An alphabetical list of every ability shown or mentioned in unORDINARY .

List of Abilities
  Name Debut User Use Classification
UnOrdinary Ability Gauge.jpeg
Ability Gauging Chapter 8 Ability Gauge Vendor Gauging ability levels Meta
UnOrdinary Rein Arachnid.jpeg
Arachnid Chapter 15 Rein Creating and using spider-like legs Augmentation
UnOrdinary Sera Barrier.png
Arcane Shot Chapter 81 Brea Shooting energy projectiles at foes Projectile Generation
Unordinary Archer 01.png
Archer Chapter 197 Raddix Shooting energy arrows at foes Projectile Generation
Aura Manipulation.png
Aura Manipulation Chapter 54 John Doe Copying and reading auras Meta
Barrage Chapter 161 Kiara Punching enemies rapidly Augmentation
UnOrdinary Arlo'sBarrier.png
Barrier Prologue Arlo, John Doe (copied) Creating defensive force-fields Construct Generation
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.14.12 AM.png
Catch Up Chapter 112 Heinz, John Doe (copied) Catching up to others Augmentation
UnOrdinary Ch49 Charge.png
Charge Chapter 49 Merin Enhancing the ability to tackle foes Augmentation
UnOrdinary Clobber 01.png
Clobber Chapter 112 Yuline, John Doe (copied) Brutally beating foes Augmentation
Unordinary Conjure Disks 01.png
Conjure: Disks Chapter 196 Lennon Summoning and utilizing disk-like constructs Construct Generation
Unordinary Crescent Slash 01.png
Crescent Slash Chapter 183 Zirian, John Doe (copied) Shooting crescent-shaped projectiles Projectile Generation
UnOrdinary Meili demon claw.jpg
Demon Claw Chapter 53 Meili, John Doe (copied) Scratching and clawing opponents with razor-sharp claws Augmentation
Dizzy Punch 01.png
Dizzy Punch Chapter 140 Clio Making people dizzy by punching them Augmentation
UnOrdinary Blyke laser.PNG
Energy Discharge Chapter 1 Blyke, John Doe (copied) Shooting and manipulating energy beams Projectile Generation
UnOrdinary Energy Ropes.png
Energy Ropes Chapter 85 Cecile, John Doe (copied) Manipulating ropes made of energy Construct Generation
UnOrdinary Explosion 01.png
Explosion Chapter 124 Abel, John Doe (copied) Creating explosions Quantum Manipulation
UnOrdinary Flash Forward.png
Flash Forward Chapter 112 Juni Seeing one second into the future Mental
Unordinary Fire Claws.png
Fire Claws Chapter 116 Volcan Slashing and burning opponents with sharp, fiery claws Augmentation
Fortify Chapter 115 Alana Increasing strength and defense Augmentation
UnOrdinary Ch9 04.png
Grenadier Chapter 8 Levani Creating throwable balls of condensed energy Projectile Generation
Ground Pound.png
Ground Pound Chapter 169 Rex Smashing the ground with great strength Augmentation
Hair Growth.jpg
Hair Growth Chapter 97 Keesh Growing and manipulating hair Augmentation
Hand Blade 01.png
Hand Blade Chapter 169 Emerson Transforing one's hands into blades Augmentation
UnOrdinary Elaine Heal.jpeg
Healing Chapter 15 Elaine, Awgin Healer, John Doe (copied) Healing and detecting injuries Medical
Unordinary Heat Palm.png
Heat Palm Chapter 34 Hower Generating heat from hands Augmentation
Heavy-hitter 01.png
Heavy-hitter Chapter 169 Keith Dealing heavy blows Augmentation
UnOrdinary Hunter Reticle.jpg
Hunter Chapter 1 Isen, John Doe (copied) Tracking and subduing targets Augmentation
Illumination 01.png
Illumination Chapter 140 Evie Generating light from hands Augmentation
Unordinary Impact.png
Impact Chapter 79 Melody Boosting strength to cause powerful impacts Augmentation
UnOrdinary Invisibilty2.png
Invisibility Chapter 2 Terrence, Invisible Assailant Rendering objects invisible Augmentation
Keene's Ability.png
Keene's Ability Chapter 90 Keene Creating security nets Unknown
UnOrdinary Lazor.png
Lazor Chapter 24 Krolik Shooting lasers Projectile Generation
UnOrdinary Nadia Lie Detection.png
Lie Detection Chapter 28 Nadia Detecting lies told by others Mental
UnOrdinary Lightning.jpg
Lightning Prologue Remi, Rei, John Doe (copied) Controlling electricity Quantum Manipulation
Unordinary Keon ability.png
Memory Recall Chapter 78 Keon Forcing memory recolletion Mental
Mind Reading Chapter 28 (mentioned) N/A Reading Minds Mental
UnOrdinary Missile 01.png
Missiles Chapter 43 Rouker, John Doe (copied) Shooting missiles Projectile Generation
UnOrdinary Lin'sNeedles.png
Needles Chapter 19 Lin Shooting thin needles Projectile Generation
UnOrdinary Doctor Darren Nightmare.jpeg
Nightmare Chapter 6 Darren Scaring people Mental
UnOrdinary Phantom Fist.png
Phantom Fist Chapter 96 Weim Punching from a distance Projectile Generation
Unordinary Phase Shift 4.png
Phase Shift Chapter 108 Zeke, John Doe (copied) Altering stats between offensive and defensive forms Augmentation
Portals Chapter 68 Unnamed user Creating portals for instant transport Quantum Manipulation
Quick Strike.png
Quick Strike Chapter 169 Bryce Rapid attacking Augmentation
UnOrdinary Regeneration 01.png
Regeneration Chapter 43 Tanner, John Doe (copied) Healing self Medical
UnOrdinary Misa Ability.png
Repulsion Chapter 122 Misa Using kinetic energy to repel foes Quantum Manipulation
UnOrdinary Rock Arm.png
Rock Arm Chapter 96 Bimel Turning one's arm into stone Augmentation
Shockwave Chapter 95 Waldo Generating shockwaves Projectile Generation
UnOrdinary Wenqi Speed.png
Speed Chapter 42 Wenqi Increasing speed Augmentation
UnOrdinary Gavinafterseeingserabehindjohn.PNG
Stone Skin Chapter 2 Gavin Turning one's skin into stone Augmentation
Unordinary Ch43 8.png
Strength Chapter 42 Illena Increasing physical strength Augmentation
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 4.36.37 PM.png
Strong Kick Chapter 101 Skrev Increasing the strength of kicks Augmentation
UnOrdinary Strong Punch-0.png
Strong Punch Chapter 7 Crail Increasing the strength of punches Augmentation
Payton Stats.png
Superhuman Chapter 49 (name only) Payton Increasing physical stats Augmentation
UnOrdinary Gou Super Strengh.jpeg
Super Strength Chapter 14 Gou Increasing overall strength Augmentation
UnOrdinary Rewind.jpg
Time Manipulation Chapter 5 Seraphina, Narisa Manipulating the flow of time Quantum Manipulation
Tremor Chapter 169 Lance Creating earthquakes Quantum Manipulation
UnOrdinary Ventus whirlwind.jpg
Whirlwind Chapter 53 Ventus, John Doe (copied) Manipulating wind flow Quantum Manipulation
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