Lin is a student of Wellston High.


Lin is a young teen with lavender hair, and amber eyes. He usually keeps his hair swept to the side and covers his right eye with his hair. He is usually seen wearing a Wellston uniform but has his tie outside his vest.

His speech bubbles are in the same lavender colour as his hair and both his hands and eyes glow with an amber hue when using his abilites.


Like his bullying partner Crail, Lin enjoys picking on those weaker than him (fairly uncommon as he is a low-tier). He does appear to be scared if anyone else tries to attack him.


First Day Edit

On John's first day of school, Crail and Lin cornered John to "educate" him.[1] While Crail tried to land his Strong Punch on John, Lin shot a barrage of Needles at him. However, John managed to knee Crail with his jacket and hold Lin hostage. After Crail recovered from John's knee, he angrily charged towards the cripple, not caring that Lin was held hostage. John pushed Lin away and ran off, prompting the bully duo to chase him.[2]


Suspension Edit

Due to their previous encounter with John, Crail and Lin were interviewed by Isen. Crail recalled fighting John at one point and Lin claimed that John ran away scared.[3]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Lin's stats.
  • Lin using his needles

Needles: Lin's ability Needles allows him to shoot thin needles of energy out of his hands. These needles can cut and scratch opponents. These needles are the same colour as his hands and eyes.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Lin is the first true low-tier introduced in unORDINARY.[4]
    • Furthermore, Lin is the only low-tier shown using his ability.


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