Elaine is a third-year student at Wellston Private High School and Seraphina's roommate.[1] She currently holds the position of Healer on Wellston's Turf Wars roster.


Elaine is a young girl with aqua hair and green eyes as well as pale skin and was described as "cute" by John when he first met her. She is seen wearing the full Wellston uniform during school hours. Her speech and thought bubbles are the same teal colour as her hair.

When using her healing abilities, her eyes glow an emerald green hue.

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Personality Edit

Elaine seems to be one of the more friendly students at Wellston due to her outgoing and hospitable personality. However, like many students of Wellston, she's shown only enmity towards those with no abilities, and paid no attention to what lower tiers go through. [2] She is also shown to be more easily startled then the other Royals. This is likely because her ability is not suited for combat, which is why she relies on more powerful students to protect her.

Elaine adhered to what society expected of her, and for a while had no reason to think anyone else wouldn't. She got a rude awakening when the world she knew was turned on its head. The student she thought to be the weakest was in fact the most powerful. The most powerful known student was stripped of her ability and was left as a Cripple. Order and loyalty in Wellston was now on the verge of disappearing, if it was ever truly there at all. Though Elaine has tried to carry on as she always had, she finds herself struggling to adapt to the revelations that have come up in her life.

History Edit

First Day Edit

UnOrdinary Elaine push john after knowing he has no ability

In John's first day of school, while he was getting ready to leave for Math class, Elaine introduced herself and welcomed John to the school. When Elaine realized that John had no ability, however, she immediately terminated her conversation with him and shunned him in disgust.[2]

Project Partners Edit

That same day, Elaine was partnered up with Auriel to work on a literary analysis presentation.[3]

Plot Edit

Kovoro Mall Edit

Worried sick about her roommate, Elaine attempted to text Seraphina multiple times. She never got an answer. [4]

Turf War Edit

UnOrdinary Ch13 02

Elaine faces the power of Za Warudo.

A worried and angry Elaine waited in the dorms for her roommate to arrive. When Seraphina finally did arrive, Elaine scolded her for hanging out with someone with so low a social standing John. She would have continued to rant about cripples if it were not for an annoyed Seraphina freezing time and warning her to stop. After Elaine was released from the time freeze, she received a call from Arlo to get ready for the Turf Wars. Once Arlo organized Wellston's team for the match of Turf Wars, Elaine, Arlo, Seraphina, and Blyke boarded a train to meet Agwin's team.[4]

During the Turf Wars, Elaine watched the battles from the sidelines until Blyke got injured by Rein; she was then seen healing Blyke.[5]

UnOrdinary Elaine Heal

During Arlo's battle with Rein, Elaine was surprised when the King started to strangle his opponent; [6] however, she didn't do anything until Seraphina started to move. Elaine tried to stop her roommate from entering the battle but was cut short when Seraphina activated her ability. [1]

On the train ride back from the Turf Wars, Elaine was healing Arlo and discussed how Seraphina with him, mentioning how it began when she started hanging out with John. [1]

Investigation Edit

At some point, Elaine's parents sent her some oranges to her dorm, and she offered to make Seraphina some orange juice. Seraphina accepted the juice for later and left the dormitory. When Elaine came in later to leave the juice and a friendly note in Seraphina's room, she saw the forbidden book Unordinary and knew that something suspicious was up. [7]

UnOrdinary Ch21 05

Fearing the absolute worst, Elaine researched Unordinary on the internet and discovered that most readers became vigilantes and many vigilantes as of late were murder victims of EMBER. Elaine reported this information to Arlo out of concern for her friend, but Arlo told her to keep quiet.[8]

When Remi visited Elaine's dorm, she offered to make some tea for the visitor, but Remi rejected the offer and walked into Seraphina's room, leaving a worried Elaine outside. [9]

While working on some homework, Elaine received a text from Arlo[10] telling her to report her findings to the headmaster. Elaine reluctantly did so and waited for Seraphina in the office waiting room. When Seraphina entered, Elaine silently cowered under her wrathful glare. [11]


UnOrdinary Ch57 2

Basically Elaine in a nutshell.

After John defeated Ventus, Meili, and Arlo, Elaine was called to the Turf Wars battlefield to find the three brutally beaten, but still alive. Arlo tasked Elaine to attend to Ventus and Meili first as they were in a worse state than he was at the moment. While she healed the two elite-tiers, she noticed that their wounds looked as if they were fighting each other without restraint. What truly worried her was Arlo's badly beaten condition, but Arlo refused to tell her what happened and told her to keep her mouth shut regarding the incident.[12]

UnOrdinary Ch58 7

The last time Elaine gets angry with John.

After healing Ventus and Meili, Elaine received a call from her returning roommate, Seraphina; before she left, however, Arlo reminded her of his warning. Upon reaching John's house, Elaine apologized to Seraphina for ratting her out before her suspension, but the Ace merely dismissed it as no big deal. Once she got inside the house, however, Elaine was less than happy when she realized that she had to heal her least favorite person, John. Reluctantly, she begins to heal John, but her Healing was noticeably weaker due to her previous healing session with Ventus and Meili. As she healed John's arms, she noticed Meili's claw marks and damage from Arlo's Barrier on both arms, implying that John had encountered the trio earlier. Before she was able to say anything, John clamped his hand over her mouth and told her to shut up and listen to what he had to say. By the time Seraphina finished unpacking, she had already left.[13]

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UnOrdinary Ch67 4

Walking down the hallway, Arlo had noticed Elaine giving him the cold shoulder, opting him to ask her what happened. Elaine tried to hide her encounter with John, but to no avail, and she told Arlo how she managed to piece together what had happened to Ventus and Meili that day. She was also told by Arlo that they would be safe as long as they kept their mouths shut. Elaine also noticed that Arlo too was afraid of John.[14]


Upon discovering the injured Seraphina, John first tried using her phone to call Elaine, but she rejected his call. Desperate, John called Arlo, and Wellston's King managed to get Elaine to go to John’s house. Upon arrival, Elaine accused that John had done something to hurt Seraphina, but John violently slapped her and forced the healer to use her ability on the injured Ace. Once the stab wound was healed, John had noticed that Seraphina was still unconscious and questioned Elaine what was wrong. When Elaine was unable to provide a proper answer, John was about to strike her again, but was stopped by Arlo and was told by the King to figure out what happened himself.[15]

For the first time in her life, Elaine witnessed John use his ability to detect a wound she missed and heal Seraphina. As John took Seraphina into his room, Elaine tried to reach out to him, but was stopped by Arlo. The Healer and the King were both sitting on the couch when she noticed that Arlo was more passive when around John; she tried to question Arlo about this but was shot down with a glare from the King. She later fell asleep on the couch,[16] but was woken up by an assailant who attempted to stab Arlo; she intercepted the blow and got stabbed in the arm. While Arlo subdued the assailant, Elaine recognized the knife as the same one Seraphina was stabbed with and alerted Arlo. She, John, and Arlo attempted to interrogate the assailant but were too distracted to notice a second assailant kidnapping Serahpina. The three gave chase to the second assailant, and Elaine stood by Arlo as he trapped the assailant within his Barrier.[17]

UnOrdinary Ch 72 01

A legitimately bad@$$ moment from Elaine.

With Seraphina held at knifepoint, and the captor serious about killing the God-tier, John realized that he had to find another way to rescue Seraphina. On the fly, John acted as if he was conceding to the captor’s terms and began to tell Arlo to release his Barrier. While Arlo initially thought that John was giving up, the King realized that John was creating a distraction. Discreetly, while “arguing” with John, Arlo sent Elaine to be on standby and tend to Seraphina once she is released. After the captor dropped Seraphina, she got inside the Barrier and noticed that Seraphina was still unconscious. She stayed by her roommate’s side, and when the captors approached her, she threatened to stab them with the knife she had, if they got any closer. However, she was unable to do anything when the captors escaped John’s Barrier.[18]

After successfully rescuing Seraphina from the clutches of her kidnappers, Arlo, Elaine, and John began to recover from the injuries they sustained as well as the temporal ability dampening that occurred to them earlier that night. Even though the trio successfully saved Seraphina, John was angrily berated Arlo for the escape of the kidnappers, causing the two to enter a heated argument; they were stopped by Elaine, however. While Arlo and Elaine discussed their speculations of the kidnapping being preplanned, John sat on the floor of his couch, pondering about their conversation, only entering the conversation when he recalled the kidnappers saying “It’s going to wear off soon, and if that happens, we’re done for.” Arlo accurately surmised that the ability dampening had something to do with Seraphina’s defeat but figuring out how the kidnappers managed to track Seraphina was another matter. Suddenly, the King recalled the conversation regarding the Kovoro Mall incident with Remi and remembered that John and Seraphina went to the mall a month-and-a-half earlier. Upon realizing this revelation, Arlo began to tell John about his findings and that his house was being watched, but John refused to believe the King, saying, “Not everyone spends an entire month planning the downfall of a single person.” Regardless of John’s disbelief, he asked Arlo what the kidnappers’ motives were, but none of the trio were sure...[19]

Seraphina was still unconscious after their conversation, and Elaine worried that they should go to the hospital and report the incident to the authorities. Arlo agreed with her course of action, but John suggested an alternative, to take her to Doctor Darren, talk to Headmaster Vaughn, and keep the authorities out of it. By the time the three had fallen asleep, Seraphina had woken up, groggy, sick, and confused with the recent events. Elaine and Arlo followed Seraphina and John into the bedroom, much to Seraphina’s confusion, but John happily explained their situation. The Healer stood by Arlo as the King was forced to hand his phone to John.[20]

After John called Doctor Darren and met up with him, Elaine and Arlo reported the break in to Headmaster Vaughn. Once they were dismissed, Elaine grew worried about John's ability, but Arlo reminded her that nothing has for knowing a bit more about John. She assured herself that John will continue to act as a cripple, and all will be normal.[21]

Vigilante Edit

After Blyke, Isen, and Remi defeated Waldo, Elaine was tasked to tend to Remi's wounds. As she healed Remi, Elaine took notice of the wound's severity and mentally noted that the source must have been from an elite-tier.[22]

Change Edit

Elaine agrees to meet up with Arlo in Woaba Boba to chat for a discussion regarding the current situation; they discuss Seraphina's ability loss and EMBER. When Arlo asked Elaine for any other strange occurrences, Elaine recalls Remi's wounds from Waldo and tells Arlo about the wound's severity.[22]

Vigilante 2 Edit

After a messy encounter with Volcan, Isen and Blyke took an injured Remi to Elaine for healing. The wounds on Remi were more severe than the previous instance, and Elaine was unable to completely heal the Queen. She noted the severity of the wounds and reported to Arlo.[23]

Capture Edit

After Seraphina's mysterious disappearance, Elaine finds John knocking on her door, asking for Seraphina's whereabouts. She is later forced by him to bring over Arlo. When Arlo and John nearly start fighting again, she intervenes to break them up. After Arlo leaves along with her, she comments that they should not just abandon Seraphina. Arlo agrees to this and dispatches Isen, Ventus, and Meili to search for Seraphina.[24] Elaine was tasked to gather information from Manner Hall.[25] Her efforts produced no leads until she was approached by a low-tier student named Evie who thought she could help, so Elaine took her to Arlo. Evie told them about how Seraphina fought off a bully named Hower for her. Elaine silently noted that the description of Hower (blonde hair, blue eyes, always looks angry) could also apply to Arlo. Evie told her of Hower's affiliation to a group of Wellston's strongest mid-tiers, who were always forcing weaker students to complete their assignments under threat of injury. Arlo asked if Elaine was aware this was going on, to which she admitted she did not, having never paid much attention to the affairs of the lower ranks. After Evie helped to identify the four students who were seen dragging Seraphina away from the campus, she led Arlo and Elaine to Hower. [26] After Arlo interrogated Hower on Seraphina's whereabouts, the two set out and arrived at the scene. [27]

They entered and found a horrible sight: a bruised, bloody Seraphina tied up and being tortured by a group of five students. She went to untie Seraphina while Arlo told off the mid-tiers. Seraphina's injuries were so bad that even with Elaine's healing she couldn't stand and walk without help. Before they exited the house, Elaine listened as Illena shouted how it was unfair that Seraphina was only being helped because she was once a high-ranker like Arlo and Elaine. Illena threw a punch that Arlo stopped with his Barrier, but as they were leaving Elaine looked troubled that such resentment of high-tier students could drive them to such brutal measures. Arlo advised her not to worry about what they heard, and that Seraphina's safety was all that mattered now.

Bonus EpisodesEdit

L is for Loser Edit

When Arlo asks Elaine to describe John for him, she says that he is "your typical loser" and even has an "L" on his forehead, referring to his trademark loose lock of hair.[28]

Levels and TiersEdit

Elaine appeared on the tier list as an Elite Tier. She was also seen taking notes on Ur1-chan's lecture on abilities.[29]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Elaine healing Blyke
  • Elaine's stats

Healing: As a healer, Elaine is capable of healing[5] and detecting wounds.[16] As she is on the Turf Wars roster, she is presumably one of the most, if not the most, capable and competent healers in Wellston.

Relationships Edit

  • Seraphina: As Elaine's roommate, Seraphina sees Elaine's more friendly and hospitable side. However, because Elaine is fully aware of Seraphina and John's close friendship, she often berates her to stay away from the "lowly cripple". [4] Seraphina was often annoyed by this critique, and has silenced her with her ability on at least one occasion. Despite this strain in their relationship, Elaine is genuinely concerned for Seraphina's well-being, as shown when she was worried about Seraphina becoming a superhero and a potential target for EMBER.[8] She remains close to Seraphina even after her ability loss. Though she worries Seraphina's condition is permanent, she tries to assure her that it will wear off. Seraphina continues to be annoyed by Elaine's fussing, only now it's because she's not obligated to care about an Ace turned Cripple.
  • John: Elaine is the first person to strike up a conversation with John. Seeing the new student, Elaine welcomed John and asked him various questions about his education before attending Wellston. Once John revealed that he had no abilities however, Elaine shunned him. [2] From that point on, Elaine despises John and anything that has to do with him. [4] After realizing John’s true nature, Elaine is fearful of the former Cripple’s true capabilities. Since then, Elaine has been physically threatened and harmed by John, furthering this fear.
  • Arlo: Elaine respects Arlo more than any other student at Wellston, and will follow every order he gives her. They are both on the Turf Wars roster, though she's never had to heal him until he provoked John. It is implied Arlo assigned Seraphina to be Elaine's roommate as it is Elaine's job to report anything suspicious regarding Seraphina. [1] Elaine, like many students of Wellston, looks up to Arlo as one of the strongest students in the school and a capable decision-maker. Arlo is usually the first person Elaine will turn to whenever she's got concerns on her mind. However, after Arlo was badly defeated by John, she noticed Arlo becoming more submissive. She would rather not become too involved with their private conflict, though her willingness to take a knife for her King proves she remains loyal. It is also implied that Elaine has a crush on Arlo.
  • Isen, Blyke, and Remi: As Healer for Wellston's Turf Wars roster, Elaine heals Remi and Blyke whenever they get injured during matches with rival schools. Recently, Elaine has had to answer late-night calls from the two (plus Isen) whenever Remi gained mysterious injuries. [30] They refused to explain themselves the first time, but at the next session Elaine witnessed their argument after their near-fatal encounter with Volcan. The details of a murder and barely escaping with their lives left Elaine quite shaken, so she later called Arlo to deal with the matter. [31] The thought of answering the door for the trio asking to heal Remi yet again had begun to aggravate her. [32]


  • (To John after finding out he doesn't have any ability) "I can't believe I just spent all that time talking to someone like you!" [2]
  • (To Arlo, about John) "I-Is that what you're doing, Arlo? You're afraid of him too?"
  • (Literally every time she's scared) "EEK!"

Notes & TrivaEdit

  • During the Turf War, the announcer has teal-coloured speech bubbles, implying that Elaine is the announcer. [33][5][6]
  • According to Seraphina, she is good at fighting, even if this has never been shown.