Levani is minor character who was shopping in the Kovoro Mall.


Levani is a fair-skinned woman with light pink hair and light amber eyes. In her appearances, she is seen wearing a black choker with a crystal in the middle, a black low-cut blouse and pink pants. When using her ability, her eyes glow with a pink hue.


From what little is shown about Levani's personality, she is shown to be very proud of her abilities. She absolutely cannot stand having a "low" power level despite her power level being "above average."


Kovoro Mall Edit

While John and Seraphina were waiting in the line for the Ability Gauge, Levani burst out in anger and refused to accept her result. Then she called the Ability Gauge Vendor a fraud and even threatened him, just to get her money back. Shortly after, she got interrupted by John, who she now has turned her attention to. She intimidated John, but just as she was about to use her Grenadier ability she was stopped by a security guard. Because she blamed the vendor for her behaviour, the security guard did not take any action against her and even got her money back from the Ability Gauge Vendor. Ultimately, she got her way because she was more powerful.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Grenadier: Levani's ability, Grenadier, allows her to charge a destructive ball of condensed energy in her hand.

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