List of Abilities

  Ability Category Usage Known Users Debut
UnOrdinary Ability Gauge
Ability Gauging Mental Gauging ability levels Ability Gauge Vendor Chapter 8

Unordinary John's Barrier
Ability Mimicry Meta-Ability Copying, storing, and combining other abilities John Chapter 55

UnOrdinary Rein Arachnid
Arachnid Physical Enhancement Growing eight spider legs Rein Chapter 15

UnOrdinary Arlo'sBarrier
Barrier Quantum Manipulation Creates physical barriers of variable shape and size that block and reflect damage Arlo, John (Copied) Prologue

UnOrdinary Ch49 Charge
Charge Unknown Unknown Merin Chapter 49

UnOrdinary Meili demon claw
Demon Claw Physical Enhancement Surrounding hands with sharp energy claws Meili, John (Copied) Chapter 53

UnOrdinary Blyke laser
Energy Beam Projectile Generation Shooting explosive beams or spheres of energy and using energy to propel oneself Blyke Chapter 1

UnOrdinary Ch9 04
Grenadier Projectile Generation Generating spheres of concentrated energy Levani Chapter 9

UnOrdinary Elaine Heal
Healing Medical Healing others and relieving pain Elaine, Agwin Healer, John (Copied) Chapter 15

UnOrdinary Hower1-0
Heat Palm Physical Enhancement Increasing the heat energy of the palm and surrounding area Hower Chapter 34

UnOrdinary Isen
Hunter Physical Enhancement Tracking, spying on, and hunting down others Isen Chapter 1

UnOrdinary Invisibilty2
Invisibility Physical Enhancement Escaping fights or shadowing others Gavin's Victim, Invisible Assailant Chapter 3

UnOrdinary KrolikLazor
Lazor Projectile Generation Firing beams of destructive energy Krolik Chapter 24

UnOrdinary Nadia Lie Detection
Lie Detection Mental Government and military interrogation Nadia (Implied) Chapter 28

UnOrdinary Remi Lightning
Lightning Quantum Manipulation Generating and manipulating electricity and detecting electrical circuits Remi, Rei Prologue

Mind Reading Mental Interrogation and surveillance None None

UnOrdinary Missiles-0
Missiles Projectile Generation Firing target-honing energy missiles Rouker Chapter 41

UnOrdinary Lin'sNeedles
Needles Projectile Generation Shooting many thin beams of energy Lin Chapter 20

UnOrdinary Doctor Darren Nightmare
Nightmare Mental Scaring or intimidating others Doctor Darren Chapter 6

Precognition Mental Perceiving future events Claire (Implied) None

UnOrdinary Regeneration
Regeneration Medical Accelerating oneself's cell repair Tanner Chapter 43

UnOrdinary Ch29 3
Stone Skin Physical Enhancement Enhancing speed, strength, and resilience Gavin Chapter 2

UnOrdinary Strong Punch-0
Strong Punch Physical Enhancement Augmenting one's fist with energy to increase power Crail Chapter 7

UnOrdinary Wenqi Speed
Speed Physical Enhancement Moving at inhumanly fast speeds Wenqi Chapter 41

UnOrdinary Strenght
Strength Physical Enhancement Increasing overall physical strength Illena Chapter 43

UnOrdinary Kovoromall Gaurd
Superhuman Unknown Unknown Payton Chapter 9

UnOrdinary Gou Super Strengh
Super Strength Physical Enhancement Greatly increasing overall physical strength Gou Chapter 14

UnOrdinary Time Manipulation
Time Manipulation Quantum Manipulation Freezing, slowing down or rewinding time within a localised region Seraphina, Narisa Chapter 5

UnOrdinary Ventus whirlwind
Whirlwind Quantum Manipulation Manipulating air to create whirlwinds Ventus, John (Copied) Chapter 53

Unordinary Phase Shift-1-
Phase Shift Physical Enhancement Altering one's body Zeke Chapter 108