The Kovoro Mall Arc is the second story arc in unORDINARY and consists of the chapters from Chapter 8 to Chapter 12.

It began on 5th July 2016 and ended on 4th August 2016.

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Premise Edit

John and Seraphina go to a shopping mall, sparking a series of events that involve a teddy and an illegal book.

Summary of EventsEdit

  • Seraphina meets John at his house and brings him shopping at Kovoro Mall. [1]
  • John and Seraphina shop at Andy's Boutique and John buys a "LAME" shirt. [1]
  • They see an Ability Gauge and line up to try it. [1]
  • Levani is angered because the Ability Gauge ranks her at a lower ability level than she expected. [1]
  • John intervenes, but Levani threatens to blow him and the booth up with her ability. [2]
  • The situation is defused by John calling a security guard for help, but the security guard forces the Ability Gauge Vendor to pay Levani back. [2]
  • Out of gratitude, the Ability Gauge Vendor gives Seraphina a free reading and a prize teddy bear for having a high ability level. [2]
  • On the way to the bus stop back to Wellston, John realizes an invisible person is following them. [3]
  • Seraphina activates her ability, freezing time, and roundhouse kicks the invisible assailant away. [3]
  • For her safety, Seraphina decides to sleep over at John's house. [4]
  • Seraphina finds John's copy of Unordinary and borrows it. [4]
  • In a darkened room, two shadowed figures talk about various targets that they are tracking and recording the locations of with a large computer screen. [5]
  • John has a disturbing nightmare about his past. [5]
  • In the morning, John snaps at Seraphina, causing her to leave. [5]

Characters IntroducedEdit

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

Abilities Introduced Edit

Abilities introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

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