Elaine is a third-year student at Wellston Private High School and Seraphina's roommate.[1] She currently holds the position of Healer on Wellston's Turf Wars roster.


Elaine is a young teenage girl with aqua hair and green eyes as well as pale skin and was described as "cute" by John when he first met her. She is seen wearing the full Wellston uniform during school hours. Her speech and thought bubbles are the same teal colour as her hair.

When using her healing abilities, her eyes glow an emerald green hue.

Personality Edit

Elaine seems to be one of the more friendly students at Wellston due to her outgoing and hospitable personality. However, like many students of Wellston, she's shown only enmity towards those with no abilities, and paid no attention to what lower tiers go through. [2] She is also shown to be more easily startled than the other Royals. This is likely because her ability is not suited for combat, which is why she relies on more powerful students to protect her.

Elaine adhered to what society expected of her, and for a while had no reason to think anyone else wouldn't. She got a rude awakening when the world she knew was turned on its head. The student she thought to be the weakest was in fact the most powerful. The most powerful known student she had known was stripped of her ability and was left as a Cripple. Order and loyalty in Wellston was now on the verge of disappearing, if it was ever truly there at all. Though Elaine has tried to carry on as she always had, she finds herself struggling to adapt to the revelations that have come up in her life.

Bonus EpisodesEdit

L is for Loser Edit

When Arlo asks Elaine to describe John for him, she says that he is "your typical loser" and even has an "L" on his forehead, referring to his trademark loose lock of hair.[3]

Levels and TiersEdit

Elaine appeared on the tier list as an Elite Tier. She was also seen taking notes on Uru-chan's lecture on abilities.[4]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Elaine healing Blyke
  • Elaine's stats

Healing: As a healer, Elaine is capable of healing[5] and detecting wounds.[6] As she is on the Turf Wars roster, she is presumably one of the most, if not the most, capable and competent healers in Wellston.


  • (To John after finding out he doesn't have any ability) "I can't believe I just spent all that time talking to someone like you!" [2]
  • (To Arlo, about John) "I-Is that what you're doing, Arlo? You're afraid of him too?"
  • (Literally every time she's scared) "EEK!"

Notes & TrivaEdit

  • During the Turf War, the announcer has teal-coloured speech bubbles, implying that Elaine is the announcer. [7][5][8]
  • According to Seraphina, she is good at fighting, even if this has never been shown.



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