Corruption is the twentieth story arc of unORDINARY. It is the third story arc of Season 2. It began with Chapter 180 and ends with Chapter 185.


Seraphina manages to establish contact with Claire in the hopes that her history with John can lead to a solution to the problem of his renewed aggression. Though reluctant at first, Claire agrees to share the story of how they met, his ability development, and his ill-fated reign of New Bostin High School.

List of Chapters

Unordinary Ch 180
Chapter 180
14th May, 2020
Seraphina uses the contact info Isen procured to contact Claire. After some difficulty in stating the purpose of her call, Seraphina manages to convince Claire to share her history with John via video chat.

Unordinary Ch 181
Chapter 181
21st May, 2020
Claire recalls how she, John, and Adrion spent most of Middle School being bullied by stronger students. John's frustrations seemed to be at an end when Claire had a vision of him with using an ability. Despite everyone believing him to have been a cripple his whole life, John did manage to finally activate his own ability.

Unordinary Ch 182
Chapter 182
27th May, 2020
John spends his summer break training his ability enough to give the would-be bullies of New Bostin High School a taste of their own medicine. Claire mentions that this is the period where John's power began to go to his head.

Chapter 183
Chapter 183
3rd June, 2020
After numerous failed attempts to overthrow Zirian, John would finally overthrow New Bostin High School's King and take the throne for himself. Unfortunately, John's Kingship would only hasten his corruption and eventual downfall.

Unordinary Ch 184
Chapter 184
10th June, 2020
As King of New Bostin, John's obsession for his rank and power as well as his cruel beatdowns continue to push him away from his friendship Claire. Knowing that she was responsible for creating such a cruel monster, Claire takes matter into her own hands by convincing Zirian to side with her against John.

Unordinary Ch 185
Chapter 185
17th June, 2020
Claire recalls the infamous beatdown that got John expelled. Despite wanting to settle the dispute peacefully, John's stubborness combined with the students underestimating John's power led to a violent skirmish, leading Adrion to call the Authorities.


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