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Joker is a name used by various masked students wreaking havoc across Wellston Private High School. The first and most famous Joker is John Doe, but many other students have donned the mantle in hopes to take advantage of the Joker's anonymity and fearsome reputation.


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Nightmare Joker

Every Joker can easily be indentifed by a black balaclava mask that covers the entirety of their face. Because of the mask, very little can be seen of their facial features, save for their glowing eyes whenever they activate their abilities. Said glowing eyes distinguish subsequent Jokers from the original.

Every Joker that has appeared wears the male Wellston school uniform, though there are variations. The original Joker tended to omit the jacket and vest and always had his sleeves rolled up; besides eye colour, subsequent Jokers can be distinguished from the original by slight variations of their uniform such as unrolled sleeves, the inclusion of jackets in their uniform, the omission of ties, ect.


Season 1

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Unordinary Tuesday Profile
Joker Dead

"Madness, if you know, is alot like gravity. All it takes is a little push."

After Zeke mercilessly bullied John and Seraphina, John would decide to secretly get even with Zeke. Because he was fearful of Seraphina finding out about his ability, John managed to keep his identity a secret by donning a discarded paper bag as a mask. With his face completely masked, John was able to use his ability without fear of anyone discovering his identity, and thanks to the nature of his ability, John's ability was not easily identifiable. This would mark the first appearance of the Joker.[1] Bag-masked Joker would appear one last time attacking Juni[2] before the mask was eventually replaced with his signature black balaclava.[3] The name Joker would be coined by Wellston students after the defeat of Blyke, thanks to his incredible power being on par with the Royals.[4] The Joker would eventually overthrow the Royals and rise to the top of Wellston's hierarchy.[5]

Season 2


Fake Joker

As the Joker, John had hoped to violently overthrow the school's hierarchy and curb the violent across Wellston, however, John's victory over the royals would have an unforeseen side effect. Thanks to the Joker's anonymity and John's unwillingness to reveal himself as the original Joker, many other students began to don the mask for themselves and used the Joker's reputation to attack other students. Gavin was one of the students who found himself against one of the false Jokers.[6] According to Cecile[7] and Isen,[8] many other Jokers began to make appearances around Wellston, spreading fear and wreaking havoc across the school; there have even been cases of female students donning the male uniform and mask as well.[9] Remi believes that many of these false Jokers are out to seek revenge against students who have wronged them in the past.[8] One such Joker, who is revealed to be a female student named Kiara, sought vengeance against Seraphina but ultimately failed to do so.[9]

Ch 166

As the head of the school press, Isen tried to keep the existence of these fake Jokers a secret, knowing the attacks would only increase once students learned they could attack others without repercussions though this method.[10] However, the other reporters disapproved and published an article on the school bulletin board warning the students about the fake Jokers. Siad students almost immediately became intrigued with the idea of "being Joker for a day."[11] In hopes to curb the violence caused by the numerous Jokers, Blyke, Remi, and Isen began to personally intervene and stop the attacks, gathering their masks to keep track of the number of Jokers running around the school and recruiting higher-ranking students to aid in their effort.[12]


Remi successfully recruited several elite-tiers to her cause of stopping the Jokers and creating a safer environment in Wellston for all. Elaine quickly joined, as did Ventus and Meili. Meanwhile, Abel agreed to hold back against the low-tiers, and Holden was considering the offer.

At the same time, the revelation that these Jokers were imposters caused most of the fear surrounding them to disappear. As a result, the mid-tiers began fighting back against their often lower-tier attackers, and they quickly went for genuine threats to minor annoyances. However, by doing this, the mid-tiers would ironically begin imitating the original Joker themselves, as they often left their would-be attackers bloodied and unconscious.

To stop the violence from escalating further, Isen unmasked John as Joker to all of Wellston through a school newspaper article. There was initially some doubt whether John truly was the original Joker, however, and some sought to prove the article wrong by attacking the school cripple, only to end up being brutalized. Afterward, John openly revealed himself as the Joker and officially took the throne as "King of Wellston." With Joker's identity now out in the open, the fakers also began reducing in numbers and the amount of attacks decreased.


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