An alphabetical list of every ability shown or mentioned in unORDINARY .

List of Abilities
  Name Debut User Use Classification
UnOrdinary Ability Gauge
Ability GaugingChapter 8Ability Gauge VendorGauging ability levelsMeta
UnOrdinary Sera Barrier
Arcane ShotChapter 81BreaShooting energy projectiles at foesProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Rein Arachnid
ArachnidChapter 15ReinCreating and using spider-like legsAugmentation
Aura Manipulation
Aura ManipulationChapter 54John DoeCopying and reading aurasMeta
BarrageChapter 161KiaraPunching enemies rapidlyAugmentation
UnOrdinary Arlo'sBarrier
BarrierPrologueArlo, John Doe (copied)Creating defensive force-fieldsConstruct Generation
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Catch UpChapter 112Heinz, John Doe (copied)Catching up to othersAugmentation
UnOrdinary Ch49 Charge
ChargeChapter 49MerinEnhancing the ability to tackle foesAugmentation
UnOrdinary Clobber 01
ClobberChapter 112Yuline, John Doe (copied)Brutally beating foesAugmentation
Unordinary Crescent Slash 01
Crescent SlashChapter 183Zirian, John Doe (copied)Shooting crescent-shaped projectilesProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Meili demon claw
Demon ClawChapter 53Meili, John Doe (copied)Scratching and clawing opponents with razor-sharp clawsAugmentation
Dizzy Punch 01
Dizzy PunchChapter 140ClioMaking people dizzy by punching themAugmentation
UnOrdinary Blyke laser
Energy BeamChapter 1Blyke, John Doe (copied)Shooting and manipulating energy beamsProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Energy Ropes
Energy RopesChapter 85Cecile, John Doe (copied)Manipulating ropes made of energyConstruct Generation
UnOrdinary Explosion 01
ExplosionChapter 124Abel, John Doe (copied)Creating explosionsQuantum Manipulation
UnOrdinary Flash Forward
Flash ForwardChapter 112JuniSeeing one second into the futureMental
Unordinary Fire Claws
Fire ClawsChapter 116VolcanSlashing and burning opponents with sharp, fiery clawsAugmentation
FortifyChapter 115AlanaIncreasing strength and defenseAugmentation
UnOrdinary Ch9 04
GrenadierChapter 8LevaniCreating throwable balls of condensed energyProjectile Generation
Ground Pound
Ground PoundChapter 169RexSmashing the ground with great strengthAugmentation
Hair Growth
Hair GrowthChapter 97KeeshGrowing and manipulating hairAugmentation
Hand Blade 01
Hand BladeChapter 169EmersonTransforing one's hands into bladesAugmentation
UnOrdinary Elaine Heal
HealingChapter 15Elaine, Awgin Healer, John Doe (copied)Healing and detecting injuriesMedical
Unordinary Heat Palm
Heat PalmChapter 34HowerGenerating heat from handsAugmentation
Heavy-hitter 01
Heavy-hitterChapter 169KeithDealing heavy blowsAugmentation
UnOrdinary Hunter Reticle
HunterChapter 1Isen, John Doe (copied)Tracking and subduing targetsAugmentation
Illumination 01
IlluminationChapter 140EvieGenerating light from handsAugmentation
Unordinary Impact
ImpactChapter 79MelodyBoosting strength to cause powerful impactsAugmentation
UnOrdinary Invisibilty2
InvisibilityChapter 2Terrence, Invisible AssailantRendering objects invisibleAugmentation
Keene's Ability
Keene's AbilityChapter 90KeeneCreating security netsUnknown
Unordinary Keon ability
Keon's AbilityChapter 78KeonEntering another's mind and making them relive memoriesMental
UnOrdinary Lazor
LazorChapter 24KrolikShooting lasersProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Nadia Lie Detection
Lie DetectionChapter 28NadiaDetecting lies told by othersMental
UnOrdinary Lightning
LightningPrologueRemi, Rei, John Doe (copied)Controlling electricityQuantum Manipulation
Mind ReadingChapter 28 (mentioned)N/AReading MindsMental
UnOrdinary Missile 01
MissilesChapter 43Rouker, John Doe (copied)Shooting missilesProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Lin'sNeedles
NeedlesChapter 19LinShooting thin needlesProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Doctor Darren Nightmare
NightmareChapter 6DarrenScaring peopleMental
UnOrdinary Phantom Fist
Phantom FistChapter 96WeimPunching from a distanceProjectile Generation
Unordinary Phase Shift 4
Phase ShiftChapter 108Zeke, John Doe (copied)Altering stats between offensive and defensive formsAugmentation
PortalsChapter 68Unnamed userCreating portals for instant transportQuantum Manipulation
Quick Strike
Quick StrikeChapter 169BryceRapid attackingAugmentation
UnOrdinary Regeneration 01
RegenerationChapter 43Tanner, John Doe (copied)Healing selfMedical
UnOrdinary Misa Ability
RepulsionChapter 122MisaUsing kinetic energy to repel foesQuantum Manipulation
UnOrdinary Rock Arm
Rock ArmChapter 96BimelTurning one's arm into stoneAugmentation
ShockwaveChapter 95WaldoGenerating shockwavesProjectile Generation
UnOrdinary Wenqi Speed
SpeedChapter 42WenqiIncreasing speedAugmentation
UnOrdinary Gavinafterseeingserabehindjohn
Stone SkinChapter 2GavinTurning one's skin into stoneAugmentation
Unordinary Ch43 8
StrengthChapter 42IllenaIncreasing physical strengthAugmentation
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 4.36.37 PM
Strong KickChapter 101SkrevIncreasing the strength of kicksAugmentation
UnOrdinary Strong Punch-0
Strong PunchChapter 7CrailIncreasing the strength of punchesAugmentation
Payton Stats
SuperhumanChapter 49 (name only)PaytonIncreasing physical statsAugmentation
UnOrdinary Gou Super Strengh
Super StrengthChapter 14GouIncreasing overall strength Augmentation
UnOrdinary Rewind
Time ManipulationChapter 5Seraphina, NarisaManipulating the flow of timeQuantum Manipulation
TremorChapter 169LanceCreating earthquakesQuantum Manipulation
UnOrdinary Ventus whirlwind
WhirlwindChapter 53Ventus, John Doe (copied)Manipulating wind flowQuantum Manipulation
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