Gou is a student and the Jack of Agwin High School.


Gou is a tan-skinned teenager with turquoise-coloured hair and eyes. During the recent Turf War, he wore beige three-quarter length shorts and a blue shirt over a grey t-shirt. Gou's eyes glow with a bright green hue when he utilises his powers.

His speech and thought bubbles are turquoise-coloured


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Turf WarEdit

Gou was first seen alongside Broven ,Rein, and an unnamed healer during the Turf Wars against Wellston High. He was paired up to battle Wellston's Jack, Blyke. During the battle, Blyke was able to burn Gou's leg with his energy laser, but Gou kept on fighting. Ultimately, Blyke was able to get close to Gou and was about to end the battle with a fatal energy beam. However, before Blyke could do so, Broven stopped the match and accepted defeat.[1]

Gou was sent back to get his leg healed and most likely stayed with the healer during Rein's battle with Blyke. After Rein's victory, Gou and the rest of Agwin's team congratulated Rein before she went off to battle Arlo.[2] As Arlo was strangling Rein and ignoring Broven's surrender, Gou rushed out to the rescue, but he was stopped and injured by Arlo's barrier.[3]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Gou's stats
  • Gou smashing the ground.
  • Gou throwing rocks.

Super Strength: As the Jack of Agwin, Gou is most likely one of the strongest students at his school. His ability allows him to greatly damage anything on the receiving end of his fists or hurl objects at great speeds.[1] He is also said to be rather fast according to Blyke.


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