Evie is a student of Wellston Private High School and a supporting character in unORDINARY.


Evie is a teen girl with watermelon-pink hair tied in two pigtails secured by hair-ties that are shown as two green beads on each pigtail. Her eyes are the same watermelon-pink as her hair, and she wears the Wellston uniform. Despite the readers seeing her hair as a pink color, Arlo addresses her as red-haired. Her eyes turn orange with her ability activated, of which light her hands up with a white-colored light.


Smol Evie

"Should I evolve into a Vaporeon, a Jolteon, or a Flareon"

Evie appears to be a quiet, timid, and submissive student, and is often seen being bullied around by stronger mid-tiers such as Brea and Hower. She is the type of person who sees herself as "unworthy" to stand in the presence of the royals and frequently apologizes whenever she makes a mistake.


Evie, like many weaker students in Wellston Private High School, was subjected to bullying by stronger students. Though unhappy, she came to accept that it was just her lot in life.




In Evie's rush to make it to an important class, she bumped into Brea. Angry that a low-tier touched her, Brea pushed her to the ground and started smacking her around. She demanded an apology from Evie, insulting her all the while. [1] The timely intervention of Seraphina ended the bullying early. Evie gave a quick bow to the Ace and hurried off to her class. [2]


In her next appearance, Evie was tasked to do an assignment for Hower and failed said assignment. Hower was not pleased to find out that he had failed and began to torment Evie with his Heat Palm. However, she would be saved by the powerless Seraphina. [3] She thanked Seraphina for coming to her rescue again, though Sera did not recognize her.[4]

The next day, Evie was walking through the hallways when she passed by Elaine, who was seeking information about the missing Seraphina's whereabouts. Evie walked over to Elaine and told her about how Seraphina had helped her with Hower the day before. Elaine took her by the wrist and brought her to Arlo, who was leading the search. She told him about Hower's association with the gang of mid-tier bullies, and helped to identify them based on the descriptions of the last four students Seraphina was seen leaving the school grounds with. At Arlo's behest, she brought him to Hower for further questioning.[5]



Hooray! We're adequate!

As Seraphina made her way to class, she noticed (for the first time) that Evie was one of her classmates. Later that lunch, Seraphina found Evie sitting alone at the table and decided to sit with her and thank her for aiding Arlo. Despite the Ace's powerlessness, Evie still held her in high-regard and wished to have the same confidence that Seraphina possessed; even though Seraphina was clearly scarred from previous events, Evie continued to admire her anyways.[6]

Seraphina would continue to spend time with Evie, who wished to introduce the former ace to her friends. Unfortunately, Evie and Seraphina would find the bully Clio beating up one of Evie's friends, Roland. Seraphina was reluctant to intervene with the bullying, but Evie courageously tackled the bully before being defeated shortly afterwards. Once Seraphina found herself at the receiving end of Clio's Dizzy Punch, Evie would intervene and use her Illumination ability to temporarily blind the bully, giving Seraphina an opportunity to land a well-placed punch. With Clio fleeing the scene, Roland thanked Seraphina for her intervention and praised her ability to defend herself. Seraphina then told both Roland and Evie that anybody could what she did and offered to have John teach the two. However, Seraphina's suspicions began to grow once Evie and Roland mentioned how John ignores the two and gives them condescending looks.[7]

Evie introduced Terrence to Seraphina one day at lunch, and the two sat down to eat at her table. Terrence worked on the Press Team, though he remarked that things there have gotten slow ever since Isen replaced Cecile as leader. Just as he was elaborating, Roland joined the group. Evie asked Terrence why there were no articles about the notorious Joker yet. Seraphina interrupted by asking about how well-read the paper was. Evie explained that, on top of being entertaining, it was much more reliable than rumours when it came to being informed about what went on in school. Back on topic, Terrence informed everyone that every reporter was wondering the same thing about Joker. Everybody was eager to put articles about him in the paper, but Isen never allowed it. Terrence believed that Isen was determined to keep Joker out of the paper at all costs. Roland said this just made things more nerve-wracking. Seraphina asked whether or not Joker's actions were just business as usual when climbing the ranks of the hierarchy. Terrence pointed out that Joker's elusive nature made it impossible to determine who exactly he was, let alone what his next move or ultimate goal might be. Roland added that regardless of his motives, he was a nasty piece of work. He grossed out the group by telling of how Joker would stab his opponents extra times after he had already won. All hoped that the Royals would resolve the problem soon.[8]

During the battle between Joker and Remi, Evie was with Seraphina at another part of the school, thanking her for letting her borrow her notes. She found herself marveling at Holden when he rushed up to them and explained his orders from Arlo insisting that Seraphina to go with him to watch the Joker fight. When Seraphina agreed to accompany him, Evie tagged along. They ended up witnessing Joker dominate the King and Queen. Evie and Holden showed concern for Seraphina after she collapsed upon realizing a terrible truth. Evie listened in surprise and worry as Holden announced the Royals have lost and Joker was now King of Wellston.[9]


As agreed, Seraphina began teaching Evie, Roland, and Terrence how to defend themselves. During practice, she punched Roland incredibly hard in the face, much to everyone’s shock. Seraphina scolded them to train as if the fight was against their daily attackers and walked away. After helping Roland up, Evie ran after Seraphina and timidly asked what has been bothering her. Evie explained how Seraphina had been behaving more aggressively after the Joker vs. Royals fight, privately assuming she was angry about not being able to participate due to her ability loss. After being told that she was free to share whatever was on her mind, Seraphina grumbled about how having no ability put her at a disadvantage. Alarmed at such pessimissm, Evie pointed out that it was Serphina who encouraged her and her friends to stand up for themselves in the first place. Seraphina couldn't bring heself to admit why she was giving up on her own ideals, so she claimed she didn't feel well enough to continue practicing. She said the others were free to go on without her, then ran off. A worried Evie silently begged Seraphina not to abandon them.[10]

Since Joker had yet to reveal his true identity, several students had begun impersonating him by wearing his signature mask. Evie and Seraphina were attacked by one of these Fake Jokers one day.[11] Evie was knocked down first by the Fake Joker, and was too afraid to fight back. As Seraphina defended Evie and herself, John swooped in and together they successfully beat the Fake Joker. Seraphina unmasked their attacker, who turned out to be a girl Evie recognized from their math class. Evie is amazed at how John and Seraphina took Kiara out with no abilities. As Evie recounted the highlights of the fight by mimicing them with air punching, she painfully found out that her leg was sprained. Seraphina helpeds Evie up and goes to bring her to the infirmary. John asked them if they need any help, but Seraphina coldly replied he'd done enough.

Arriving at the infirmary, Doctor Darren instructed them to lay Evie down in the back and he’ll take care of them momentarily. After Seraphina did, she started to cry thinking about her ability loss and John. When the concerned Evie asks her what was wrong, Seraphina told her that the person she has looked up to was no different from everyone else.[12]


The Joker attacks grew worse over the weeks, and one of them jumped Evie, Roland, and Terrence as they were on their way to lunch. Before Evie could react, the Fake Joker had hit her in the head. Evie wakes up, dizzy and confused why she is in the infirmary. Seraphina explained that Roland called her over after getting Evie to safety. When she heard that Roland also fought off the Fake Joker, Evie thanked Roland, then disappointedly said she had wanted to fight with him too. Roland assured her she is improving with her defending skills, but Evie complained she still needed practice. As Roland and Seraphina discussed why someone would want to hide their identity to target students who were no threat to them, Evie just growled that they can come at her, and she wouldn’t be afraid. Her friends warned her she shouldn’t want to get into fights, considering they don’t stand a chance against the other students. Evie replied that if even low-tiers like them got targeted by a Fake Joker, they had to be battle-ready at all times.[13]


One day, Evie was thinking about a math test she had taken when she came a across an unconcious. Seeing the Joker mask next to the student, Evie assumed he tried to pretend to be Joker, but the had trick backfired. After debating on whether she should just leave him there, Evie decided she should help the fake Joker. As Evie struggled to pick the student up, Remi ran by and asked what had happened. Evie anxiously replied that she just found the fake lying here and wanted to bring him to the infirmary. Remisaw fit to help, and carried the stuent herself while Evie held their books. When they arrived Doctor Darren “thanked” them for the extra work. Out of the infirmary, Remi asked for Evie’s name and praised her for her compassion in helping the Fake Joker. Evie couldn't help but wonder why Joker would want to hospitalize someone as kind as Remi. On that note, Evie asked Remi if she was OK after coming back from Wellston Hospital. Remi replied she was doing fine and added Evie was the first to ask her that. Remi asked Evie what she thought about the school’s current situation, and Evie replied that before she could avoid trouble by sticking to the safe zones. But with all the Fake Jokers running around recently, everything has been flipped upside down. Evie confided she didn’t feel safe anymore. Remi empathised with Evie and asked for her contact info so they may discuss it more later. After exchanging numbers, Remi told her to keep in touch before resuming her mad rush to class. Evie took some time to recover from the shock of the Queen of Wellston asking for her contact info. That same day, Isen finally released a front page article about Joker, which revealed that the original was none other than John.[14]

Safe House

The next day, Evie and Seraphina walked past some students crowded around a window watching Zeke attempting to prove that the news article was false by directly engaging John himself. Unlike these witnesses, who were excited about what was about to go down, Seraphina had no interest in watching. Evie asked whether she was worried for her friend. Seraphina answered that John would have no trouble at all against Zeke. Evie was confused by this answer, but it would soon become apparent to the whole school that John was more dangerous than anybody could have imagined.[15]

Coninciding with John's official ascension to King, Remi found the inspiration in her discussion with Evie to start a club called "Safe House." Students of all ranks were free to join and gather in Room 224, where they would be free from the threat of the violence that was so prevalent in their school. The muse herself got a personal invite from the club's founder to stop by on opening day. Evie later discussed this news with Serapina and Roland as they walked through the halls. Roland was in favor of joining, considering that even the public reveal of the true Joker didn't make his impersonators go away. The group then approached the Press Room as Terrence was exiting. Terrence seems to be a little nervous as Evie went forward to greet him. Evie asks if he's heard of Safe House. When he confirmed that he had, Seraphina asked if he wanted to join it alongside them. Terrence responded to this invitation with Safe House news of his own: earlier, the new king had issued a proclamation that denounced any who joined the club as his enemies. Not wanting to get on John's bad side, Terrence turned them down. As Terrence began to walk away, Seraphina called out to him. She said that Remi founded the club, and convinced many other big-name students to join. With so many high-ranking students keeping an eye on the proceedings, there would be little reason to worry. This appeared to change Terrence's mind, as he said that the Safe House would be worth checking out after all.[16]

Powers & Abilities

Illumination 01

Illumination: Evie is a low-tier who possesses the ability, Illumination, which allows her to generate a bright, white light from her hands. Though Illumination has very limited combat use, Evie has shown that she could disorient people by shining the light in their eyes.[7]

Notes & Trivia

  • Evie is the second ability-possessing low-tier introduced in all of
    unORDINARY and the third true low-tier introduced.
  • Evie, Lin, Roland, and William H. Doe are the only confirmed low-tiers in the webtoon so far.


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