UnOrdinary Ch26 03

Isen drawing with the pen

Isen's Pen is a completely ordinary pen that Isen owns.


Isen's Pen is a metallic-blue coloured retractable pen with black ink. The pen's most defining feature is its broken pen clip, courtesy of Blyke.



Isen pen

Isen's Pen experiences emotional trauma.

While the pen belongs to Isen, Blyke borrowed the pen for one period and somehow broke the pen clip. Enraged that his pen was broken, Isen challenged Blyke to a fight and damaged large parts of Wallik Hall.[1]

The pen was also mentioned when Doctor Darren asked Blyke and Isen why they were fighting.[2]


Isen used the pen while interrogating John. Isen was supposedly taking notes with the pen, but in actuality, he was doodling a crude drawing of himself, Blyke, and Remi.[3]

True ColoursEdit

Which pen hmm

Isen struggles to pick a pen.

While at the U-Mart, Isen planned to replace his current pen with either a titanium-clip fountain pen or a gel-grip pen.[4]


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