This is the 98th episode of unORDINARY.


Remi and Quinton are in the elevator that leads to Waldo's lair. Quinton is noticeably nervous and Remi encourages him to relax as she will do most of the fighting and only need him there as back up. Remi remarks that Waldo's office looks like a throne room while Quinton anxiously silences her as Waldo is there. Remi addresses Waldo, declaring that they have come to end his tyranny. Waldo activates his ability and sends out a shock wave to the intruders. Remi activates her ability and blocks the attack while Quinton gets knocked out. Remi remarks to herself that Waldo's shock wave was much stronger than a 2.8. Waldo figures that another series of shock waves should get Remi down, but she uses her electricity to cut the wave and rushes over to him, much to Waldo's shock (both literally and figuratively). Remi tells Waldo that what he is doing is wrong and that she will turn him in to the authorities. However, Waldo states that if anything happens to him, his men will kill the hostages.

Waldo hit Remi with a wave and tells her that this is his only way to climb the social ladder. Waldo states that he will finish off Quinton and send a wave towards him, but Remi blocks the attack, causing her to cough up some blood. This prompts Isen to ask if she's ok, but she tells him to look for the hostages as she can not fight Waldo while they are still in danger. Waldo tells her that he can pay her big money if he joins her but Remi refuses. Remi picks up Quinton so she can dodge attacks without worrying for his safety.

Isen uses his x-ray vision to find the hostages and helps Blyke aim energy beams at the guards. Quinton wakes up after Remi dodges another attack when Isen informs her that the guards are down. Remi puts Quinton down, reassuring him that the fight will be over soon, and she rushes over to Waldo and shocks him. Quinton is surprised that Waldo is actually down while Remi says that they have to return him in to the authorities, but notices something peculiar: Waldo has injection wounds.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Waldo is finally seen in the present day


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