This treatment... it isn't right.

- Blyke to Isen

This is the 99th episode of unORDINARY.


Remi and Quinton through Brandish carrying an unconscious Waldo tied up in a rope. The low tier remarks to himself how much stronger high tiers are than the rest of the population. Remis coughs and the man pats her back, expressing concern and telling her that she should have let him get hit by the attack that left Remi in this condition. After he expresses how useless he feels Remi tells him to stop being self-deprecating because he helped her find Waldo and he has people who care about him. She also encourages him to feel pride in helping to take down Waldo, although he is still skeptical of the significance of his involvement. 

The pair arrive at the place where the hostages are kept and Quinton reassures everyone that they are safe and that he is there to liberate them, Meanwhile, Remi observes the knocked out guards, figuring that they passed out from the shock of getting shot by Blyke's energy beam. Once every hostage gets untied, Remi announces that Waldo's tyranny is over. Quinton explains that Remi is a superhero and everyone gets suspicious of her, wondering what she "really' wants. Quinton encourages everyone to go home and stays in the base with Remi to explain why everyone was afraid, assuring her that they were just unused to the high-tier attention and that they were, in fact, very grateful. 

From the building tops, Isen remarks how underwhelming the Brandish people's reactions were to Remi saving them, as he expected a big thank you of some kind. He figures they are jittery from being held hostage for so long but Blyke thinks otherwise. He thinks that the reason for everyone acting the way they did was due to their mistreatment in society as they have been overlooked by everyone. Blyke declares that this treatment isn't right but Isen is dismissive of his statement. 

In the Wellston Boy's dorm, Blyke encounters John in their dorm room and awkwardly attempts to be friendly with him, much to John's discomfort and confusion.  

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