Healing is a medical ability that allow its user to heal injuries of teammates.

Description Edit

Along with the usual eye glow, the user's hands also glow when Healing is activated. They determine where to focus their ability by placing their hands over the wounded area, which will begin to heal at an accelerated rate.

Users hand glows the same color as eyes’ glow.

Usage Edit

  • Healing: The main effect of the ability, Healling users can easily patch up wounds and injuries.
  • Wound Detection: Healing users also have the capabilities of detecting wounds on the human body, though minuscule wounds are harder to detect.[1]

Strengths and LimitationsEdit

One of the strengths of this ability is that the user is able to heal others as well as themselves, making it more powerful than Regeneration, which only allows the user to heal themself.

Known UsersEdit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Healers on a school's Turf Wars roster commonly have this ability.
  • Healing is the first known ability implied to be used by multiple people.[2]


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