his past.
Unordinary chpt 136
Chapter 136 18 April, 2019 Keon pushes Headmaster Vaughn to do a few things, but he refuses. Seraphina catches on that John is not acting normal after the interview.
Unordinary chpt 137
Chapter 137 25 April, 2019 Blyke asks Arlo for advice on how to run the school once he takes Arlo's position as King.
Unordinary chpt 138
Chapter 138 2 May, 2019 John beats up Blyke.
Unordinary chpt 139
Chapter 139 8 May, 2019 Remi, Isen and Blyke discuss the "masked student" who defeated Blyke. Isen and Arlo talk.
Unordinary chpt 140
Chapter 140 16 May, 2019 Seraphina manages to discourage a mid-tier beating up Roland, Evie's friend. The two low-tiers ask Seraphina for fighting advice.
Chapter 141 23 May, 2019 Blyke meets John in the dorm and Blyke tells John about the 'masked student'. Seraphina and John hang out.
Chapter 142 30 May, 2019 Leilah and Darren meet for a date.
Chapter 143 5 June, 2019 John beats up Cecile and visits her in the infirmary.
Chapter 144 12 June, 2019 Remi, Isen, and Blyke talk with Juni about the 'masked student'. Arlo realizes he pushed John too far.
Chapter 145 19 June, 2019 Arlo offers his apology to John, which he refuses. Blyke becomes suspicious of John.
Chapter 146 26 June, 2019 Blyke shares his hunch with Isen and Remi, which Isen confirms. Arlo tells Remi to lose as quickly as possible. He then realizes John's weakness is Seraphina.
Chapter 147 3 July, 2019 Seraphina talks with John about her friends' fear of Joker. Arlo reveals John's secret to Seraphina.
Chapter 148 10 July, 2019 Seraphina doesn't believe Arlo. Isen is caught spying on John and Cecile.
Chapter 149 17 July, 2019 Remi, Isen, and Blyke talk about John.
Chapter 150 24 July, 2019 Remi talks to John in private, hoping to peacefully stop the Joker's rampage.
Chapter 151 31 July, 2019 Remi fails to find a resolution. Sera spends all night thinking about what Arlo said.
Chapter 152 7 Aug, 2019 Elaine and Arlo talk. Remi realizes John was right. Seraphina confronts John about Joker.
Chapter 153 14 Aug, 2019 The climactic battle of Remi vs. Joker begins.
Chapter 154 21 Aug, 2019 Remi attempts to unmask the Joker with the help of Blyke and Isen. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned, forcing the King himself to intervene.
Chapter 155 28 Aug, 2019 Despite their best efforts, Arlo and Remi lose. With the royals beaten, Joker is now the new king of Wellston. Unbeknownst to John, Seraphina discovered his darkest secret.

List of Season 2 Chapters
  Episode # Release Date Summary
John Face
Chapter 15627th November, 2019With the Wellston Royals publically dethroned, the entire school begins into a period of disarray and uncertainty.
Ch 157
Chapter 1574th December, 2019Arlo and Isen visit the injured Remi and Blyke and discuss their recent defeat at the hands of John.
Chapter 158
Chapter 15811th December, 2019Seraphina deals with the horrible truth about her best friend, and John discovers that his facade is jeopardy.
Fake Joker
Chapter 15918th December, 2019 Faker Jokers begin to rear their ugly heads and spread chaos across the school.
Nightmare Joker
Chapter 16025th December, 2019Knowing that his roommate can no longer be trusted, Blyke moves in with Isen and finds himself having nightmares about his recent defeat. Merry Christmas!
Ch 161
Chapter 1611st January, 2020Seraphina finds herself pitted against a Joker and John begins to see a bit of himself in said Joker.
Ch 162
Chapter 1628th January, 2020The Joker is defeated by the combined efforts of John and Seraphina, but Seraphina finds no time to celebrate knowing that John had lied to her.
Ch 163
Chapter 16315th January, 2020With the Fake Jokers on the rise, Remi attempts to curb the rising violence. Unfortunately, news of the Fake Jokers reach the press, and Isen must keep the information from reaching public ears.
Fake Joker Warning
Chapter 16422nd January, 2020Arlo reflects on how far Wellston has fallen and feels helpless to fix it. However, he is not the only one who is lost...
Ch 165
Chapter 16529nd January, 2020Arlo tells Seraphina the truth behind John. Meanwhile, Cecile finds herself in the same siutation as Arlo as John commands her to protect Seraphina.
Ch 166
Chapter 1667th February, 2020Blyke, Remi, and Isen try to quell the Joker attacks as best as they could. Meanwhile, Cecile notices Seraphina conversing with someone she should be conversing with.
Ch 167
Chapter 16713th February, 2020As Blyke prepares for his work as a vigilante, John receives word of Seraphina conversing with Arlo, souring his mood. Despite Cecile's adivce to tell the truth, John opts to keep Seraphina and only grows more frusturated as she ignores his calls.
Chapter 16820th February, 2020Isen comtemplates the weight of his responsbilities as the Head of Press while Blyke begins his first night as a vigilante.
Ch 169
Chapter 16927th February, 2020Blyke vows to get stronger as he battles the many goons of Lance.
Ch 170
Chapter 1705th March, 2020Blyke's first mission as a solo vigilante proves successful.
Ch 171
Chapter 17112th March, 2020Seraphina discovers John's turbulent past as a god-tier.
Ch 172
Chapter 17219th March, 2020With Evie beaten by a Joker imposter, Seraphina decides to confront John about his actions as the Joker.
Ch 173
Chapter 17326th March, 2020No longer able to rely on his lies as a cripple, John reveals his true colors to Seraphina, jeopardizing their friendship for good.
Unordinary Ch 174
Chapter 1742nd April, 2020Realizing that Arlo and Seraphina are acquainted once more, John cuts his ties with Seraphina. Despite this, Seraphina takes John's advice and decides to personally investigate a lead regarding her ability loss.
Ch 175
Chapter 1759th April, 2020Seraphina and Arlo ask Isen for any info on Terrence. Seraphina then tasks Isen to research a girl named Claire.
Ch 176
Chapter 17616th April, 2020Remi, Isen, and Blyke continue their efforts to stop the rising number of Jokers but need to find a way to influence the disillusioned mid-tiers. Isen ponders if he should keep John's secret safe and ultimately decides there is no point in helping the original Joker.
Chapter 17723rd April, 2020nwilling to let Wellston fall further into chaos, Isen takes matters into his own hands despite the risk. Seraphina and Arlo find out some new truths regarding Terrence and EMBER.
Ch 178
Chapter 17829th April, 2020Arlo comtemplates why John, Remi, and Seraphina distrust the Authorities, despite them being the leaders of their society. The next morning, Evie aids a failed Joker and forms an acquaintanceship with Remi. Meanwhile, John discovers that his secret is out via a newspaper written by the Head of Press himself.
Ch 179
Chapter 1797th May, 2020Rumors of the Joker's true identity begin to spread, and Kalum discovers that the cripple may be more powerful than he seems. Seraphina decides to find answers by talking to one of John's old friends.
Unordinary Ch 180
Chapter 18014th May, 2020Seraphina uses the contact info Isen procured to contact Claire. After some difficulty in stating the purpose of her call, Seraphina manages to convince Claire to share her history with John via video chat.
Unordinary Ch 181
Chapter 18121st May, 2020Claire recalls how she, John, and Adrion spent most of Middle School being bullied by stronger students. John's frustrations seemed to be at an end when Claire had a vision of him with using an ability. Despite everyone believing him to have been a cripple his whole life, John did manage to finally activate his own ability.
Unordinary Ch 182
Chapter 18228th May, 2020John spends his summer break training his ability enough to give the would-be bullies of New Bostin High School a taste of their own medicine. Claire mentions that this is the period where John's power began to go to his head.
Chapter 183
Chapter 1833rd June, 2020After numerous failed attempts to overthrow Zirian, John would finally overthrow New Bostin High School's King and take the throne for himself. Unfortunately, John's Kingship would only hasten his corruption and eventual downfall.
Unordinary Ch 184
Chapter 18410th June, 2020As King of New Bostin, John's obsession for his rank and power as well as his cruel beatdowns continue to push him away from his friendship Claire. Knowing that she was responsible for creating such a cruel monster, Claire takes matter into her own hands by convincing Zirian to side with her against John.
Unordinary Ch 185
Chapter 18517th June, 2020Claire recalls the infamous beatdown that got John expelled. Despite wanting to settle the dispute peacefully, John's stubborness combined with the students underestimating John's power led to a violent skirmish, leading Adrion to call the Authorities.
Unordinary Ch 186
Chapter 18624th June, 2020Remi and Blyke decide to start a new club, the "Safe House," where students can gather without fear of being attacked by rampaging students.
Unordinary Ch 187
Chapter 1871st July, 2020Zeke attempts to publically prove that John is not the Joker, but is in for a nasty surprise when he realizes he is proven wrong.
Unordinary Ch 188
Chapter 1888th July, 2020By putting Zeke in his place, John shows the student body the extent of his mercilessness and declares himself the new King of Wellston.
Unordinary Ch 189
Chapter 18915th July, 2020Arlo, Seraphina, and Isen discuss recent events regarding Volcan, kidnapping, ability drugs, and Terrence. However, they are interrupted by a very angry John.
Unordinary Ch 190
Chapter 19022nd July, 2020John reinstates Cecile as the Head of Press, firing Isen in the process. However, Arlo warns John to choose his allies carefully and reveals that Cecile authorized the pubication of Juni's article.
Unordinary Ch 191
Chapter 19129nd July, 2020Remi, Arlo, Blyke, Isen, and Seraphina prepare the Safe House.

List of Bonus Chapters
  Episode # Release Date Summary
UnOrdinary Bonus
Bonus Episode9 February, 2017uru-chan, author and artist of unORDINARY, presents ten short stories on the everyday lives of the cast of unORDINARY in an adorable chibi style. Prepare for fourth-wall breaking shenanigans galore and finally learn the secret of John's morning hair preparation routine!
UnOrdinary Tier List
Bonus Episode 211 May, 2017uru-chan, author and artist of unORDINARY, stars in yet another delightful chibi-style exposition episode, this time on abilities, tiers, and levels.
Season 1 End
Author Bonus 28 August, 2019 After 3 years and 155 chapters, Uru-chan recalls the joys and challenges of the first season and thanks her readers for their support.


List of Season 1 Chapters

List of Season 2 Chapters
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