UnOrdinary Kovoro Mall Exterior

Kovoro Mall from the outside in the day.

Kovoro Mall is a popular mall nearby Wellston Private High School.

Description Edit

Kovoro Mall is a multi-storeyed shopping mall with walls covered in blue cuboids decorating the outside. It is next to a park with two bus stops on either side.[1]

Stores and Services Edit

One of the stores inside is "Andy's Fashion Boutique", where John and Seraphina go shopping over a weekend.[1]

UnOrdinary Kovoro Mall Boutique

Andy's Boutique, one of the stores in Kovoro Mall.

During Remi, Isen, and Blyke's trip a new store, U-Mart, is shown. It appears to be a large variety store that sells, among other things, pens and volleyballs.[2]

Kovoro Mall also appears to have several temporary booths set up. One of such is the Ability Gauge Vendor's.[1]

In episode 114, John and Seraphina go to Kovoro mall to go shopping.

Additionally, Kovoro Mall has a cinema.[2]

Story Edit

Kovoro Mall is the main setting in the Kovoro Mall Arc. It is also mentioned in Chapters 28 and 45. It makes a reappearance in the Trio Trouble Arc, serving as the main setting once again.

Employees Edit


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