Leilah is Seraphina's older sister and Narisa's daughter. She is also the girlfriend of Wellston's school doctor, Darren.

Appearance Edit

Leilah is an adult female with lavender-coloured hair. When she was younger, Leilah styled her hair with two buns, but as an adult, she leaves her hair down.

According to Darren, Leilah is considered to be "super hot."

Personality Edit

UnOrdinary Leilah

If her photograph with Seraphina is any indication, Leilah doesn't shy away from doing silly things and is implied to be more laid-back and nonchalant compared to her sister.

History Edit

Five years before the beginning of the story, Leilah ran away from home due to the demands of her parents. Seraphina was saddened by her departure, looking at a picture of the two of them with a forlorn look on her face.[1]

However, despite leaving her parents, Leilah managed to land herself a job as a project manager and romanced Darren at some undetermined point.[2]

Suspension Edit

On the same day as Seraphina's suspension, Darren mentioned to John, Tanner, Illena, and Wenqi that he had a date with Leilah that night.[3] The very next day, Darren told Leilah that enjoyed the date and wished to go out again. Leilah scheduled the their next date to be on Saturday of that week.[4]

Aftermath Edit

For their fourth date, Leilah told Darren that she had something important to tell him; Keene suspected that Leilah wished to break up with Darren.[2] However, said date was abruptly cancelled, as Leilah got a call for her employer to go on a two week business trip.[5]

Arc 17 Edit

Two weeks had passed, and Leilah finally texted Darren, telling him that her company was opening a new location. She then scheduled their date to be on that weekend and sent her boyfriend a picture of herself, asking if he liked her new hat.[6]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • To her mother, she's considered a disgrace.[7]
  • Leilah has yet to make a physical appearance in the webtoon.
  • She is a high tier, though her true power level is unknown.

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