Kovoro Mall from the outside in the day.

Kovoro Mall is a popular mall nearby Wellston Private High School.


Kovoro Mall is a multi-storeyed shopping mall with walls covered in blue cuboids decorating the outside. It is next to a park with two bus stops on either side.[1]

Stores and Services

One of the stores inside is "Andy's Fashion Boutique", where John and Seraphina go shopping over a weekend.[1]

Andy's Boutique, one of the stores in Kovoro Mall.

During Remi, Isen, and Blyke's trip a new store, U-Mart, is shown. It appears to be a large variety store that sells, among other things, pens and volleyballs.[2]

Kovoro Mall also appears to have several temporary booths set up. One of such is the Ability Gauge Vendor.[1]

Additionally, Kovoro Mall has a cinema.[2]

There is also a mask shop where John buys the iconic black mask [3].


Kovoro Mall is the main setting in the Kovoro Mall Arc. It is also mentioned in Chapters 28 and 45. It makes a reappearance in the Trio Trouble Arc, serving as the main setting once again.

During the Change Arc, Sera drags John out shopping to buy new workout clothes. John ends up buying his black mask [3].





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