Isen is a student of Wellston High and the head of the school press.


Isen has unkempt light orange hair that is dark at the base and amber eyes. While attending school, he wears the Wellston school uniform without the tie and vest.

In Chapter 45 he wore a denim jacket over a blue t-shirt and artichoke cargo shorts.

When using his ability, Isen's eyes glow an amber hue. His speech bubbles are amber.

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As a school journalist, once Isen is assigned an intriguing topic, he is dedicated to his research and aims to make his story the top story. During the interview with John, he was thought to be taking many notes; however, it was revealed to be a drawing of him standing over a squashed Blyke, and showing off his muscles for Remi, revealing he has a crush on her. He's pretty girl-crazy in general, seeking out (stalking) girls from other schools as well.

Isen is also a huge gossip and has been known to spread rumours like wildfire...or he was, until he came across a secret so terrifying, he feared what might happen to Wellston High if it ever got out. Because of this secret, Isen does everything he could to keep said secret under wraps; however, when pressed by superiors, Isen gives in easily, quickly choosing to follow other's rules. He's considered weak-willed, especially when he decided to tell Cecile about the secret he kept from the rest of the school.


First DayEdit

UnOrdinary Isen Flashback

Isen was seen in class when John first introduced himself. His first impressions of John was that he was a "naive, stupid air-head."[2] He and his classmates witnessed Elaine shun the powerless John. [3]

Later that day, Isen managed to get news that Wellston was serving its famous Triple Chocolate Cake and told Blyke.[4]

Project PartnersEdit

Isen and Blyke were partners in a literary analysis project. [5]




"Nobody toucha mai pen!"

During his third-year in Wellston, Isen lent Blyke his pen, but later regretted it when his friend broke the clip. Out of anger, Isen punched Blyke through the wall and the two began to battle in Wallik Hall. [6]

The two continued to battle and cause an excessively loud racket until an angry Doctor Darren intervened. The furious doctor then proceeded to drag Blyke and Isen to the infirmary.

In the infirmary, Doctor Darren began to chew them out, furious that they caused so much racket while classes were still in session; however, both Blyke and Isen began arguing again while they were trying to justify their actions. The two stopped arguing when the Doc bashed both their foreheads together, and stayed quiet afterwards. [7]


The day after Turf War against Agwin, Isen startled the Jack with an overdramatic greeting. The two proceeded with their usual banter before Blyke bragged that he saw Seraphina in action. Awed and jealous that Blyke witnessed the legendary Ace, Isen comments that Agwin's team must have been wiped out, only for Blyke to accidentally say something he wasn't meant to. After realizing that Blyke had a secret, Isen was able to get him to spill the beans about Seraphina turning on Arlo. Isen promised Blyke that he would not tell anyone else about this secret. [8]


You gotta trust trustworthy people Blyke.

However, Isen did not keep his mouth shut for long, as Remi found out about the incident after hearing the whole school talk about it. [9]

Sometime after spreading his rumour, Isen is ordered by Arlo to stalk and find information about John. Despite Isen's initial lack of interest in the topic, Arlo forced him to do the assignment and keep his mouth shut. [10]

Isen later witnessed John defeating Krolik [10] and sat on a flight of stairs recalling his interviews with Gavin, Crail, Lin, and Doctor Darren. While nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary when Isen racked his brain for gathered information, John's recent fight with Krolik made him realize that John was nothing like how others described him. Hoping to gather more information, Isen forced John to be interviewed. [11]

Initially, Isen politely asked his questions under the guise that he was interviewing him for a newspaper story, but got more aggressive as he started to see the inconsistencies between John's claims and his actions. During the interview, Isen finds that in fact John was not homeschooled like he claimed but actually went to New Bostin High School. [12]

After the interview, Isen researched New Bostin High School in the library and found an image of Class 2-B. Isen recognized John and noticed that he had an authoritative look to him, due to his messy hair and confident eyes. Forgetting to keep quiet about his research, Isen showed Blyke the photo. When Isen was asked about his sudden interest in John, he remembered his promise to Arlo and dropped the subject. He and Blyke were caught by the school librarian for talking loudly.[13]

After presenting his findings to Arlo, Isen surmised that John had an ability, but the King asked him to stop following John and said that he himself would take care of the remainder of the investigation.[13]

However even though he was warned by Arlo not to follow John, Isen continued his research and noticed how John was becoming more like his former self.[14]

True ColoursEdit

Unordinary Ch41 6

"Eye spy with my little I..."

Isen later saw Tanner, Wenqi, Illena, and Rouker pushing around John in the yard. Observing from a window, he witnessed the ensuing fight as well as John's flashing eyes, realizing that John is in fact not a cripple. He also saw Arlo saving John and deduced that John is someone important.[15]

When Arlo found out that Isen was following him and continuing his investigation from his blue haired friend, Holden, he hunted the reporter down and forced him to make a deal: Isen had to finish his article on John in two weeks, just when Seraphina was due to return from her suspension, as well as give Arlo more information. For that, Arlo would let him do what he wants as well as guarantee him the top story in the school newspaper.[14]

UnOrdinary Ch46 6
Uncertain if the deal is a good one, Isen began research on John in the common room of the school dormitory. However he was interrupted by Blyke, who congratulated him on the front page article. His friend voiced his concerns about Remi, who had changed since her brother's death. Isen then suggests that the two of them take her out to the mall over the weekend to cheer her up. Just after Blyke left, Isen continued with his research and was shocked to find John's real ability, tier, and level. Isen was also appalled to find that John was expelled for use of 'excessive' violence even though John had such a powerful ability. Isen then became unsure if publishing an article about John's true nature was a good idea and unsuccessfully tried to stop Arlo's plan of exposing John.[16]

Trio TroubleEdit


Isen takes his pens very seriously.

Isen kept his promise with Blyke and even purchased three tickets to the movie Siren's Lament reasoning that "Chicks dig romances these days". While Blyke and Remi messed around with some volleyballs in U-Mart, Isen was debating whether to buy a titanium clip fountain pen or a gel-grip pen; he had to choose quickly as Blyke impatiently threw a volleyball at his head. Out of the three, Isen cried the most during the movie.[17]

In hopes to win an easy prize, Isen dragged Remi into getting her ability gauged while Blyke paid the Vendor.[18] While he was initially disappointed with the prize, he and Blyke confronted the Ability Gauge Vendor when Remi found the transmitter in her prize. When the Vendor tried to justify himself, Isen's Hunter ability revealed that the Vendor was lying. Before Isen was able to turn the Vendor in however, he was stopped by a smoke-bomb.[19]

After Blyke cleared the smoke, Isen was able to relocate the runaway Vendor and the trio gave chase, breaking a wall in the process. After locating the Vendor on a motorcycle with his invisible accomplice, Isen attempted to chase the criminals, but was stopped when a semi-truck was about to run him over. Isen was able to stop the truck, but had to apologize to its driver. Unfortunately, Isen and Blyke were taken into Payton's custody.[20]


We love our trio <3

After realizing that the trio were from Wellston Private High School, Payton realized that he arrested innocents and under Blyke's suggestion, left to check the security tapes. With the guard's back turned, Isen proceeded to mockingly stick his tongue out. While Payton was gone Isen thought about breaking his handcuffs but decided against it after listening to Remi talk about high-tiers being like cripples. After Remi finished talking, Isen discussed EMBER's connection to the authorities with Blyke and Remi. Remi also wanted Isen to write an article about EMBER to raise student awareness and introduce them to the idea that EMBER had something to do with the authorities. The conversation ended upon Payton's return and he told the trio that they needed to make an official statement before leaving.[21]

Monster Edit

Two days after the Kovoro Mall incident, Blyke and Isen were reading the school newspaper and were surprised that the top story was about the trio causing a bomb threat. Isen himself was a little miffed that his story did not make front page. The duo were then called to see Headmaster Vaughn along with Remi, and they merely stood quietly while Remi explained the entire situation. After a few words of warning, the headmaster let the trio go back to class.[22]

Aftermath Edit

While Blyke and Isen were walking out of class, with the former bragging that the lecture was easy to understand, the two overheard other students talking about Arlo's recent injuries. Immediately, Isen already had a hunch on what happened Arlo and mentally scolded Wellston's King for not heeding his warning. Blyke did not believe that Arlo could lose and told Isen to simply dismiss it as a rumour.[23]


"So much drama, it's almost like I'm in a comic or something!"

Isen witnessed John get beaten by a pair of bullies and noticed that John was acting very confrontational with them. Before the conflict escalates however Isen intervened and the two run off in fear. John did not appreciate his help and smacked his hand away when he asked if he was alright. John gets up and walks away, leaving Isen to think to himself that he needs to keep him calm until Seraphina comes back.[24]

Isen also witnessed John bump into Arlo yet again, prompting a hostile reaction from Holden. However Arlo stops Holden from attacking John and expressed that he wanted to write an article on both John and Arlo fighting, but had to suppress his urges as he valued his life.[25]


During Remi's obsession with EMBER, Isen was tasked with analyzing said organization's movements.[26]

Not long after John moved into the school dormitories, Isen asked the tired and irritated Blyke for the identity of the roommate-----and promptly spit his milk after getting his answer. However, as he continued to listen to Blyke rant about his new roommate, Isen suggested to "take it easy on him." Unfortunately for Isen, this only drew more suspicion from Blyke, who was aware that he was stalking and looking up old photos of John. His sudden defense of John made Blyke even more suspicious and Isen realized that there was only one way out of spitting milk into his friend's face. Bolting away from the enraged redhead, Isen ran off, claiming he was late for a club meeting.

After school that day, Isen told the worried Blyke that he was overthinking about Remi's "sporadic" behavior before finding an injured John lying on the ground. While Isen questioned why John was in such a state after Seraphina's return, he and Blyke carried the unconscious boy up three flights of stairs and laid him into his bed. Once John woke up and began to cynically question their motives, Isen attempted to quell him by (fruitlessly) assuring that he meant no harm, but John remained suspicious and continued to question Isen's motives. Fed up with John's cynicism, Blyke angrily grabbed John by the shirt collar and refused to let go until Isen forced him to. The duo eventually decided to leave John alone to recover. But Isen was not done, and soon found himself questioned by Blyke...and was saved by a call from Cecile.[27]

Unfortunately, like Blyke, Cecile was also curious about the "Shadow King" and was aware that Isen was currently investigating John. Forced by Cecile to spill the beans, Isen reluctantly revealed that John was once a low-tier with a power level of 1.2 before becoming the powerhouse that he is today. He further revealed that John has no sense of commitment to society and that royal like him, despite his powers, would only lead Wellston to disaster. Isen further stated that John was aware of this fact and believed that he was hiding his powers to avoid kingship and running Wellston to the ground. After Isen revealed all he knew about John, Cecile dismissed him.[2]


At last, someone is SENSIBLE!

The next day, in hopes to avoid Blyke, Isen ignored his phone calls and took a detour...but Blyke arrived to school later than usual and found Isen walking towards the campus. Furiously, Blyke complained about John taking forever in the bathroom as well as getting into an argument with two students in the dorm. Curious, Isen asked Blyke for the identity of the two students, but Blyke only knew that they were associated with Zeke.[28]

Vigilant Edit

Remi's continued research on EMBER often kept her away from spending time with Blyke and Isen, leaving the reporter and the Jack wondering what was actually going on. While it appeared as if Wellston's Queen gave up on her research, the two did not believe that she'd give up so easily. Their speculations were confirmed once Blyke stormed into Remi's room with Isen following behind and discovered her secret research on EMBER. Remi had chosen to hide her research from her friends, thinking that they would not want to participate in a wild goose chase, but to her surprise, they decided to join and help her quest for vengeance.[29]


Isen is unimpressed with Remi's Superhero costume.

In order to attract EMBER's attention, Remi decided to follow in her brother's footsteps and chose to be a vigilante. Isen was wholeheartedly against the idea and even attempted to talk Blyke out of supporting her. However, Blyke made a crude costume for the newly minted superhero and supported her the whole way.[30] Donning the costume made by Blyke and choosing the name X-Rei, Remi, Blyke, and Isen set off to work, searching for criminals in hopes to attract EMBER's attention. Isen managed to find information regarding Waldo, who was reported for "causing chaos" in the low-tier district of Branish, but Blyke had fallen asleep during their research and paid the price when Remi and Isen doodled on his face. With their plans concrete and set in stone, the trio split into three groups, with Remi taking a train alone while Blyke and Isen took a separate train to Branish.[31]


Isen is even more unimpressed by her Superhero name.

Once all three of them reached the low-tier district, Remi suited up and began to patrol the area, communicating with Orange (Isen) and Blyke (Red) via communicators. While Remi did all the vigilante work as X-Rei, Isen and Blyke kept watch over her form the rooftops of Branish, serving as her eyes over the town. Blyke later warned Remi of the arrival of Waldo's goons.[32]

A battle ensued between X-Rei, and Waldo's other underlings, but even the combined might of Keesh, Bimel, Quinton and Weim stood no chance against the superhero. With only Quinton standing, Remi was about to interrogate him, but a goon she knocked out earlier got back up and held a woman hostage. Before the situation could spiral out of hand, Blyke shot the goon in the legs, disorientating him and freeing the hostage, allowing Remi to force Quinton into leading her to Waldo. It is implied that Isen helped Blyke take aim, as his eyes were glowing from the rooftops of Branish.[33]

During Remi's fight with Waldo, the criminal threatened to blow up some hostages in an undisclosed area should anything happen to him. Forced into a defensive position, Remi tasked Blyke and Isen to find the missing hostages. With Isen's Hunter scanning the buildings and Blyke's Energy Beam taking out the guards from afar, the hostages were safe from the bomb Waldo had planted.[34]

But even after Waldo was defeated, Blyke began to take notice how the hostages purposely distanced themselves from X-Rei, despite her noble intentions. However, Isen simply assured Blyke that the job was done and that he was "over-thinking it."[35]

Change Edit

When Arlo fires Cecile from the school press for disobeying his orders and letting the news of Seraphina's ability loss, Isen is promoted to the head of the newspaper. He expresses surprise at this but accepts it, and goes on the share this news with Remi and Blyke in the dorm. They congratulate him on this, but Isen looks uncertain, saying that he is more of a free spirit and doesn't like having responsibilities [36]. Moving on, Isen shows them their next target that he had dug up, a woman named Alana who was terrorizing the town of Lewes.[37]

Vigilante 2 Edit

Later in Lewes, Isen scrambles to get juicy footage while Remi takes down Alana, but is disappointed with how unimpressive the footage turned out.[38] However, Volcan appears, and she is assumed to be the source of the ability-enhancing drugs given to Waldo and Alana. When Volcan stabs and kills Alana, Isen bends over, shaking and traumatized and reports to Blyke that Alana is dead.[39]


"F*ck this sh*t I'm out!"

When Volcan proves too much for Remi to handle, Blyke yells at the shell-shocked Isen to rescue Remi.[40] While Isen stubbornly refuses at first, saying that he'll "be ripped to shreds", he reluctantly masks himself with a jacket and rushes down to rescue X-Rei, with Blyke providing cover fire. The trio barely make it out, with Remi incapacitated. [41] Once they returned to the dorms, they hurriedly get Elaine to heal Remi. Once Remi was conscious, she insists that they continue pursuing Volcan, but Isen snaps and declares the Superhero business as stupid and quits.[42]


UnOrdinary Ch126 Isen

After quitting on his vigilante duties, Isen was assigned by Arlo to discover the whereabouts of Seraphina. However, he was unable to find any information.[43] While continuing his search, John arrives in a fit of rage after copying the abilities of Tanner, Rouker, and Abel, and savagely beats Isen and copied his ability during the encounter. Isen is no match for John and he pleads that he can help find Seraphina before John ruthlessly deals the coup de grace. The entire incident occurs near multiple buildings and is witnessed by multiple people, including Cecile.[44] Meili would discover Isen's unconscious body and report the incident to Arlo. He was taken to the infirmary not long after.[45]

UnOrdinary Isen Infirmary

Much to Isen's displeasure, Blyke and Remi visited him, and to make matters worse, Remi discovered that John, Arlo, and Elaine were all visiting Seraphina, putting Isen in an unfavourable situation. Isen attempted to fib his way out, claiming that he "tripped and fell down some stairs," but both his friends already knew that he was defeated by a masked attacker with multiple abilities. Both Arlo and John shot Isen a menacing glare, forcing him to keep the student's identity a secret, and despite Blyke and Remi's many questions and concerns, Isen managed to get to two to leave.[46]

Bonus EpisodesEdit

Hot Chocolate Edit

Isen asks Blyke if he would like any hot chocolate. When Blyke says he would, Isen tells him to go make it himself, much to Blyke's irritation.[47]

Levels and Tiers Edit

Isen, Remi and Blyke were all seen playing cards during Uru-chan's presentation on abilities.[48]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Isen's stats.
  • Isen's X-ray vision and targeting.
  • Isen targeting the Ability Gauge Vendor.
  • Isen stops a semi truck with a his increased strength.

Hunter: Hunter grants Isen a wide range of abilities he can use to track down and capture targets. Some abilities include targeting, x-ray vision,[19] telescopic vision,[15] enhanced speed, and strength enhancement strong enough to stop a semi-truck,[20] or send people flying through a solid wall.[6]


While his actual performance in school is unknown, Isen is a very analytical person who can deduce information with existing evidence as shown with his research on John. In addition, Isen is also a capable school journalist and can find any sort of information on anyone, according to Arlo.[49]

Relationships Edit


Unordinary Trio

Isen with Remi and Blyke.

Blyke and Isen are close frenemies who often bicker and argue over the most trivial matters. Isen also considers Blyke as a rival for Remi's affections. Isen often annoys Blyke by bragging about his info-gathering skills, often in the form of stalking girls from other schools. However, the once boastful Isen has become reserved after a fateful investigation into John's past. Despite Blyke wanting to know why Isen insists on doing their best to keep John happy and calm, Isen remains tight-lipped about the danger John truly poses.

Despite this, the two of them are more then capable of working together and maintain a close friendship with each other. Together they helped Remi in her crusade to learn more about EMBER, with both agreeing that she was putting herself in great danger in doing so. When they learned that she was motivated by her brother's murder at the hands of the organization, they joined her in trying to lure EMBER out into the open. Their teamwork really shined when they rescued Waldo's hostages on their first outing and saved Remi during their second.


UnOrdinary Ch26 03

A picture speaks a thousand words...

Remi is another one of Isen's best friends alongside Blyke. Despite Remi technically being Isen's superior, the two of them, along with Blyke, frequently spend time together. Isen is one of the few people that Remi trusts with her vigilante work, and Remi is one of the few superiors Isen can argue with without any consequences. On an interesting note, Isen once doodled himself winning over Remi's heart by defeating Blyke, implying that he has a crush on her.


UnOrdinary Arlo fork Isen

Isen's relationship with Arlo in a nutshell.

Arlo is Isen's superior and was the one who assigned him to find information on John. Like all other students in Wellston, Isen fears Arlo, but appears to have some degree of concern for the King, as shown when he warned Arlo about John's true power.


Like many students, Isen views Seraphina with awe as she is the strongest student in the school. He is shown to be envious that Blyke got to witness Seraphina in action. [8] Isen later realized that Seraphina also had a very important role in keeping John from lapsing back into the cruel tyrant he once was. When she returned from her suspension, he breathed a sigh of relief.


At first, Isen took no interest in John, but after being assigned on finding as much information on him, Isen began to notice that John was different from other cripples and low-tiers. At first, he thought John was a naive idiot who didn't know better. After forcing John into an interview against his will, he began to suspect John was hiding something. After going through John's former school records and learning about his true nature and Ability, he began to fear John, not only for himself, but for the whole school.

Since then, Isen tried to keep John calm throughout the duration of Seraphina's suspension, hoping her return would make things go back to normal. The loss of the Ace's ability only made things much worse, with John's aggressive nature rising closer and closer to the surface. John himself is unaware that Isen knows what he's really capable of, and doubts his good intentions based on the fact that the reporter smiled as he crushed his wrist during the interview. John would eventually attack Isen to add his Hunter ability to his growing arsenal in his search for Seraphina. Out of blind rage and/or contempt, John also beats him to near death before resuming his search. When John visits Seraphina after her rescue for the gang of mid-tier students, Isen is in the next bed over. He winces when John walks past his bed, and panics when his presence is made known to all in the room. He gets scared to the point where he excuses himself by insisting he needs rest, saving him from sharing the details of his ordeal.

Cecile Edit

As Cecile was former head of the school press, Isen worked under her. Cecile is fully aware of Isen's talents as an information-gatherer, and makes use of it. When the news of Arlo suffering a defeat at the hands of The Shadow King John reached her, Cecile correctly guessed that Isen would know the details surrounding the incident since he was the one who wanted to write an article about him in the first place. Isen is reluctant to share the information he gathered with her, but their differences in power made this a moot point. Isen vehemently protested her plan of installing John as the new King of Wellston, criticizing her short-sightedness of the disaster such action would bring down on the school.


  • (On Blyke breaking his pen) "You idiot... I lend you my pen for just one class period, and you go and break it!" [6]
  • (Being dragged to the infirmary with Blyke by Doctor Darren) "We're so screwed..." [7]
  • (confronting the Ability Gauge Vendor) "Nice try. You filthy liar."
  • (On Blyke calling him an idiot, shortly after Isen nearly got knocked down by a truck) "Shut the f*ck up, @$$hole!" [50]
  • (Blyke complaining why a 'cripple' like John was paired up with him) Bro, you have no idea... [51]
  • (Cecile wanting to make John King) "Gurl, it ain't that easy!" [52]
  • (Blyke asking him if he wanted to help Remi find EMBER) "D-DAMN IT, you guys are so hopeless!"
  • (Townspeople not listening to Remi) "Just kick their asses and ask questions later!" [33]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Isen' means 'iron'.
  • Isen habitually drinks a packet of milk on the way to school. [51][53]
  • One of Isen's dreams is to be interrogated by a hot chick. It was fulfilled in less-than-ideal circumstances.
  • Isen ranks 7 out of the whole school, and is featured on the school's top ten list. [54]


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