Energy Ropes is the ability to generate and manipulate tendrils of energy.


Energy Ropes allows its user to create string-like constructs; these generated constructs are flexible and can be used to tie and restrain opponents but can also be used offensively[1]. The use of energy ropes is not limited to creating mere ropes, but also forming needles.

The ropes generated by this ability glow in the user's signature colour.


  • Rope Generation and Manipulation: The primary usage of this ability, Energy Ropes allows its users to create and manipulate the ropes as they please. The ropes can be used as whips to attack foes or as restraints to trap foes[1][2].
  • Needle Generation: Energy Rope users can also create large needles with their ability and launch them from afar[2].

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Energy Ropes appears is a versatile and powerful ability, capable of restraining elite-tiers like Isen if needed and attacking foes from a distance.


References Edit

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